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  1. therams69

    PL & Championship Safe Standing Petition

    Good move I feel on what has now been said but a few thoughts of my own on the below. All-seater stadiums have been a success. Benefits include: ● improved crowd management and crowd behaviour; Cant naturally disagree with this but bringing in safe standing would not alter this. ● modern, comfortable, and inviting facilities for spectators; Believe it or not the concourses and toilets would still be the same. After all they are facilities. Technically quite a few of the all seated stadiums are very uncomfortable if you to sit in the seats due to the legroom. ● increased inclusivity and diversity amongst those attending matches Because having a choice on whether a fan wishes to sit or stand would change this. - Premier League research has shown that the percentage of crowds attending Premier League matches from a Black and Minority Ethnic background continues to increase season-on-season, and is now at a record 16% (2014/2015 season); more women and children attending games helps to nurture the next generation of supporters - Premier League research has shown that a record 26% of match attendees are female, and that children's season ticket sales now make up 12% of all Premier League season ticket sales (2014/2015 season); Because women or children dont want to stand at football said no one ever. ● enhanced security and policing to keep spectators safe; Would be the same with safe standing and no you havent kept football supporters safe as you havent managed to get everyone to sit down at a match thus technically making it unsafe. ● there have been fewer reported incidents and injuries to spectators, and Garbage. Absolute garbage. ● Increased spectator attendances - by 60% - contributing to the future health of the game. That may have something to do with the foreign influx of players we have seen over the past 20 years.
  2. Absolutely. Forest have got it right. They have some great youngsters. Now imagine them playing with Vyds, Davies, Carson, Keogh ... All of a sudden a force to be reckoned with when you mix xgood blooded youngsters with experience. Forest were in a situation though where they had to do it. Maybe good for us as well if we had too.
  3. I have got to know Vernam over the past year or so. Dealt with a few footballers over my time. Has to be said I dont think I have ever come across such a level headed polite young man. Now I know that probably doesnt mean he is going to make it, but attitude is very important in the game nowadays and he is very commited into where he wants to be. Because I got to know him I did watch a few games of the U23 and focused on him. Speedy and exciting. Reminded me of Vydra but on a much less scale. Lots of names mentioned above. I hope they are all given a chance at some point to shine and we dont focus on buying. I dont always buy into these players playing at league 1 / league 2 or lower as its very much a mans game down there where quality on the ball isnt always a given. Its important though that we give these youngsters opportunities. Cant stress that enough. I think as Derby fans we give our own alot of time. Now that is the Derby way.
  4. therams69

    Watchdog Tonight BBC1 8pm - safe standing

    I have a meeting tomorrow with my local MP which is Chris Williamson. We once had a debate on radio a few years ago and he was against it so hoping tomorrow i can persuade him to get on board and count on him to attend the debate in the commons on 25 June.
  5. All, Feature on safe standing tonight by Ed Balls at some point throughout the programme. Should be worth a watch. Didnt post in thread as wouldnt be seen by the millions of fans that see a new thread! Feel free to move after Davo.
  6. therams69

    Signed Nugent '24 second' Auction

    Nice one ... Wishing your daughter well for the future
  7. therams69

    Time for youth

    In fairness how many young premier league players rip it up in leagues 1 or 2. They are tough physical leagues full of proper strong units and not tamed for playmakers. You say the academy is over rated but correct me if I am wrong we finished 10th in the top league with Man United finishing bottom. The problem is these players are not getting a chance at the first team because we buy established players due to the money invested and rich rewards of promotion. If we had GSE back and Clough with no money i tell you now we would have had them playing. Its really a bit like why the top premiership clubs dont play their youngsters either. With the money they have and instant success needed /required they just go and buy. Not being funny but Mr Abu Dhabi from Manchester City or the yanks at United are not interested in seeing the local lads from Salford play 100 first team games. They want the champions league money. The only reason these other academies are so good with some really good players is that they buy them so their rivals dont have them.
  8. therams69

    Time for youth

    Sure I recall a certain Mr Hanson saying you cant win the premier league with kids.... He soon ate his words come end of the season. We have some excellent under 23's but they need to be given a chance. Its as simple as that.
  9. therams69

    Scott Minto on the P' Offs

    Would be very ironic if it was a Boro Derby final. Stevie Gibson v Mel Morris. The 2 local chairman of the 4. And probably the 2 that deserve it the most.
  10. therams69

    Fulham (A) Play Off Tickets (Sold Out)

    Bless you mate ... Well done on getting back into work!
  11. therams69

    Fulham (A) Play Off Tickets (Sold Out)

    You cant print at home away tickets. If you do get some happy to collect them for you and bring them down with me and we can meet up... DM me if the case mate.
  12. therams69

    Fulham away trains

    Just remembered ... Its 35 years since that fateful day at the BBG when they came to us on the last day of the season. 14 May 1983 We go there on 14 May 2018, 35 years later, will they still be bitter? You god damn know they will be!
  13. therams69

    Fulham away trains

    This Fulham mate of yours needs to become your bestie pal! With them being able to purchase 4 extra tickets I suggest you use and abuse him. Wonder if your inbox will be busy this week... :-)
  14. therams69

    Fulham away trains

    Sure there will be another thread about the tickets ...... But ..... If we had Villa as well we would have only got 2k tickets. 2k or 10% is the minimum in the champ. Whatever is the lowest. Same applies for Forest as mentioned above. Personally it doesn't make sense to have an empty 1000 seats. We are not a petty club. We have a singing stand of 4300 along with a pretty vocal East Stand so in theory there should be no issue with the atmosphere. All the away figures were decided before a ball was kicked Sunday but would be nice for a reconsideration from Fulham to at least get 3k. We will see though. In my eyes 2 wrongs never equal a right.
  15. therams69

    Fulham away trains

    Just to add to this.... Its around 45 minutes to an hour to get from Fulham back to St Pancras. Extra time should finish around 2215 if all goes well beforehand. With pens, well who knows, finishing anytime I guess but go with 2245, so either way very tight and more than likely you wont make the last train which is indeed the long un at 2315. We have booked on to it though and plan the 0015 to Leicester as the back up with us all getting taxis from there should we need to. I have asked the club about an early Roadrider a couple of weeks ago as this was popular for Brighton a couple of years ago so touch wood they can sort it for those that want to make a day of it.

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