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  1. Why only 27,000 today

    There was a lad who stood half way down the south stand yesterday after the final whistle trying to get Carson's attention by screaming and shouting at him, calling him s**** and a f-ing w**ker over and over again. How do reactions like this help anybody. Hopefully people like this start to stay away from the ground, the atmosphere has become quite toxic over the last year or so - genuinely quite embarrassing at times. People are fine to voice their displeasure at a poor performance by having a groan or whatever, but screaming and swearing at our own players, especially Carson who wasn't really to blame at all is pathetic
  2. That was back to watching a Pearson team play. Maybe even worse.
  3. Che Adams

    Plays football
  4. Che Adams

    Would be delighted to sign Che Adams. A fantastic player
  5. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    He's out until December
  6. He literally said in the interview that he hasn't decided yet
  7. v Sunderland (A) Tickets

    Anybody got a clue how much the Neptune bus is for this game? Thanks for any help
  8. v TSG 1899 Hoffenheim Match Thread

    How and why are people picking Russell and Bryson for their preferred squads?????
  9. Final Squad

    Gk - Carson, Mitchell Defence - Wisdom, Baird, Keogh, Davies, Pearce, Rawson, Forsyth, Lowe Midfield - Huddlestone, Thorne, Johnson, Hanson, Elsnik Wingers - Bennett, Russell, Weimann, New winger Attackers - Martin, Nugent, Vydra, Zanzala
  10. Cameron Brannagan

    He wasn't great at Fleetwood in the league below last season, but I guess time is on his side. Maybe one for the under 23s, looking to make some appearances off the bench for the first team?
  11. v Macclesfield Town Match Thread

    From what I've seen so far, and the signing of Huddlestone expected, this is the team I think I'd like to see: Carson Wisdom, Keogh, Davies, Forsyth Thorne, Huddlestone Bennett, Nugent, Weimann Martin
  12. New kit revealed 7th July

    Think it looks nicer with a collar. Glad it hasn't got just eat in big red writing across the front though.
  13. Enjoy the Premiership lad, the big away days and so on. If you were that confident about your team and survival, I'm sure you wouldn't find the need to be going on other clubs forums and writing such posts. Enjoy life, smile 😁
  14. Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread

    Doesn't he only have a year left on his contract? No way anybody would pay anywhere near £15million. Can't even see it being near 10 million
  15. Live games announced

    What a load of tosh. Working away so was hoping for as few night games in the week as possible! Will still try my best to get to those games though

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