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  1. Really brilliant piece that. Not just the video but the talk afterwards was spot on. Insightful, educational and very needed for some people in cricket to hear. For those who missed it, this is the first bit. Most of the conversation afterwards has also been posted on Sky's cricket twitter page.
  2. West Brom 1 - 1 Derby FRGS Rooney
  3. Ahahah we didnt deserve that at all. Forest fans must be sick. Lovely stuff
  4. These Holmes throw-ins are causing chaos for forests defence. I'd happily take a toe-punted goal mouth scrabble equaliser
  5. Derby 2 - 1 Forest FRGS Martin
  6. I dont think anyones trying to take away from what Lampard did with us. Last season was the most enjoyable I've known since the Jim Smith days and that Leeds second leg was possibly my favourite match in 30-odd years of watching Derby. But what Cocu has done equally deserves respect. This season must've been a nightmare for him and his team but they have dealt with everything so professionally and have been picking up points at the same rate Lampard did last year nonetheless. We've rolled the dice with managerial appointments two years in a row and they've both proved to be successf
  7. Looks better on to be fair. Not a fan of how big the 32red logo is now though
  8. Just doing some calculations.... The past two years we've finished in 6th with 74 and 75 points respectively. It's gonna take a massive effort to take the 17/18pts we'd need to match that total again. Looking at the teams around us, I cant see 6th finishing with that tally this year though.
  9. I'm guessing 10. Beat Forest, Brentford and Birmingham, and pick up a point against Preston on Weds.
  10. Preston 1 - 1 Derby FRGS - Waghorn
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