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  1. No … their wealth pre-dates panzers and dive bombers. River deep mountain high translating into agricultural surplus, turning that into trading towns and then an explosion of industrialisation combined with national consciousness. If they jacked up their %$ defence spending now with their GDP Putin would have to pack up and go home. Thank the Lord they are more interested these days in getting them little gold stars above the badge on the national football shirt and Eurovision.😀
  2. Holy Moly … if the Germans figure out how rich they actually are, and start buying panzers and dive bombers again, we could well be in pooh strasse.
  3. Have read of this …. this is exactly where we are as a country .. https://www.spectator.co.uk/2018/08/the-bluffocracy-how-britain-ended-up-being-run-by-eloquent-chancers/
  4. Wow @jono. we all knew you fought off the Spanish Armada … never thought you were from ancient Corinth! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ancient_Corinth (Pre flood lights … used oil lamps)
  5. Bulgaria .... Rotherham in disguise. England should have got 10.
  6. TV program makers' gold - guaranteed ruck between these two. Again, the media thriving on conflict. Will needs to watch out though ... does he not know that MF is greatest soldier this nation has ever produced? A steely eyed man of action who's very presence cows the Russian hordes.
  7. Oooh .. David Milliband's name has been mentioned five times …. that's like Candyman summoning for Corbynistas (today's Wikipedia search challenge for those bored at work)
  8. God, they'd both be appalled to be on the same page together …….
  9. Wise words. Is @GboroRam your Dad? My phrase for the day is now …. turd on a plate
  10. Apparently BoJo could engineer a GE if he and the Conservatives resigned as a Govt. Corby is then obliged to go to HM to ask to form a Govt. If he can't - GE (But … the shame the shame ) Can't see the Lib Dems doing the Coalition thing again, SNP coalition would be completely toxic. Myself. I reckon the Scots are off anyhoo. If you are reading this Boris, I would like a Range Rover.
  11. You and your flashy, show-boaty, practical common sense .. You just need floppy or wavy hair, a good PPT presentation and some top drawer sound bites. Do you know nothing?
  12. Of ….. ? A GE is just another big question mark with all kinds of possible outcomes …. ask Theresa (though I think she is having a good couple of days right now 😀)
  13. …. and do what? tweed maybe.
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