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  1. Crikey ... 10 years ago in Marbella for a mid season friendly under Cloughie. Love one of them games where you can just stroll around. For some reason I asked the players for a photo on the flag.
  2. Talking of Billy Sharp (FWIW i do really like him!!) he once tweeted me telling me he couldnt wait to see me at the Derby so he could shove the flag up my a**e. Think i got a wee bit cheeky with his weight prior to this hence the tweet... Anyway, some months later when he was at PPS, i think with Sheff United, I went and met him when he was getting on the coach after the game and introduced myself. His face dropped!! Haha! Had a laugh and a joke with him and no he didnt shove anything anywhere..... Going off topic but would love him at Derby. My kind of player. Anyway back to Keogh ..... Should have been playing. Nothing worse than warming down and wanting to play so imagine a comment or 2 was aimed at our captain and he responded. Rightly or wrongly he got forked by all accounts. Will be interesting to see the statement when its finally released...
  3. Brighton Pier. Made the local rag over there as well!
  4. Scunthorpe away in League Cup. Second visit with the previous being around 2008 if i recall.
  5. They do it with us as well and have done for a few years. Whether or not they will this season remains to be seen.....
  6. Not sure why this is even up for discussion. 10 years and more it's been going. Nothing to do with Lampard apart for us asking him along with players to start it. Next thread.
  7. To be fair over the last 5 years or so we have had some great trips... Got soaked in the rain in Graz, Austria. Lapped up the sun in Utrecht & Kaiserslautern. Was also pretty sunny in Dublin at Bohs away. We have done alright last few years. These games were all pretty much setup for the fans which was nice.
  8. Haha will be an interesting watch ... If you get a spare hour or so there are some great old school football docs on youtube featuring likes of Luton, Doncaster, Swindon (when Hoddle took them up) - more my era which was the 90s but brought back so many good memories. The Sheff United documentary was also a good watch when it was on, no idea if its on youtube but suspect it will be. Amazing how the game has changed, particularly with players and how they act etc... Enjoy
  9. Definitely not a rumour about this year.
  10. Yeah just a little Angie eh! The drum would have been crucial as to get a constant rhythm going, hard enough in a big enough stadium but a little constant noise would then have spread. Absolutely fair play to the club, but like I say (Keogh style) it shouldn't have come to that in reality. No idea, maybe it will get surfed at home games, far too big for away games though. Struggle at times to get the Super Rams flag everywhere although most championship clubs are welcoming of it and it should be doing 18 or so aways next year ...
  11. Always happy to explain guys. 🙂
  12. Wasn't good if I am being honest. Didn't post an update as I didn't want to create anything negative before the day and nothing I could do to change it. So basically with Wembley you have to go via the club to request permission for large flags and drums etc. The drum was permitted and travelled on club transport which was sorted by them, it didnt get in though, so not happy with that outcome. Adam went to alot of effort to get it reskinned and ready. Last thing i wanted to be doing on the day was having to try and sort it considering we had it all arranged. It never got in though, so.... Okay back to the flag... So it was allowed in 5 years ago v QPR ... This time around Wembley insisted it was too small! All large flags that wish to be surfed had to be 12m x 12m or more. Now lets be honest, whats fan/s have a flag that big, practically no one. Why would you as well considering you wouldn't be able to take it around the country to league games, would be pointless. Club at this point decided to produce a club flag that was surfed at the game. My take on it was that the flag has alot of history as well all know, 10 years with me, and previous to that a few years with John and Ramstrust. Very disappointing that the flag that we take home and away would not be allowed. I managed to speak to Wembley officials and was basically told same as before, not safe for such a small flag etc etc ... Dynamics of Wembley different blah blah ... Some of the stadiums i have setup and surfed flag in has been tough. Forest Green for one, or Birmingham when I was on the back row and had no space to sort but I did. So quite capable of surfing it and making sure it was held up, what I have done for the last 10 years for christ sake! Got no where with him and felt that the game was all about commercial and not the fans. Biggest game of season and they say no, just sums up football nowadays for me I am afraid, losing the love of it in honesty, far to much politics and stupid regulations. Oh and it would have been a £500 fee to pay as well for a team from Wembley to assist. Like I would have needed. As fans we sort it. I dont need some contractors to tell us how to do it, fans know the score as we do it week in week out. Patronising against us fans it felt like. Hope that explains it anyway folks! In a nutshell, the game has gone in many aspects.
  13. I actually genuinely don't remember seeing the banner haha! Looks class though...
  14. Top point Tom. I think with most things in life, its always about the blame game. Way life is these days. Very sad.
  15. Point took Ossie, but, this was always designed really as saying standers only. Obviously the club cannot advertise that as such. If I am being totally honest, it seemed to work better when it was my named block as it was kind of invite only etc and word was spread amongst fans and social media locally as opposed through the club ... And before anyone asks or whines, the reason for it was so that like minded fans could get together. When we first introduced it, it really worked, same faces in the same areas and everyone there was up for it. Over the last 2 seasons, the club have took control of it and i think it has gone downhill with fans being in there that clearly are not interested in BEING the atmosphere. Fair to say there wont be any going back on it though. I havent read through all the thread mind, and depressed to not to want to read it actually but my 11 year old mentioned at the dinner table how frustrated I was at others in the block and gestured to his Mum what I actually did which was waving my hands in the air and saying come on this is the singing block etc ... No swearing might I add!!
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