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  1. We can still sign free agents right? This guy is available... https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/raul-albentosa/profil/spieler/77026
  2. I had it on good authority that MON was almost offered the Derby job pre Billy Davies but due to his wife being ill at the time he could only commit to the job on a part time basis.
  3. Nah, he was £undisclosed. 20 years ago he's have been worth £(undisclosed/10).
  4. So Shaun Barker would now be worth 10 Barker sized fees?
  5. Thought part of the problem was that he is actually very good at catching a break (ligaments/leg).
  6. Klopp was again asked about Wilson at his press conference ahead of Man Utd. He again said that they don't intend to recall Wilson but would be forced to in the event of an injury crisis in the wing area. Leaves us ever so slightly vulnerable I guess but that's what is forced upon you when you enter the loan market. Klopp was also very complimentary about us - especially with regards to the Man Utd game. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/330211-jurgen-klopp-liverpool-transfers-harry-wilson
  7. I saw Mason Mount earlier this evening at Asda in Spondon. No ski boot to be seen you'll be pleased to know. Also discovered he is human after all - even he couldn't work the self service scanners.
  8. A few years back (during Mac1 if I remember rightly) you used to be able to get £10 adult tickets for some of the Tuesday night games. The cheapest ticket for the Blackburn game last week was £25. That sort of price increase will certainly put many an average fan off - it did for me. I get that season ticket holders should pay less per game on average. But just charge more for the more popular Saturday games that will sell well regardless.
  9. There's a little known rule that I wasn't aware of last night that if a team has a player sent off during a match that goes to penalties, then the opposition team has to nominate a player to sit out the shoot out. Am I correct in thinking that Wisdom had his tracksuit top on during the penalties, hinting that he was the nominated player?
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