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  1. I won’t put any money on it 😂
  2. Huddersfield 1 Derby 2 frgs Shinnie &Wags
  3. Won’t be me I’m a fat schunt
  4. Jacobs better left back in the dressing room
  5. Turtles not out this time of year Jimbo sorry to say but enjoying loads anyway 👍
  6. AbuDerbyDave

    Cape Verde

    Sitting by the pool in Cape Verde(yes it’s a tough life😁) got a large birth mark/tattoo of a ram on my arm (only wish I knew how to upload pictures). Anyway obvious to anyone who I support, always an ice breaker & met some really nice fans of other clubs as well as one Derby fan not on the forum but I’ve told him how good it is. Can I get some brownie points David 😂. Point of the matter of posting is there are two out here with their shirts on all the time one a snots florist & the other from a tiny place in Yorkshire think it’s leeds ushited. Whilst everyone here will stop have a chat chew the fat over football amongst other things these two will do everything in their power to avoid even so much as eye contact. How sad can you be I can understand it when at home not by the pool.
  7. Won’t that depend on whether he can put the kit on when they won something
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