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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I’m a derby fan (season ticket holder) and travel over 2 hours each way to make it to every home game. Had already travelled down to derby yesterday especially for the game so I’m pretty annoyed too. Moving for work at beginning of April - will be around 4 hours from derby each way so won’t be able to make the re-arranged fixture mid week in April. Will be the only home game I’ll miss all season.
  2. Reading (A) Tickets

    Evening all - was wondering if anybody under age of 25 has 3 season ticket references I could use for this? I’ve already got a few but looking for some more if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. 2nd half seemed a bit brighter. Would look at starting Ledley and Huddlestone in the middle against Forest with lawrence and Russell out wide, Martin up top and Nugent in behind. International break gives Nugent a rest and he'll be back to being a complete and utter nuisance - the kind of player I think that's needed in a big local Derby rather than Vydra
  4. Time to go !

    I don't think it's time for him to go. Give him at least 1 full season even if we're down at the bottom. We can't keep changing managers, and even if we wanted to the options out there aren't great. Having said that, I think Gary could help himself with the style of football. Clearly his approach is incredibly cautious and defensive, highlighted by things such as every single player back for corners, leaving no outsource if we win it. Perhaps a slightly different approach, and the infusion of a couple of the youngsters such as Guy would help to get some fans back on side at least, and just create more enjoyable performances.

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