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  1. I’ll put this up for you mate he might not be able to see it 😂
  2. is that from the scene in Fantasia ?
  3. Don’t be daft nothing could survive that long unless it was covered in bandages
  4. Or the FA have contributed for the euro’s being played on it 🤷
  5. Don’t think anyone got enough sleep supporting Derby in the last week 😂 as far as the emotions are concerned I’ll have to ask the wife where she put mine 😂
  6. Roos 8 are you selling any of that stuff your on
  7. Get over it will you. We get it it’s not been good but let some people enjoy the one game that the team actually didn’t look too bad & got the result they needed(I know thank you Cardiff)
  8. But we’d still be moaning cause it’s kack football
  9. Erm there either mint or or orange
  10. Your just muck spreading
  11. Is the pitch looking better because of the poo we keep putting on it ?
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