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  1. Blackpool fan here help needed please the petition

    Signed mate. Yes remember meeting you guys when we did the flags from the pier photo. If you recall we were one of the first set of fans that joined in with your protest outside main entrance in the very early days. Having sampled first hand with what you guys have had to put up with fully behind this petition. Still to this day I keep an eye on the Tangerine Knights posts on facebook. Top work for trying to change something that has once affected us as a club.
  2. Guess the Mystery Ram

    I have had a drink or 2 on a few occasions with him when he has been over... Cannot express how much of just a normal lad he is ... First time we had a drink in the players lounge and was talking football as you do and a fair few fan girls kept coming up asking for photos and his autograph etc ... Felt sorry for him as we were just talking Derby as you do and you could feel he just wanted to talk football. I know part and parcel of the job but still we all need our time out ... I also remember setting the flag up at Peterborough away and he called me from the main stand waving away! Was funny! He really wanted to be in the stands with the fans but just not possible for him unfortunately. To make him feel worse when we went on the epic hour of Dale Cavese throughout half time I called him so he could listen in... Just a normal Derby lad with a famous job. Never stopped him supporting the Rams but naturally his job has restricted him attending much these days.
  3. Derby County Flags

    Borrow what you want from my twitter mate... Surprised you haven't uploaded the video of the Boro fans 'trying' to remove the big flag the other week!
  4. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    No possibility of extra tickets once our allocation has gone due to United having to relocate there home ST holders into the extra allocation we didn't go with. Not sure but I would expect so yes.
  5. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    That's generally the rule Cannable with league games hence why some times we take smaller allocations at first and then it rises depending on how they sell. Some years ago this wasn't the case and full allocation was just offered. Presume it will be the same for the cup yes. I know if we had the extra allocation we would have definitely lost out on them if they were not sold hence offer not taken up.
  6. Man Utd ticket details and KO Time announced.

    Pretty much as I tweeted yesterday in fairness as above. Had a chat with the club as did a few others, if anything to gauge opinion. Wasn't obviously regarding the pricing as only Man United have a say in that, it used to be that both of the clubs had to agree on a price but that has changed this year. Good article on the FSF website that I tweeted the link too. Unfortunately the Friday night date and pricing of the game meant that it would be a crazy decision to take a higher allowance. Not sure if many of you know but sometimes when the away club accept tickets from a home club you are effectively buying them. Don't sell them and you have to pay. Can be very costly to any club so wise of Derby to accept this allocation as I think the allocation will allow everyone that wants to go a ticket. As crazy as it is big clubs like United can pretty much charge what they want. They have the demand. Pretty sure they also have a policy where you have to buy your seat so they are not going to go down the route of charging an affordable amount for fans. Hopefully next season we will only be paying £30 eh!!
  7. Barnsley F.C. v Derby County F.C.

    Just a reminder for anyone with a flag ... They all need a fire certificate whatever the size... As well, had a good chat with their SLO earlier, will be plenty of extra security / safety checks on fans, mainly due to issues with a few clubs fans of recent. Sure you are aware of one club who was there the other week!
  8. 12/12/17 - Fans Forum at The Yard

    If I remember correctly I think the club tried this for 1 game and it fell silent lol Maybe because everyone is so used to it I don't know...
  9. Billy Davies

    Fair point Rynny ... My bad!
  10. Billy Davies

    No Mr Tibbs but my point was the discussion was about the last manager to get us promoted and nothing more. The year after has been well documented on another thread. I disagree with the opinion with what followed next ruining the achievement. We should always remember the good times as opposed to the bad times. Everyone has bad times at some point but why focus on that. For example. Leicester winning the league with Ranieri. Didn't work the next season and he got sacked. Do you think that ruins his achievements of winning the top division? Or what about Roberto Matinez winning the FA Cup with Wigan. They got relegated the same season. Will they look down on that achievement because they got relegated. Doubt it! They are playing league 1 football now. I could go on and on giving more examples but pointless. The fact is Billy Davies was the last manager to get us promoted. 19 other managers since have failed in over 10 years.
  11. RamsTV

    Hmm what are folks thoughts on the below... Last couple of home games I have been putting the flag up in stands so been in ground 45 minutes earlier (I do exit again!) ... Not many in at this time so probably around a 100 or so in stands... Anyway, obviously the players come out to train and warm up. But during this time RamsTV is being played on the big screen with audio so anyone in stadium can hear it. Obviously they are discussing the game, team selection etc etc ... Interested to what you think the players would be thinking whilst warming up and listening to this? I know they are concentrating on doing what they are doing but this isn't something that you could switch off from. They must hear all the comments from the team in the studio and I am sure one ear is listening out for their name being mentioned. Do you think this has an impact in anyway? Perhaps if a negative comment from a studio guest was made (not on purpose as to affect the player) but surely it would impact in someway? I know they were talking about Ipswich tactics and how we expected them to line up, would an away team be jeered on by any said comments by studio guests? Do any other clubs operate like this? Genuinely interested in opinions.
  12. Billy Davies

    Muespach drop me a dm. Wont allow me to send you a private message.
  13. Billy Davies

    If you read the original post from Muespach .......... Which I am sure you did, you will see he was referring to the fact that he is in fact the last manager to have got us promoted. That was the point. And 19 other managers since have failed. Why you then proceed to copy and paste our transfer dealings from the following season god only knows but wasn't the point that was being made. Which if you want to discuss that then yes of course, it aint good reading is it!! That being said, it was covered in another thread about our Billy. He didn't get his top targets due to the board not getting them, or unwilling to get them due to selling, whatever way you want to look at it you cant put the full blame on Billy.
  14. Billy Davies

    Facts don't like. Fab post.
  15. Best Debut

    Has to be Paulo Wanchope surely at Old Trafford?? An unknown and doing that at United. Lock the thread now!

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