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  1. If a striker who’s scored seven goals and assisted twice in 34 appearances wins Player of the Season, what would that say about our season and the rest of the squad?
  2. Possibly right-back given that Moloney (left-back) was also on the bench.
  3. Ahhh, that makes much more sense. Thank you.
  4. That seems a bit odd given that Randle (also a keeper) was on the bench.
  5. Yes, I forgot the U23s were playing and that kind of explains Conor Dixon being a surprise on the first-team bench. Left the U23s stretched between fulfilling this fixture and filling out the first-team bench. Given that this was away in Brighton and the U18s were away in Blackburn the following day there wasn’t really an option to involve more U18s and, as it was, the U18s had to use Trialists and U15s to fill out their squad. Cashin was captain and the U23s were a player short on their bench with Sykes-Kenworthy our other sub. From the highlights on the official site, with a Bright
  6. Now losing 2-3. What an awful own goal to concede. Sykes-Kenworthy came for the free-kick, stopped, went back. Defenders static, ball hits Bateman and goes in.
  7. Yes, the U23s have been very impressive doing that, great energy and work rate.
  8. It’s interesting because on the official Twitter team news they were referred to as Trialists A and B, but on the Teamsheet for RamsTV just before kick-off, they were named.
  9. Two trialists are Courtney Clarke and Luke Plange.
  10. I suspect three at the back, although no natural left-back / wing-back. Tyree Wilson maybe as he has played there before. Two trialists on the bench.
  11. Could be a smokescreen, but Pat Lyons effectively ruled Bobby Duncan out on his RamsTV interview due to only just having returned to training.
  12. Trialist A is Reece Nicholas-Davies and Trialist B is Dubem Eze.
  13. Are you classing Jordan Brown as being a permanent part of the first team as well?
  14. I think we’ve signed Luke Plange from Arsenal U18s as a first year professional so he’ll no doubt start in the U23 squad.
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