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  1. Your Oscar Wilde & I claim my £5
  2. Of course not. If they are guilty let the judge decide their punishment but why do you by the sounds of it want the hanging judge.
  3. Bloody Europeans messing with our cookies have they got to round with a certain number of choc chips in them. Bring on Brexit
  4. Well yeah you know as I was saying
  5. I’m in Jamaica at the mo can’t access the video. But was this posted before or after?
  6. Playing for Derby or the life style? You didn’t state. I personally would love to play for Derby but would I like the attention & the views of some fans. Unfortunately not I have feelings & I can read
  7. Why have the bad eggs spoilt it for everyone. Surely we support the team that is put out on the pitch, we can judge them on the way they play not who could play because they’ve been utter bamfords
  8. I personally think that the club working in this way is a good thing. With everything aimed towards mental health surely the way they are going about things is the proper way. It’s up to the individual wether they respond to this in the correct manner and we as individuals who support the tea: respond in the correct manner when or if they put on a Derby County shirt again
  9. Whilst your there can you have a look out for your sense of humour 😂
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