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  1. MK

    Homeless guy

    This. If you're giving something, whether its food or money or a treat for their dog, whatever, I think most people would appreciate the thought and the fact you're trying to help. The fact that there's a 10 page conversation on how best to help people has given me a lot of heart.
  2. MK

    View from the outside

    Bringing this thread back to it's purpose - a few pre-match thoughts from the creatures down the road: "If we are forced to play Osborne at LB again, it could get embarrassing for us." "A bit more than a week ago I'd have said win, now I think we'll lose. Can't see anything else with the available defenders." "Derby away, Norwich away, and Leeds at home in our next 5 games. Defeat at Derby could start a run that sees us off the play off pace at the end of the year. " - Gets my vote!
  3. MK

    Boca v River

    Did anybody watch it? Some good quality goals https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/football/46502484
  4. MK

    v F*rest (H) - Predictions

    Derby 1 - 1 Forest Marriott FRGS
  5. MK

    v Wigan (a) match day thread

    Wow this is nerve wracking come on derby!
  6. MK


    I work for a charity which organise volunteering opportunities for companies to give back to their local community. We partner with all sorts of local groups who need help but this time of year it's all about foodbanks. If you dont want to give money to a charity who you dont feel you can trust I'd strongly suggest donating food to your local food bank or even volunteering for a day (or however much time you can give.) If you are going to donate food, i will add that most foodbanks are massively over stocked with things like baked beans and dried pasta so maybe best to avoid these. Dried coffee, breakfast cereals are often in short supply. As are toiletries, so soaps, shampoo, sanitary products etc will be very well recieved.
  7. MK

    Harry Wilson

    Fixed it for you
  8. Fair enough. I do get this argument and put that way it seems a lot more logical. But for me personally I want to see us win something and trust the owners to keep us on the right track financially.
  9. So getting promoted is better than winning a trophy because it gives you a better chance of winning a trophy?! That's illogical
  10. No, i'm with you, I'd 100% take winning the cup over promotion. You play football to win trophies, that has to be the aim. Seeing us lift the FA cup at Wembley would be F-ing incredible. And it's much less likely to happen than promotion which would make it even sweeter.
  11. MK

    What American teams do you support?

    I don't really have one team for each sport. I've been lucky enough to Florida and California and attend a few MLB, NBA and NFL games so keep an eye on those teams, with baseball being my fav sport to follow: MLB: Giants, Padres, Rays and Marlins. NBA: Heat, Magic NFL: Buccaneers, Dolphins
  12. The way Lamps has set up for the Man U and Chels games he doesn't seem like the 'concentrate on the league' type either. It'll be interesting to see if he keeps that approach if we dont get a headline fixture though.
  13. That Crawley match was a miserable day. Still I love an away day at a lower league club. Bring on AFC Wimbledon!
  14. MK

    v Wigan (A) - Predictions

    Wigan 1 - 3 Derby FRGS Wilson

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