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  1. Charlton 1 - 1 Derby Frgs Martin
  2. My first away game of the season and a new ground for me. Cant wait. Charlton are looking very well organised this season and have beaten some decent sides (although I heard Leeds actually beat themselves...??). I'd be happy with a point.
  3. Derby 3 - 0 Luton FRGS Waghorn
  4. I went to university at Bournemouth so went to a few games there. They were in League One at the time and were pushing for promotion. It was quite fun going with a group of mates, cheering them on but not really caring all that much. It's odd looking back at these games of watching 'little old Bournemouth' when they're now establishing themselves as a Prem team. One day it'll be us too......right? I also went to the League Two play-off final between AFC Wimbledon and Plymouth in the Wimbledon section. I grew up in SW London and knew a few Wimbledon fans who'd lost their club, so I've always had a bit of a soft spot for AFC (and, like any right minded football fan in England a fairly strong hatred of MK Dons). I wasn't truly neutral for either of these games as i was definitely supporting a team. But it didn't feel the same seeing them score compared to seeing Derby score. I just sort of stood up and applauded, rather than going ballistic.
  5. Looks like Tomori is getting an England call up. Well done that man!
  6. What's the record number of draws in a season?
  7. Words of a man who knows he's done. I'm surprised he hasn't resigned if that's how he's thinking Edit - on second thought, he wouldn't get a pay off then would he?
  8. Barnsley 1 - 2 Derby FRGS Martin
  9. Only just catching up on this game as my mother in law has been in hospital. How was the reaction from the fans following the past week?
  10. MK

    Bury FC.

    So what now for Bury. Enter the football system somewhere in the non-league divisions?
  11. Yeah, i have no issue with them staying out later than the official end time. I do that a lot with my work mates because we are genuinely friends. If that's the case at Derby, great. But the irresponsibility of getting hammered and driving home is shocking!
  12. This also. Although limited sample size.
  13. As a Surrey member (posh boy i know), i really dont like the idea of Pope being a back-up keeper. Just because he can keep doesn't mean he should be given the gloves in a Test match. Not too keen on Buttler keeping to be honest, he's only been given the gloves to justify him in the squad when his batting fails. I dont understand this modern mentality that a keeper has to have a high batting average to justify their place in the squad. A world-class keeper contributes runs by reducing the opponent's total. Get Foakes in. How is the best WK in England not being picked to keep for his country?
  14. Hmm, pride park crowd. I wonder which way it'll go
  15. Wow, the highs of last season seem decades ago right now.
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