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    MK got a reaction from Jourdan in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
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    MK got a reaction from ANGERMAN1 in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
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    MK got a reaction from GenBr in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
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    MK reacted to Archied in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    He should fit right in then
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    MK reacted to se1ram in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    Heading to Bermondsey for a few pre match drinks, first game I’ve made this season, buzzing
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    MK got a reaction from SKRam in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    Seeing a few rams fans scatteted around London Bridge. Do love a London away day!
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    MK got a reaction from Derby blood in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    Seeing a few rams fans scatteted around London Bridge. Do love a London away day!
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    MK got a reaction from se1ram in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    Seeing a few rams fans scatteted around London Bridge. Do love a London away day!
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    MK reacted to SaintRam in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    I hadn't watched that little bit of the Derby players naming their "funniest, hard man, best dress sense" etc. teammate - but it just came on at HT in the U23 game; and everyone very quickly and unanimously named FloJo as our most skillful player.
    Maybe thats a clue as to why he keeps getting into the team, produces differently in training than he does in the first team. Confidence, as many have often thought?
    I'd like to see something go right for him just to see if he built on it at all.
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    MK reacted to David in The Derby County Show | Episode 13   
    Episode 13
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    MK reacted to Dimmu in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    Such a relief to have both Bielik and Bogle available! At least now we can give Charlton a game.
    I'm starting to think Championship's physical demands might be too much for Marriott at the moment. Always injured, or if he plays, seems to be knackered after an hour. I guess this  is what pissed Lampard of all the time, he seemed disappointed that Marriott doesn't work harder to fulfill his own potential.
    I've seen it happen before with Teemu Pukki. Guy couldn't last more than 60 minutes, was lazy trainer and couldn't score for Celtic. With the right guidance he understood the demands of the game and how much working harder helps him... It's not going too badly for him at the moment.
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    MK reacted to CharltonFan in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    This is the preview from our forum, thought you guys might like a read!
    Charlton Athletic v Derby County
    Saturday 19th October 2019 ... 3pm Kick-Off
    Referee: Stephen Martin

    Football returns to the Valley this weekend following the latest International Break - A month ago this would be considered as a hindrance, ending our form meaning we’d obtain just five points from the fifteen available - This time round though and it could be a break that'll have been welcomed, our last match against Fulham left us with no Left-Back so its been a chance for tired / injured bodies to rest and recover - This Saturday we welcome Derby County to the Valley, is it time for the Addicks to go on another run of form? - Let’s hope so!!

    The Opposition
    Name: Derby County | Manager: Philip Cocu
    League Position: 13th

    The hardest job for any Manager is surely lifting your players after suffering the heartache of losing a Play-Off Final; Only last week the news was released that Jack Ross at Sunderland had been relieved of his duties whilst in the Championship; Derby County continue to try and recover from their own Wembley loss.

    Its certainly not been an easy job, for starters it was pretty obvious that Chelsea would come calling for Frank Lampard so the Rams would be forced to spend another summer looking for a new Manager - Coming into the job would be another ex-Legend of the 90s / 00s - Philip Cocu a midfielder by trade would have a career spanning the likes of FC Barcelona and PSV Eindhoven... The fallout though of replacing his Captain (Richard Keogh) to a well-documented injury won’t have aided our opponents this month as they look to turn their stuttering form into something that can actually challenge at the right end of the table.

    As both Charlton and Derby have learnt though, if your successful in the loan market then you stand a chance!! - Yet if you can’t quite clinch promotion how do you recover!! - Thankfully its not a lesson the Addicks had to learn last summer; Derby on the other hand have had to deal with Mason Mount, Harry Wilson and Player of the Year: Fikayo Tomori returning to their parent clubs - Of course they've got the high profiled: Wayne Rooney returning to these shores from the MLS in January and whilst he wont play any minutes against Charlton this season, it'll be interesting to see what impact the Striker will bring.

    Charlton Team News
    As for the Charlton squad itself though; Lee confirmed at the start of the week that its only Chuks Aneke that is likely to miss this game (not including; Lyle Taylor and Lewis Page) – Ben Purrington would limp off against the Swans with a groin strain yet will be back in the heart of Defence this Saturday!!...

    Further forward and we may get to see more of the Brighton signings; Beram Kayal and Tamar Hemed have both failed to impress with their lack of minutes, that could hopefully start to change with both now back in contention, although the latter may be forced to wait as another appears to have stolen his place!!
    Solly | Lockyer | Pearce | Purrington
    Cullen | Pratley | Williams
    Bonne | Leko

    Substitutes Bench: Amos | Sarr | Oshilaja | Field | Kayal | Hemed | Forster-Caskey

    Once again, we enter a period which will see three games in eight days - Derby County though appear to be a team not like the one from last season, of course they dont have the same players but the loss of Richard Keogh looks set to hit them hard... There should hopefully be no pity from the Charlton players on Saturday, its an opportunity to go for the kill and get all three points!!
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    MK reacted to admira in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
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    MK got a reaction from LeedsCityRam in Frank Lampard’s Chelsea FC   
    Looks like Tomori is getting an England call up. Well done that man!
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    MK got a reaction from Derby blood in Charlton Athletic (A) Match Thread   
    My first away game of the season and a new ground for me. Cant wait.
    Charlton are looking very well organised this season and have beaten some decent sides (although I heard Leeds actually beat themselves...??). I'd be happy with a point.
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    MK reacted to uttoxram75 in Graeme Shinnie   
    Shinniesta 👍🐏
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    MK reacted to Boycie in Rooney Performances @ D.C. United   
    Happy Birthday?
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    MK reacted to Mucker1884 in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Poor game.  Great result (And prediction league points for 2-0, so an added bonus!)
    Shinnie good in general.  Excellent first half.  FloJo seems to be getting worse as each game comes his way... and that from a poster who rarely notices individual performances, and never normally singles out players for poor performances!  The rest were all between "a bit meh" and "Whatever"!
    Poor show from the fans for booing the keep-ball... and for cheering the occasional long punt by Roos, despite 100% of them going straight to the oppo!  Fans are their own worst enemy at times.
    Any ref who can allow a free kick for off-side to be taken in the oppo's half is akin to a decorator stepping off his step ladders and putting his foot straight into the paint tin.  I ain't a fan of slapstick.
    Now... I've given a lot of stick to certain (alleged) Drunk drivers this past 10 days or so... and to the club too.  I didn't want either of them playing before the court date, but have come to appreciate that I have no say in the matter, as a mere "customer".  I wasn't particularly impressed by either "apology" either, be that content, or timing.  I wasn't overly convinced either were genuine and heartfelt.  Thus far, I have neither boo'd nor cheered their names, or their actions.
    However, from my vantage point half way up the upper tier, in the NE corner, I probably had a better view than 98% of people in the stadium... of just how much that goal meant to TL.  He looked absolutely drained.  A mixture of true relief and guilt.  He was almost apologetic for scoring, never mind anything else!  As much as I detest his involvement in those events that night, I felt for the lad, if I'm honest.  It was quite emotional stood there, politely applauding his goal, and witnessing his reaction up close and personal.  It almost bought a tear, if truth be told.  I can tell all those doubters... He is remorseful.  He is full of regret.  He is riddled with guilt... Either that, or he is one hell of an actor!
    He regained... in part at least... a little respect back from me today, strengthened by his determination to thank all stands after the final whistle, before being the last but one to go down the tunnel.  That in itself took guts, imo.  Seeing him today, I suspect he's lost a little of that cockiness now.  Personally, I'd say that was a good thing.
    Onwards and upwards.  There's a long way to go yet... on the pitch, off the pitch, and in the law courts... but despite the to-ings and fro-ings of the last week and a half, today was a step forward... and I'm glad I had the balls to turn up and witness it!
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    MK reacted to beardyjim in Enough is enou zzzzzzz   
    I've been reading this forum for many years but have never felt comfortable enough to comment mainly because I very rarely get to games (I was a student in Liverpool and then worked away) but I always followed this forum and I have massive respect for David and co who look after it. 
    However the utter hypocrisy of some posters "no longer supporting Derby" "Mel has a lot to answer for" is utterly ridiculous. Until proven guilty the players in question can do what they like as can the club. I have no sympathy for drink drivers, it is not big. And it's not clever. But these guys are essentially kids and to lambast them for making a mistake is beyond crazy. We've all made stupid decisions in our youth whether it's pissing down an ally way or squaring up to some dick in a club. Most of which we are not proud of. Mel and Phil are simply doing best by the football club and unfortunately Tom is currently the best we can get, and you know what, underneath is failings as a human being, he's a good footballer. 
    I've had a bit of a rant here, but all I ask is that you look at these players as human beings and not as some pillar of the community. We're all failed, no one is perfect. And I can assure you that the guilt they are feeling inside is way worse then the boo boys insults. 
    Just because they are footballers it doesn't stop them from being flawed human beings. 
    (*Disclaimer. I got busted for drink driving. I had lost my dad a few weeks earlier and quite frankly I didn't care for anything. I was 18) 
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    MK reacted to uttoxram75 in When has opinion ever been so divided?   
    Seen much worse times and fan divisions over the years so I'm just going to see how this one pans out.
    In my opinion, there is no real divide amongst the fans. Most people are of a same mind that a few players acted like complete bamfords and deserve whatever the courts throw at them. 
    Should they have played prior to the court case? I'd say no,  but I wouldn't fall out with any of my mates who thought otherwise.
    Once again, its social media that makes people think its a yes or no. When you talk face to face there's more depth to the conversation so you don't walk away so entrenched that you are right and the other chap is wrong.
  21. Haha
    MK reacted to Stagtime in When has opinion ever been so divided?   
    Mate, I think you should have a look in the politics section!
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    MK reacted to Wolfie20 in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
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    MK reacted to DarkFruitsRam7 in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Calling our manager a clown before taking the piss out of a misspelling on an internet forum. And who's the pathetic one?
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    MK got a reaction from Mucker1884 in Ever been a neutral?   
    I went to university at Bournemouth so went to a few games there. They were in League One at the time and were pushing for promotion. It was quite fun going with a group of mates, cheering them on but not really caring all that much. It's odd looking back at these games of watching 'little old Bournemouth' when they're now establishing themselves as a Prem team. One day it'll be us too......right?
    I also went to the League Two play-off final between AFC Wimbledon and Plymouth in the Wimbledon section. I grew up in SW London and knew a few Wimbledon fans who'd lost their club, so I've always had a bit of a soft spot for AFC (and, like any right minded football fan in England a fairly strong hatred of MK Dons).
    I wasn't truly neutral for either of these games as i was definitely supporting a team. But it didn't feel the same seeing them score compared to seeing Derby score. I just sort of stood up and applauded, rather than going ballistic.
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    MK reacted to Squid in Luton Town (H) Match Thread   
    Bogle   Davies   Clarke   Lowe
    Holmes   Pato
    Waghorn   Martin   Lawrence
    Essential we win this, No matter who's on the team sheet i'll support the boys.
    Come on Derby!
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