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  1. Sorry it should have said doesn't want to sign not stay.
  2. I don’t think I said that he wanted to leave, just that he hadn’t signed the pro contract that he’d been offered
  3. Kaide and Louie Watson travelled with the squad yesterday so I think are on the bench. Not sure if there are any changes to the starting lineup
  4. They went yesterday around lunchtime.
  5. That’s what i was told by somebody who was at training
  6. Yes Lawrence is injured. Sisley is starting, Ibe not in the squad as he overslept and missed training so been left out! Kaide Gordon is on the bench
  7. Still not signed the contract so they may be trying to sway him with a bench appearance on Saturday!
  8. It will be interesting to see! Derby are working very hard to try and get him to sign the pro contract that they have offered, so that may be an inducement for him, but I still feel it is too soon for him to move up to the 23s. The 18s age group aren’t a very strong group so he is going to look better than the rest but it is a very big step up from playing half a season 18s football and then go to 23s
  9. They have done it for both children, so it's not just a one off! Have you tried to get in contact with the club? I've got better things to do with my time than sit in a queueing system and get charged 13p a minute for the privilege 🤣
  10. Think you may be getting ahead of yourselves! Some of the younger ones train with the first team every so often. He’s not played that many games for the 18s and none for the 23s as far as i’m aware. Derby will want him to be seen to be training with the 1st team to get his value up and keep the hype going. Hopefully he didn’t get injured, I noticed that he wasn’t in the 18s team against MCFC yesterday
  11. I think it’s just the same bad management that runs through the whole of the club!
  12. Had the refunds for my 2 children’s season tickets, cheques made payable to them! That’s handy 😂
  13. He’s not going to united, they’re interested in him but so are a couple of other clubs. He’s been offered a pro contract at Derby but doesn’t want to stay.
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