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  1. therams69

    Rams v forest

    Going on the past couple of years as long as you buy when it hits general sale you will be fine.
  2. therams69

    Derby County Flags

    Flag sat very well in the away end last night. We had planned that block beforehand with the WBA safety officer and thankfully not a big walk up. Wonder if we will see another attempt by Boro to rip the flag up on Saturday haha! Don't mind that, it was the bottles of coke and god knows what else that ended up on it. Thankfully the guys at Moor Farm washed it for us. As far as Chelsea goes …. Despite them having lots of large flags because we are away fans they are not allowed. Watch this space. May need to get on the blower to Frank to sort out.
  3. therams69

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Nothing unusual about that in a transfer. Nothing dodgy about it either. Not that I was suggesting you were saying that. Options like these are generally done to lower the original transfer fee and going on his injury record I would say that was the best thing to do. This meant that we didn't pay a silly fee for him and if indeed he was playing well it would be worth the money and of value to us. Would we have rather paid an extra 1.5m or so and that have been wasted. I think even if we didn't have to pay this he wouldn't be near the squad. We just have better quality in that midfield at the minute.
  4. therams69

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    I guess based on someone having their hair cut at the chair next to him. What did you think it would be? ;-)
  5. therams69

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    LOL! There was no apparently about it. Nah didn't need to be doing that. Just showing an interest to his team mates would have been sufficient.
  6. therams69

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    You need to read the whole thread to better understand mate. 1. Yes 2. Hmm. You could argue Shaun Barker handled himself somewhat better in a more than less fortunate situation. 3. The things I see and read would suggest so. Again the thread pretty much sums a lot up.
  7. therams69

    What's happening with George Thorne?

    Wont get anywhere if he continues to slag the gaffer off whilst having his hair cut eh. As I keep mentioning, its not all about ability. Its about attitude and work rate that complement the ability. Best thing that can happen to George is that he is loaned out in January to a champ / league 1 team to have a fresh start and run of games. Needs to get away from Derby and prove himself and who knows come next season. Personally don't think we will see him play another first team game though. Far far too behind in the pecking order.
  8. therams69

    Unpopular topic? - South Stand

    Okay … Nice to see the South Stand isn't actually getting blamed for a defeat which often happens so guess we are lucky we won yesterday. My 2 pence worth for what its worth. Some may know and some may not know that I was a massive campaigner of us getting the whole end of the South Stand. Petition, opinions etc … Something had to be done. The SE Corner was epic in its day as we all know but it died and it died painfully and slow and change was needed. A club of our size did not need an empty stand behind the goal. Bear in mind it took years to get the South Stand all Derby. Really wasn't a simple process and a certain EX CEO who was American liked to throw a few lies in there but there you go it was what it was at the time at Derby. Pretty obvious what the South Stand was created for. Quite simply to get those like minded who wanted to stand occasionally ;-) and have a good old sing song to improve the atmosphere. The club agreed to a trial and unfortunately (looking back) this was for the Forest game and Brighton play off game. Now I don't need to tell you how good it was at them 2 games. However, it set the bar and that bar was at the top and was always going to be a push to recreate such an atmosphere say compared to when Reading or Brentford visited us. Now I think its important to get one thing straight. We may think its bad at times but I genuinely believe we are in the top 3 or 4 in our league and certainly top 10 in the Premier league. The biggest problem we have is the English fan culture at home. There is no pride lost when fans like Brentford come to us and outsing us. We simply look at them and do nothing. This isn't just us, its up and down the country. Unfortunately majority of fans these days are too bothered about checking their bets on the mobile or see it as not fashionable to join in with a song because its 'cringe' and they don't like it. Perhaps harsh but look around. Young lads who should be pumping it out non stop and nothing. However, I would say that come Derby day and the big games we all turn up and when the South Stand gets going its bloody good. It seems to have inspired the West Stand particularly but also the East Stand and that's good to see. Lets not be too harsh. Lots of other issues are playing an impact such as no promotion and the feel of letdown every year. The expectation etc … Some of the best atmospheres at away games were under Clough. We just all expect to be 3 nil up at half time now and that plays its part in the stands. Going forward. How can it improve? Safe Standing? Yes I believe so but only because it would clean sweep the stand which I think is needed. What I don't get, aside from the culture issue, is why some are in there who don't want to sing and stand all game. Surely the North Stand would be a more suitable location considering the empty seats in there? Surely every Derby fan knows what the South Stand should and is all about? Rambled on a little but in short I think the South Stand has been a good thing for Derby. We may criticise some games and its very easy to lose sight of the great atmospheres we have experienced because of it. Love seeing some of the videos when it gets going as I am sure you all do. Lets keep the faith.
  9. therams69

    Derby County Flags

    Legend! Such a good night in there. We only ended up there for a quick drink before heading out, well that went to plan some 6 hours later! Really enjoyable night.
  10. therams69

    Derby County Flags

    There was but not down this particular street ... Remind me when I next see you and will tell you ... Back to the Karaoke joint in Frankfurt?
  11. therams69

    Derby County Flags

    Omg you have just made my day!!! Will give you that. He wanted a photo what more can I say....
  12. therams69

    Derby County Flags

    Reminded me when a couple of Kaiser fans followed us back from the stadium to the train station. There were about 6 of us and 2 of them and they just kept staying behind us, knew something was up... Lets put it this way, they didn't get the big flag but later intel came out they were known and had been stealing flags to put them up in there local pub. Cant imagine the big flag would have fitted on a wall but no doubt would have been a trophy of some kind.
  13. therams69

    WBA (a) Travel

    Nothing wrong with a person asking a question and a person answering a question in my book. Would hate to live in a world where no one speaks because we all goooooooogle!
  14. therams69

    Stick your fake support up your Forest.

    I do get where you are coming from but lets put it into context ... I guess in 10 / 15 or so years we may be doing the same with any ex players who become managers. Talking fan favourites like Bryso, Bucko, Jonno, Igor etc etc … Sure you get my point. If in the lower leagues we would give our support to that club and be in the same situation. Fans are loyal to loyal players and that continues for years and years. However, I don't agree with any kind of half and half scarf unless a testimonial or European cup final. My love in doesn't go that far at all.
  15. therams69

    Away Days

    Sorry perhaps came across as wrong … He is very vocal about the changes that need to be made within footballing policing so just used him as an example …

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