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  1. I have many photos of the flag that should all be on social media somewhere but a quick list of the top of my head include (apart from the obvious football stadiums!) - and that count should be near a 100 I reckon... Piers at Brighton / Blackpool / Bournemouth - made the local paper in Brighton Wedding reception Funeral in a Church (for Dougie aka Badgeman) Ipswich bridge Bohemians - pre season friendly Kaiserslautern - pre season friendly Bratislava Airport - nearly got arrested by the airport police - was drying it out after the rain in Graz. Graz - pr
  2. Fair point and I get the sentiment but the same could be said about Lamps and lets be honest he did not get it right at the likes of Millwall or Rotherham, let alone the biggest game of that season... Cough Wembley... Cough... Bennett... Cough... lost the game at 2pm. Only that experience will become apparent in 5/10 years time. As for Fergie bringing through the kids, it was only the class of 92 that made it, some might say a lucky academy year, I dont know, but not many names you can name after that era that went of to forge a career at United... I was against Wayne at first,
  3. Jack Marriott is a striker who scores goals... As was Bobby Davidson, as was Dean Sturridge, as was Dean Saunders... As in Danny Welbeck, Rashford etc etc Sick and tired of these naturally gifted strikers being forced to play up top on their own or out on the wing to accommodate 1 main striker. You wouldn't see any of the former Derby players having to receive the ball with the back to goal... All these players would have scored bags of goals as kids up front as they will received the ball to run onto, why take that away?!?! Bring back 2 up top and 2 fast paced wingers whose spe
  4. Not right to stop telling people to moan. Irrelevant what the Premier League are charging, they are in a higher league to us. Unfortunately as mentioned, the EFL dictate the prices. I think the main issue here is communication, which as I have said before, has not been good enough. If fans knew when they were due to get a refund, whether that be 1, 3 or 12 months I think that would be better than not knowing.
  5. Far from the exception, just persistent! Delayed flights are different as they try and get out of them for so many X Y or Z reasons. Its not clear cut as it should be thats for sure. Totally agree about the percentages. That's what they were doing with the vouchers, put people off contacting them if it took ages and many just thought sod it will have a voucher as opposed to a refund.
  6. As a Travel business owner I can tell you that I have managed to get around 15 or so refunds from Ryanair and despite it being challenging at times with them, they have processed them all... On the other hand I am still waiting for any kind of update on Millwall & Preston away! I have no issue with it being next year or whenever but feel the levels of communication have been dire. Especially considering its £100 odd and for two away season ticket holders - there wasn't many of us!
  7. Lovely stuff Ryan and well done. Your Dad must be very proud of you. Will hopefully pick a copy up at some point... All the best, Nick
  8. And me ... Along with Preston as well - equates to £100 or so I think for me and the lad. Away season ticket holders. Having been badly hit with my own work and the travel industry I am well aware that refunds have been taking along time but I have been in constant touch with my customers advising them as that is the right thing to do - if it takes a year thats fine as long as the communication is there. Not sure us away season ticket holders (who are paying for a premium service as well) have been informed of anything of recent regarding away refunds and I haven't seen anything about any
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