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  1. Boss


    Think he could be a big player this season.
  2. Boss

    Summer Transfer Suggestion Thread 18/19

    I would love Mount - he would be the number 1 target for me, even on loan. Think after his season he is ready for a prem loan though. Similar to Abraham, although I think he could go to a lower Prem team again. Surprised I haven’t seen too many mentions of Dasilva, he was absolutely fantastic at left back last season for Charlton, a position we seemed to have struggled with for quite a few seasons now.
  3. People saying Lampard might not be a good coach as he hasn’t done much yet in terms of taking sessions. Remember big managers such as Ferguson were not coaches - they had the number 2s to do that side of things. They were the man managers and the ones able to persuade players to sign. Jody Morris has a fantastic record of coaching with young players. If we could get those 2 in together, that would be by far the most exciting appointment for me.
  4. Boss

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Anybody up for buying some rubber snakes and chucking them at Rowett alongside a load of abuse as he gets of the coach. Also wouldn’t funding the posh toffs in the west stand to all chuck some at him as he walks out the tunnel.
  5. Boss

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Don’t think so - but it has worked for Wolves in terms of getting promoted straight away. If they hadn’t of gone up, again they would be under financial strain.
  6. Boss

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Wolves have spent it all in one season pretty much. Villa have prem money from being relegated - if they don’t go up this year they will be in the same situation as us, probably worse. We’ve spent money over 2-3 years alongside huge salaries for 3-4 years now.
  7. Boss

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Yes, not a bad season in terms of position in the league etc. But I couldn’t be arsed watching another season of football like that. He came in giving it the big bollo**s about a young, energetic team and instead turned us in to a pensioners outfit. I hope he gets an absolutely vile reception when he returns btw. I don’t mind a manager going on to bigger and better things - i.e wouldn’t really have complained if he left us for Stoke 6 months ago as a Premier League team, or for instance now if he was to go to West Ham perhaps?? Or maybe even to Villa as I believe that’s who he supports. But not to a newly relegated team 6 months after signing a new deal, and just over 12 months after declaring this is his dream job. He sounded like a cocky tw** in most of his interviews. Hope we give them a real hiding.
  8. Laudrup would be ideal. Paul Cook could build us as a team. Outside shot would be Potter but don’t think we’d be the right team to give him time to make mistakes as a young up and coming Manager.
  9. Boss

    Wolverhampton Wanderers v Derby County

    Is this performance that different to the one away to Brighton last year that saw McLaren walk?
  10. Boss

    Derby Snow - Game called off

    I’m a derby fan (season ticket holder) and travel over 2 hours each way to make it to every home game. Had already travelled down to derby yesterday especially for the game so I’m pretty annoyed too. Moving for work at beginning of April - will be around 4 hours from derby each way so won’t be able to make the re-arranged fixture mid week in April. Will be the only home game I’ll miss all season.
  11. Boss

    Reading (A) Tickets

    Evening all - was wondering if anybody under age of 25 has 3 season ticket references I could use for this? I’ve already got a few but looking for some more if possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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