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  1. Ipswich 0 - 3 Derby FRGS Waghorn
  2. Looking like Marriott will be out so will change my FRGS to Wilson
  3. Derby 2 - 1 Hull FRGS Marroitt
  4. Phew. That half was an awful watch. Shame after we finished the first half so well but I'll happily take the point.
  5. Dont worry this has got 1-0 Derby written all over it.....
  6. Can I change FRGS to Waghorn please
  7. Second test off to a flyer....
  8. Preston v DERBY - D DERBY v Hull - W Ipswich v DERBY - W DERBY v Milwall - W Forest v DERBY - L 10pts but a good run of results broken by forest. We go on to win the play-off final, they finish 15th but still bring the game up in an attempt to prove their season was as successful as ours.
  9. Completed. But wow does it take a while. Make yourself a cup of tea and clear your schedule before starting this.
  10. They beat us in an FA Cup final in 1898 according to Wiki. Surprised they don't bring that up more often knowing how much they love the past.
  11. Just looking at the stats for this - Preston haven't beaten us since Dec '08. Since then we've played 11, won 8, and drawn 3. So it's either a nailed on win or I've jinxed it and owe you all an apology.
  12. AFC Wimbledon away for me. Used to live down the road from their ground and have been to see them a few times, including their play-off final win a couple years ago. Not been as a Derby fan since they were proper Wimbledon playing at selhurst park.
  13. Preston 1 - 2 Derby FRGS Marriott
  14. Looking like spurs could be on their way out of the cup too. The door is definitely open for a club outside of the top 6 to make the final. Not saying it'll be us ........but could it be us?
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