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  1. NorfolkRam

    Taxi for Marriott!

    Great idea, would love to see their faces if I won and they had to get a taxi ride to the training ground from Norwich. Hope they pay 😂
  2. NorfolkRam

    SBW 34: Rammie speaks

    Always thought the injured reading player was Shane Long. This guy was the best Rammie. Can see why he felt bad, I'm sure we all would, but what he did literally goes down as one of the best Rammie moments ever.
  3. NorfolkRam


    @Lambchopyou can also search hash tags eg #dcfcfans and then find people that are using that hash tag and have similar interests to you. It's good for finding info so if you like a certain band you can follow them but if you search a hash tag on them then you may find some interesting groups posting stuff about them.
  4. NorfolkRam


    Follow Piers Morgan and enjoy.
  5. NorfolkRam


    Yeah I'm that odd guy who has loads of friends with one view and I have a different view so I tend to try and keep politics off Facebook.
  6. NorfolkRam


    I had a few too many beers a while back and went on a friend frenzy and worked on the basis of if i walked down the street and wanted to avoid you then I'm deleting you, the beer helped me be ruthless but I think I went from around 400 odd 'friends' to around 120 which was good for a while but it soon builds up again. I deactivated it last year and deleted the app and it was brilliant to be honest and I actually felt better for not being drawn to it but alas I got dragged back in as I got in contact via Twitter with someone to do with my daughters disability and his advice for research was to be in a load of Facebook groups so after about four months of freedom I got dragged back in. I rarely actually post anything now though like mentioned above I'm always stalking away. I use it mainly for fundraising and following football groups. Once my daughter has her op I may just let the wife deal with updates for people and then come off it again. One thing a friend once said to me about Facebook which struck home was that its very rare that people post a status unless they crave attention or they're trying to be funny. Every time I got to post on there I think about that and then delete what I was saying because it's usually right.
  7. NorfolkRam

    Norwich Home - Harper's Ride

    Hi guys, Just an update as we had a bit in our local paper over here, didn't know if anyone fancied a read but there if you want to. Thanks again for all the support! http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/father-cycles-150-miles-to-raise-money-for-daughter-s-life-changing-operation-1-5729547
  8. NorfolkRam

    Rammy rousing

    Need more of this from rammy, gets the crowd going. He's never been the same since the Reading incident with Shane Long.
  9. NorfolkRam

    V Norwich (H) Match Thread

    Theirs a big difference between receiving a yellow card for a foul as opposed to falling on the floor for no reason and exaggerating contact/feigning injury.
  10. Are conscious efforts being made to offload first team players that are very clearly not part of Lampards plans who will likely be on high wages (specifically Thorne, Butterfield and Anya) or is it left to the players to actively seek minutes elsewhere? <optional extra>As the minutes seem to be getting shared amongst the three in the u23s could this be putting them in the shop window so to speak?
  11. NorfolkRam

    Norwich Home - Harper's Ride

    Well guys, we made it. Sorry I didn't post more last night but with the game and feeling like utter 💩 I just wanted to get to bed lol. I just want to thank you all for all the donations and shares we got, we smashed out target and its still rising which is amazing, we still have a long way to go with the fundraising so if you want to follow Harper's progress just search Harper's Little Helpers on FB Twitter or Insta. The journey was hard, day one started well but when we hit Gayton and the flat lands around Kings Lynn we had about 35 miles of over 20mph winds head on which made progress really hard and dampened our spirits so day two we left extra early just in case. Day two was all about the hills. Our biggest fear was after Melton Mowbray we had a 2 mile hill (affectionately known as '*enter C word here* hill') but we made it through. After going through Zouch and Long Whatton I started to recognise places more which made me A nearly fall off a couple of times looking around but more importantly B it ease the last few miles. Fortunately as mentioned above we were ahead of schedule so we stopped for a pint, sounded great, just made the last 5-10 minutes agony! But we got there. Had an interview with Colin Gibson and then into the game. Not the best of games if I'm honest, cycling all that way for that, if I wasn't in so much pain I'd have been a bit annoyed tbh but a good point against a form side, on to the next one! Glad it's all over now and my legs ache but most of my focus is in blisters I have a region's I shouldn't have blisters. Think of the worst place, it's as painful as it sounds, I just put cream on..... I leave you with that!
  12. NorfolkRam

    Norwich Home - Harper's Ride

    Cheers mate. Though these last 10 or so minutes aren't gonna be nice after stopping 😖
  13. NorfolkRam

    Norwich Home - Harper's Ride

    Ahead of schedule so stopped at raynesway for a pint!
  14. NorfolkRam

    Norwich Home - Harper's Ride

    Setting off in a moment. Will be at the main reception at 6.45
  15. NorfolkRam

    Norwich Home - Harper's Ride

    Just checked the winds for tomorrow. Looking a lot better which gives me some confidence!

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