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  1. Have a feeling he will end up at Sunderland.
  2. Can only echo the words on here about Duane ... Really really nice chap.
  3. Coping as best as I can, I always think there are worse off people than me though and that is what keeps me focused... Personally I am home schooling 3 kids with number 4 due in June (planned outside the normal footballing window!) Work wise is where its been hard. Those that dont know, I run my own travel business so self employed. Been a really tough couple of months with all the immediate issues and changes, think there were 220 updates around the world. Kind of managed to sort them out but from a mental health point of view its never easy to deal with considering I am working for free now, have to pay back a fair bit of money I had already earnt and been paid for holidays that were imminent departures and then see all my hard work over the last 9 months pretty much all dwindle down to nothing. Hard gig running a travel business and being self employed but alive and well so.............. Hope everyone is well..... Oh and I have no idea where the big flag is! Last seen on the team coach heading to Millwall ... Sure it will be somewhere with Ellisons!
  4. Haha! I need to go and get that hole sewed up (hence someone put a flag through it lol)
  5. There is a clear difference between commentating what he see's on a football field as opposed to grown adults logging into a forum to criticise someone doing their job and making it personal. Just an observation I have seen over the last few weeks or so.
  6. Quite surprised over this thread and other threads I have seen where Ed is getting a wee bit of a personal slating. Ed is a Derby fan so no doubt reads these forums. Not sure why people feel it relevant to have personal digs at him. He hasn't done anything wrong, whether its the Ramage case or just in general. If you don't like his commentating, just don't bloody listen. For people to go out there way to personally criticise someone on a forum for doing there job really does astound me. Simply, if you dont have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  7. Were they perhaps referring to them dropping the prices as opposed to what they would normally charge if it was a United or Everton visiting etc? The FA take a cut of the sales so its in there interests for it to be reasonable to line there pockets. That being said, who knows anymore....
  8. Just bear in mind that the FA, United and Derby all have an input on pricing. Last time around prices were high and this was because the FA & United wanted it higher pricing than what we did. There was a thread on this if i recall....
  9. Wouldn't say I have ever ended up in the wrong end but mistake but have on purpose gone in home ends due sold out ... Huddersfield away in the FA Cup 5th round 1999. Got a bit crazy in the home end. Bloke next to us realised we were Derby but said you will be fine. Different story when everyone around us was pushing to get at the Derby fans lol. We kept quiet and were fine. Ended 2-2. Villa v Derby late 90''s. Top of the table clash so must have been around September time I reckon. Drove up to Villa Park in the week to get a ticket. Away fans were behind the goal back then so we sat where the away fans now sit on the side of the pitch. No issue there. Being young and naive i actually put a Derby flag up over the railings before kick off which got a loud cheer from away end. Steward just said sorry mate cant go there and left it at that haha... And finally the famous 4 -4 against Bradford! Early 2000's maybe .. Lots of Derby fans in there. Relegation battle if i recall so an important game. Cant remember how I got the ticket but on entering they were asking everyone for their postcodes. I wasn't prepared and a few of us got stopped from going in. Walked around the ground and then the Police gave us a 100m injuction to be away from the ground as they were claiming we were trying to sneak in through open doors, wasn't the case. Ended up back on the bus listening to it. What a game to miss! Think thats about it for me ...
  10. With the whole social media circus these days, fans no longer need to stay the full duration of the game to know or see what has happened. The feeling of being there and seeing it live has been and gone I feel. This is up and down the country nowadays...
  11. Yeah agree Billy made too many signings in January and it upset the camp. He admitted as much. We went from being in the top 2 and into the playoffs when in reality we should have won the league. We missed out on the play offs that season because Mac could not commit to us and let the speculation of flirting with Newcastle go on and on and on ... And on!
  12. They tried and they failed .... Thankfully the girls at Moor Farm had it washed that very same day on it's return as it was absolutely covered in coke and god knows what else....
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