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  1. There are about 9 u16s but they don’t seem to be getting any u18 game time apart from Riley Maloney and Reece Nicholas. The U16s hardly have any games either so they’re not getting much game time.
  2. Not sure where all the u16s are, only a couple in the u18 squad for that game
  3. I’ve voted Rooney out but I think it needs to be the whole of the 1st team coaching staff and player recruitment/scouting that need to go or things won’t change.
  4. Daniel Cox is an U15, left or right back can’t remember which!
  5. The only one that I know for certain is Jinkinson. There were a couple of others that weren’t in the 18 squad against Leeds that don’t usually play in the 23s so I would think they have gone aswell unless injured.
  6. He’s been signed as a scholar and given a 1 year pro apparently. Some of the 2nd year scholars have been released now so the 16s will be getting more chance with the 18s.
  7. Sorry i don’t know the answer to that one although I can’t imagine that there wasn’t some sort of sell on clause.
  8. I’ve never said that I know everything, I voice my opinion if I have knowledge of the topic. If your opinion differs and you have some knowledge on the subject then fair enough, but you seem to just want to insult me for having an opinion that you don’t agree with.
  9. I think it is you that is insulting people by insinuating that people from a working class background aren’t intelligent. I never mentioned his background, I don’t know anything about his background and you don’t know anything about mine
  10. Sorry i misread your post. I wasn’t questioning his honesty, just his ability as a coach.
  11. Not sure what is snobbish about it? If you’ve never heard or seen him interviewed, how can you comment?
  12. Adam Robinson who coaches the 18s is very good, the 14s-16s haven’t really had much stability for the last few years, been a lot of coaches leaving and changes in who is coaching which age group.
  13. No, he didn’t have any say in the team, he was a casual coach.
  14. Having seen him coach u15s a couple of years ago, he’s not a very good coach at all. Just because you’ve been a professional player doesn’t mean you will be a good coach. Intelligence and good communication skills are needed and that’s not something that a lot of players possess!
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