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  1. Ah glorious, so what your saying is for every home game for probably all of next season i'm going to have to leave extra early and plan to get back to Norwich even later. joy!
  2. when are the works planned to be finished?
  3. I've always been a big fan of Thorne but he's done I'm afraid. Same for Martin. Far too many failures between them in the last 3 years to justify them getting anywhere near the match day 18.
  4. Fair point and simple solution. Raise the price in the southstand so its isn't the cheapest ticket anymore. Then you choose to go there for whatever reason and that should be for singing. (going away a bit from the OP on Wembley, but that's the wider argument I guess)
  5. May be the case but I agree with ya pal. was in 509 and a guy in front of me had to turn to the other Derby fans and try and get them going and just got moaned at. I get people go for different reasons but we used to have a great support home and away. Not now.
  6. way to assume BurtonRam's gender, cannae do that nowadays! 😉
  7. I'd keep Roos. Yes he clearly has a mistake in him but he is improving and worth keeping around, if Carson goes and another keeper comes in then they battle it out and the best man wins, at least he won't be on a massive amount. Johnson I'd keep, whoever is was posting that he's the worst player they've seen is clearly off their rocker. not tearing the league up but solid enough and has experience that we will need going forward. MUST be on reduced wages though or he'll have to go. Lowe I'm unsure on, depends on fees banded about for him. I don't think I've discovered the wheel when I say he looks very well suited for a LWB role and with three at the back and him and Bogle bombing forward they could be dangerous. I also think although he was weak at defending crosses in his few games this season, the whole team was and he did get dropped into some of our crapest performances, whether that's his fault or not i'm not sure but he's worth a deal i suppose. The rest can go for me. Cole can stay if he takes a coaching role and can act as cover. If we could finally shift Anya, Martin and Thorne out as well that would be a bonus!
  8. Keepers always peak later and tend not to play half as much as outfield players until later in their careers.
  9. Hi All, Just opening a thread up for any Rams based out in Norfolk. we have a whatsapp group for general chat, meet ups for sky games or car share for live games as well. If anyone lives out this way or you know of anyone out here then shoot me a message and i'll get you added to the group. We're also planning a post season meet up next month so will try and keep you informed on here in case anyone comes across this that will benefit!
  10. Firstly, i have thoroughly enjoyed this last season, ignoring all the online rubbish and people wanting some sort of Disney ending, it's been very Thrones and for me is a good ending. That said, we all do love a happy (ish) ending and getting what we want so would love, like many, to see more from this story so in my head I've come up with a feasible story that they could do in a movie or two and still make a decent story out of it which is as follows: Daario, in Mereen, hears of Dany's death and angry decides to raise an army along with his second sons to take revenge on Westeros. he attacks Kings Landing. Tyrion and Bran send for aid from their allies in the North. Knowing that they will need all they help they can get, Sansa sends word out to Castle Black and Jon returns with Tormund, Ghost and the wildlings to help his family. The North marches on Kings Landing but they are too late. Tyrion has been executed by Daario and Bran taken captive. The Realm rallies around the Northerners and look to take the capital back but Grey Worm and the unsullied hear of Jon's return from Exile and come back to Westeros with the Dothraki to finish the job they started. Grey Worm starts his attack by taking Winterfel and killing taking Sansa prisoner and marches her to face Jon's army before executing here in front of Jon Ala Rickon. Jon, being Jon loses his cool and leads a charge against the Unsullied/Dothraki but is looking like ending in defeat when Drogon returns. Sensing Jons true Targayen lineage Drogon lands by Jon who mounts the dragon and torches the unsullied winning the war. Daario uses the scorpions, that have been rebuilt by Tyrion out of fear that Drogon could one day return, to kill the final dragon. Jon and the Realm battle the remaining Second Son's in Kings Landing. Bran gets caught in the crossfire and is mortally wounded before Jon finishes off Daario. Brans final act as King is to elect Jon as the King of the Seven Kingdoms and to take his rightful place as ruler. End. Bit pointless as it'll never happen but it was in my head so I wanted to write it down somewhere!
  11. I'll be easy to spot mate, I'll have me Derby shirt on.
  12. Long way to go yet mate, need another £65k but we keep plugging along, just had a wrestling event held by the Knight family (Fighting With My Family was about them) it's amazing the weird and wonderful things you end up doing when fundraising.
  13. I'm fundraising for an op in America for my little girl (I cycled from Carrow Road to Price Park last October for the game to raise money) and I had a young lad I used to train with do a burpee mile last year and we had a great conversation. Basically he told me that he really wanted to donate but he couldn't afford to. I said to him and I would say to anyone that is touched, not just by this little girls story, my little girl or anyone's, you could donate £50 which for most people would be a large amount from a monthly wage and it would always be massively appreciated, but what you can do which would help even more is hold an event, run a 10k, shave your head, hold a raffle, go to your local pub and spread the word and see if they can do something. suddenly your £50 that you can't afford could become £200 or £500 or even thousands. That is where real donations come in. The young lad who did the burpee mile for me and couldn't afford any donation set himself a £200 target and managed to raise money from people that didn't know my little girl and got just shy of £1k! That's how you can make a massive difference even if you can't afford it. Hope that helps and best wishes for Audrina (all the above in mind i'll make a small donation on pay day but any events I'm afraid I need for my little one)
  14. We're still in the cup so i'd say that's a chance. Slim maybe, but still a chance.
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