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  1. I reckon this summer will have converted quite a few.
  2. Be interesting to see how aus approach this. Chase this total and treat it as a one dayer against the one day champs or shut up shop and take a 1-0 lead to headingly?
  3. Derby 2 - 1 Bristol City FRGS Lawrence (Side note - after I type FRGS my phone's suggested words are Mount and Wilson 😥)
  4. Smith out for the remainder of this test and a doubt for the next one. It may not be the ideal way for England to have dealt with him but still very good news. Echoes of McGrath in 2005 - huge puscogicical blow for the Aussies and a boost for England.
  5. Yes waggy!! Pleased for him after the pen miss the other day. Hope he goes on a run now
  6. Stoke 0 - 1 Derby FRGS Lawrence
  7. Sculthorpe 1 - 2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  8. Thanks for the regular updates @SaintRam
  9. I wonder if paddypower will cover this as it was thier advertising campaign and did them very well for exposure
  10. Some of the negativity around this transfer window amazes me. We've broken our record transfer fee on a promising young player, sured up our defence with a decent centre back pairing for Keogh, and signed Wayne Rooney on a deal that could make us money!
  11. Derby 2-0 Swansea FRGS Waghorn
  12. Manager Philip Cocu introducing new signing Wayne Rooney. For Derby! I've had non-Derby friends messaging me all day about this. As far as publicity for the club Mel has smashed this.
  13. This is nuts. I'm naming my first born Mel
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