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  1. Something I have been very passionate about for many many years. A shame that Derby County, who were one of the first clubs to go public in support of safe standing, will more than likely not be part of any trial. Instead we find ourselves fighting to save the existence of our club. Regardless, a step in the right direction for football fans. Seeing the South Stand ..... Well let's not go there. 😞 https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/12414367/premier-league-and-championship-clubs-allowed-to-trial-safe-standing-in-stadiums-this-season
  2. Highinsight is a wonderful thing. We should have pushed more for answers. We should have got a plan back then. We should have offloaded in the summer. We should have been involved with the club to stop this from happening. Collectively we could have helped, whether thats by volunteering, buying a stake etc etc - no expert in this but if Mel had opened up more rather than being how he is, who knows...
  3. See this is the problem. The approach, the wording, the language, the manner... I could go on.... This is what the debate ended up going on about... Did i have 'information' the club was going into admin back in May? No. Did I think it was going to happen? Yes I did. One thing as I said at the time I was not prepared to do, was name drop people or suggest even where it came from. These same people now risk losing their job. I am sorry but I was not prepared to take that burden. Whether you accept that or not, to be honest I couldn't give a toss considering the current circumstances they now find themselves in. I suspect over the coming weeks and months, once their jobs are going, you may find out more. I had to be careful what I said. Up to people like you to make judgement. Many people on the forum know me and backed me. That should have been enough to trust.
  4. They have mate. I still stand by my comment, harsh maybe, but I stand by it. I had alot to say and it was hard for me to disclose certain things which led to alot of criticism. Another one of them ITK accounts and all that and every word or term i would use would be used against me hence why I stopped posting on here. But I strongly felt many were all too believing of Mel. Perhaps blind faith and all that. The silence from when i posted in May to now was deafening, we should have seen what was coming. The signs were there.
  5. As you said, no need for a distracting argument so I am not even going to bother in replying to your points.
  6. Let's be honest, I was. I said for us to collectively get together and put some pressure on for answers which transpired a couple of months later after dialogue with other groups. Only 1 group from the supporters charter wished to not put their name to that, this forum. Personally felt that was a mistake but I guess means nothing now does it. We didn't do enough and you cannot say nothing could have been done to alter the course of the club, we will never know that. However, head in sands like many that replied to this thread didn't help did it.
  7. The thing is, as I stated, it wasn't the club who needed to call me. They all felt the same, scared and worried and have been for months. We needed Stephen or Mel to come out publically, they didnt and look. We should have pushed harder for it harder hence my head in the sands comments. Far to many stuck by him blindly.
  8. Shame. Nothing would have given me greater pleasure.
  9. From what I understand no. As usual it will have been the well oiled PR machine. Anyone fault but his.
  10. No I didn't mate as unfortunately was away in Greece. In normal times I would have flown back and left the wife and kids but with covid a lot harder to do... If I had been able to go, I would have ripped the NDA and walked out. Simple as that really. That's me though, others would have been present in the room that could have challenged / asked what was needed and perhaps in a more diplomatic way than me. Yeah they were mate and why I left the forum for a while. I said people had heads buried in the sand, I stand by that comment as we seem to have seen a big shift in the Mel love in. All I / We wanted was for reassurance that the club would be okay. I actually feel I / We didn't do enough.
  11. Remember the slating I took on here?. And no, before I get criticised and slated again, I have zero satisfaction from all of this. Fuming.
  12. From what I understand he had a £100 bet that he would get on the pitch!
  13. Just a cog like many others doing various things. I do agree about the young players and I think that was clear come the final penalty, what it meant to them and us. Heading into my 12th year now doing the flag... Still memories of carrying it to it's first game with me, whoever thought it was a good idea to get a train and tube to Charlton away with a 20kg flag! LOL! Taking it into Needles at the weekend as 4 very big cuts that need sewing up and seeing that Peterborough have refused it makes sense before Hull away in midweek - hopefully they allow it as normal. Thank you for your kind comments 🙂
  14. Good to see read some positive vibes about the South Stand. The reason we pushed and pushed for it was so like minded fans can get together - also known as the sweaty men by all accounts! Haha! We have other stands as mentioned above for families / older fans etc - all about choice like so many have mentioned. The last 2 games have been fantastic, it has to be said. Real good passion. Whether thats down to Covid / situation we are in and the siege mentality, I dont know, but it has to continue. Voices could have dropped when 2 nil down Tuesday night, they didn't. Going forward the plan is to get safe standing in the South Stand. This is very much ongoing, unfortunately despite being one of the front runners we are fairly behind on it all now due to our ownership which is a shame but long term plan wise, that is it. Also whilst I am on, just want to make reference to the concourse issue in the South Stand on Saturday against Huddersfield, see below... Shortage of bottles of carling (UK wide problem) led to only pints being served. These are generally used for festivals and stadiums so production of these have only just recommenced and DCFC are trying to get hold of some asap. As soon as they have them then the bottle pop up bars outside the South Stand will be open again when they can be. With this being the first game back with a sizeable crowd after 500 days things were always going to be rusty with existing staff and a lot of new staff. We all know DCFC are up against it at the moment, they are aware of the issues and trying to sort it, just need to give them the time.
  15. No I am not Spanish. I have alot of time for Jim and will never criticise any fan for getting involved or trying to make a difference. I have always had someone at the club to go through myself with regards to campaigns or whatever so dont necessarily feel the need to be part of the group, that being said I have been asked to join and maybe what I get involved with can be interlined...
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