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  1. FWIW ... Thought the atmosphere was pretty decent last night considering what was on show. It sure has been quieter in the past. However, you do have wonder why it isn't all that. Will give you a perfect example. 2 young lads (late teens) who should be giving it some you would think. Sat on there phones all games logging into online banking and snapchat all game. Kinda says it all really doesn't it. Really do give up at times, I really do.
  2. For me I would offer Bryso, Roos and Pearce (if in champ) new deals. Bryso for me is worth it because he knows the club and still has alot to offer. Players such as these are crucial regardless of league. Look at the likes of Bournemouth, Leicester etc, they keep certain players that get the club as the benefits are worth it. Said it time and time again, its not all about having the technically best 11 or 16 in a squad. A decent football squad doesnt work like that. Roos has proven he can perform. Dont think he will stay though. He wont imho dislodge Carson in either league we are in next season and cant blame him for wanting first team football at his age. Mitchell is a few years behind Roos and will become backup. Think we rated him a couple of seasons ago. Pearce. Strange one. Probably will go as will want first team football. Clearly all the others, apart from Huddlestone, have offered nothing this season so will be let go. Thats pretty obvious and doesnt really need discussing.
  3. Very true. Mind it never stopped Riggott, Morris and Christie frequenting Zanzibar on the famous Monday student nights … Ahhh they were the days..... Tuesday must have been the day off back then I guess!
  4. Very good point about Lingard. Never seemed to get a chance under Stevie Mac. To be fair, Brays did end up at Cardiff in the premier league but never played. Issue with manager and owner there paid to that. He is playing a level below imho. Should have stayed with us as was doing very well.
  5. Good luck is all I will say. You wont be able to please everyone though. Just keep at it. Regarding the twenty is plenty. Not going to happen in the championship. Clubs cannot afford it. Obviously the premier league can and this is where the pressure needs to be. That or a major shift change in the TV right split down the leagues. Until that happens it would be a waste of your time to pursue it whilst we are in the championship. Safe Standing. Still plodding on. Good luck again!
  6. Yeah sure... Obviously we changed our logo and the club wanted the flag replacing so they sorted it all out. Kinda think it looks better without the yellow when comparing in fairness. They sent it off, had the yellow cut out and sown a new logo in...
  7. LOL! The famous Boxing day game! Still quite don't know what went wrong there in fairness...
  8. Would expect around 800 or so … Would be very surprised if anymore. Not a new ground for many and with it being January will put quite a few off. Pretty sure they have to replicate the ticket prices so that will be good. Flag should be going as been before over seats.
  9. Hmm. I don't think that is 1455 and 5 minutes before kick off so will disagree. Not 1 fan is walking up to the stands in the gangway in your photo. Not a scooby Frosted. As for the flag. At the Bristol game if you turned your camera oh so slightly to the left you will have seen it in the SE Corner over seats. Also worth noting, its never been walked through the stands in the 10 years I have been looking after it so not sure what you are on about there. The flag changes from being in the upper tier to the lower tier and is held up as opposed to let go. Reason being its better when held out as more often than not when left to its own devices doesn't keep its shape.
  10. Well it didn't take long in the year for a new thread to appear ;-) Whatever happens today i would take it with a pinch of salt. New Years day atmospheres at home have historically been poor. Bigger picture though here. No idea who the new group are but as Tom has mentioned bloody good luck to them. I am disappointed in how the South Stand has turned out. It took a lot of hard work to get it, in fact years, coupled in with lies from previous CEO's in the mix as well and many many hurdles to get it. Cloughy was a big fan of it though and having sat down with him for an afternoon he was keen to get the ball rolling so we did. The Forest and Brighton trial games were a huge success. 2 big games that maybe just set the bar too high for future games. It was the unknown and it was fun and very lively. We are pretty good at home believe it or not compared to other stadiums. Maybe we expect more though, i don't know. Expectation levels around the club haven't helped for the past couple of years. We are no longer in the buzzing period that Stevie Mac brought, again a newfound feeling and something the red dogs were going through when they came here. In short until the English fan culture at home changes then don't expect anything. We can all shout and sing when things are going well but its not really then that matters. The new group will not get the club to reconsider reallocating everyone's seats in the South Stand so that's a no go and unfortunately there are fans in there that have no interest in atmosphere. This is what it was set up for. I looked round the other day and heart sank when i saw some fans in there and just thought to myself why are you here?! I or nobody has any right to tell a fan where to sit BUT I put a lot of hard work, time and effort into getting this move for the singers and it does make me feel down a lot of the time when fans are there for another reason than atmosphere. Maybe the club need to be stronger on this stance I don't know. I had suggested they offer the kids out of there (as in family fans) to the North Stand with some special offers. I think until safe standing comes in, which you will have seen from previous thread, we can install rail seats. Maybe by the club doing this for next season would give us the chance of clean sweeping the stand which is needed. Although this wouldn't be legalised safe standing it could advise everyone that standing may well occur. Always a touchy subject. All we can do guys is keep plugging away. Spread the word. Fans do make a massive difference. If 100 of us kept going all game then just maybe the mindset will spread.
  11. Hi all You may or may not have seen the latest release with regards to safe standing and the publication of the updated Green Guide. Copy of the post is below. Rail seats allowed New Green Guide sets out the rules Seats with barriers compliant with all-seater policy The Sports Ground Safety Authority has now published the long-awaited new edition of the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds, also known as the Green Guide. Within the 'Spectator Accommodation - Seating' section of the Guide there is, for the first time, a sub-section on what the SGSA call 'seats incorporating barriers' and 'seats with independent barriers'. Following publication of the Guide, the SGSA has also confirmed that it is possible, subject to certain provisos, e.g. Safety Advisory Group approval and an agreed management plan for the area concerned, for grounds that include seats incorporating barriers within their provision of exclusively seated accommodation to be licensed as compliant with the all-seater policy. This gives all clubs with all-seater stadia the opportunity to enhance spectator safety in this way in areas of their ground where more active supporters are inclined to stay on their feet throughout extended moments of excitement, rather than sit passively in their seat for the full 90 minutes. It also enables clubs to get such areas of their grounds ready to be operated formally as standing areas as and when government policy allows and ready to take advantage of any future potential for increasing capacity in such areas. In addition to these opportunities, there are, however, also risks. In some scenarios it is possible that capacity will be reduced. END In a nutshell this means that we as a club can install rail seats and as such could do so in the more persistent areas of standing. i.e. South Stand. This would not be a formal safe standing area as such and would just be the introduction of rails thus making it safe. I personally wouldn't think that it would incur a capacity reduction but I am by no means a safety expert. Naturally its also fair to say that we perhaps don't have the funding at the minute to maybe install them but looking at the new guide, the option is certainly now there. One does wonder if stadium safety enhancement costs could help lower FFP, who knows?! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Nick
  12. Nah, deffo not a dud. Personally think it is man management from Lampard. He did the same with Marriott and now look at him. I expect him to start on Saturday and play very well and let out a wee bit of anger and frustration by bagging a few goals. The season is very long in the championship. Not every players can maintain any kind of form for the full duration in this league and I think FL is being very clever with him all be it slightly peculiar to us mind. After all, he sees him every day in training. Same could be said about Zoon, maybe he is doing the same with him. FL is a very clever man, irrelevant of his management experience I would expect him to know what buttons to press with certain players. Probably wrong but we will see.
  13. Genuinely surprised at some comments I have seen. I think many don't see some of the off ball play he does. Wasn't his best game last night but then again tell me who did play well. To get the best out of him he needs to be going box to box. Sometimes when things aren't going our way the game doesn't pan out like it should do for him. He is the midfield presser and if we are forced back defending it really becomes a hard position to keep. If you actually look at what he has offered this season and the errors he caused through his pressure play you will find that many goals have been scored due to this. If we had lost a few on the bounce i could perhaps understand a thread like this but do we really need to change anything at the minute? For me. No.
  14. Absolutely Tombo. It is history like you say and stuff like that is always good. Did I mention that I have a dcfc flagman tattoo on my leg. Sad maybe I know!! To be fair I have an English rose and the ram on my leg so just added the words on some years later. More so of a cheeky little reminder for when I am older to look back on kinda thing. Museum would be good. I know we have plans to do something along them lines when we eventually go up so would be the perfect place. Its holding up very well. It has been stitched a fair few times for any major cuts which can always happen when setting up over seats. I take it to the place in Westfield now and they are really good at sorting it. Few other little cuts but nothing major. Stain wise also pretty good. If it can survive a Balti pie at Forest Green away it can survive the amount of coke thrown on it at Boro! Thankfully the washing machines at Moor Farm are really good and when it is washed it comes out really good so I would say very good condition for its age. Other issue we have is that should we ever look at replacing it, the costs would be very high. Sure Ossie may be able to correct me if i am wrong but believe it cost £1800 when we bought it. I think a flag of this size would probably be around 3k now!
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