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  1. Were they perhaps referring to them dropping the prices as opposed to what they would normally charge if it was a United or Everton visiting etc? The FA take a cut of the sales so its in there interests for it to be reasonable to line there pockets. That being said, who knows anymore....
  2. Just bear in mind that the FA, United and Derby all have an input on pricing. Last time around prices were high and this was because the FA & United wanted it higher pricing than what we did. There was a thread on this if i recall....
  3. Wouldn't say I have ever ended up in the wrong end but mistake but have on purpose gone in home ends due sold out ... Huddersfield away in the FA Cup 5th round 1999. Got a bit crazy in the home end. Bloke next to us realised we were Derby but said you will be fine. Different story when everyone around us was pushing to get at the Derby fans lol. We kept quiet and were fine. Ended 2-2. Villa v Derby late 90''s. Top of the table clash so must have been around September time I reckon. Drove up to Villa Park in the week to get a ticket. Away fans were behind the goal back then so we sat where the away fans now sit on the side of the pitch. No issue there. Being young and naive i actually put a Derby flag up over the railings before kick off which got a loud cheer from away end. Steward just said sorry mate cant go there and left it at that haha... And finally the famous 4 -4 against Bradford! Early 2000's maybe .. Lots of Derby fans in there. Relegation battle if i recall so an important game. Cant remember how I got the ticket but on entering they were asking everyone for their postcodes. I wasn't prepared and a few of us got stopped from going in. Walked around the ground and then the Police gave us a 100m injuction to be away from the ground as they were claiming we were trying to sneak in through open doors, wasn't the case. Ended up back on the bus listening to it. What a game to miss! Think thats about it for me ...
  4. With the whole social media circus these days, fans no longer need to stay the full duration of the game to know or see what has happened. The feeling of being there and seeing it live has been and gone I feel. This is up and down the country nowadays...
  5. Yeah agree Billy made too many signings in January and it upset the camp. He admitted as much. We went from being in the top 2 and into the playoffs when in reality we should have won the league. We missed out on the play offs that season because Mac could not commit to us and let the speculation of flirting with Newcastle go on and on and on ... And on!
  6. They tried and they failed .... Thankfully the girls at Moor Farm had it washed that very same day on it's return as it was absolutely covered in coke and god knows what else....
  7. Correct mate... Posted it somewhere on here if I recall ....
  8. Palace away in FA Cup 3rd round 2020.
  9. I was taking the micky out of a stat that was wrong, that was all. Totally agree with all his points and have raised this on another thread which i am guessing was also titled Jack Marriott.....
  10. Sure he scored 2 at Leeds last season towards the end of the season. Might not have been an important game though so guessing you may have forgot......... 😉
  11. Yes in a nutshell and anyone else saying different is a big fat liar. Not only was it our team captain but 2 other players as well. A bigger media spotlight that will have affected Cocu and staff along with all the other players. It would have caused friction between them for so many reasons etc.... Preparation which is key these days will have been affected whatever way you look at it. We are also now playing a former winger, come left back, who hadn't played for a year or so at the back with an ageing Curtis Davies who had been benched previously all season. So not only did we lose a team captain, we also lost our best centre back as we speak. He has alot to answer for I am afraid.... Can't help but feel for Cocu.
  12. Have a look at this video from his 2017/2018 time at Peterborough and look how many goals were from through balls or fox in the box action and then ask yourself who at Derby suppliers such balls......... By the time the full backs are up the top of the pitch the defenders and midfielders are well covered where if its wingers crossing the balls in the chances are that they are already level with a full back which means in theory only 2 centre backs to get in the middle of.... Because of the number 10 role all play generally goes through them which means that they tend to run at players as opposed to feeding a hungry striker. I would just love a goal where the ball is booted up ... Its flicked on my Waghorn or Martin and marriott runs onto it and scoress........ I think the last time that happened may have been Leeds away in the playoffs?
  13. Unfortunately he is a victim of the silly tactics that are played in this modern era. Strikers like him, Danny Wellbeck, Rashford, etc etc will have all scored goals after goals from under 6's to say under 16's playing up top. For some reason as soon as they get pro, managers take this out of their game and play them on the wing. Does my head in, it really does..... Yesterday against QPR was an example. Left up top and no service. Jack is a striker who relies on through balls to him on the floor or via the wingers where he becomes the fox in the box, very much like what Dean Sturridge did or say Tommy Johnson or Gabbiadini. Now all of them would also struggle in todays setup imho as would Bobby D... Perhaps we focus too much on this number 10 role...... Personally would love to see him and either Waghorn or Martin up top with 2 tricky wingers down the line getting balls crossed in. Not relying on the full backs like we currently do. The setup we currently play does simply not suit Jack. Question is, do you change it for someone who can score goals or keep trying to play with the number 10, I think its fairly obvious what should be done for me........... After all, goals win football matches.
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