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  1. Simples .... @AmericanRam can easily fulfill his dream by moving to Mansfield
  2. WhiteHorseRam


    There is a thin layer of plop on everything that large numbers of people touch .... everything There is also a thin layer of wee wee on everything too ..... and i imagine baby glue Something to not worry about - its what your immune system is for. You can fight the pooh power and wash your hands 😃
  3. i'll be putting £20 notes in Christmas cards at 2am on Christmas morning as per, for younger relatives. Then in return will get a raft of the '3 for 2' Boots smellies gift sets and primark socks. Poor return. They might all be under ten but they do have 364 days to save up to get me something decent.
  4. Congratulations - you spotted the dark dry joke below the penguin jokes. I'll bowl 'em and you hit 'em. Have a free penguin.😀
  5. I love him too. I don't want to hex it, but I think he'll take us up and we'll terrorise the Prem for a few seasons under him. But then he'll leave us to go somewhere bigger (sob) This old tune will then be spot on (listen to the lyrics)
  6. Why was the penguin good at surfing the internet? Because he had webbed feet. How did the penguin build his house? He igloo-ed it together There are some excellent jokes printed on each and every penguin* chocolate biscuit wrapper, a must read I think. Stuck in traffic on the M25 the other week with three employees for two hours, I ran through twelve of these jokes and everyone just loved them. (*Other chocolate coated biscuit treats are available.)
  7. Are you the gendarme/policeman from Allo Allo?
  8. i'll probably get in trouble for corrupting the use of asterisks but the older I get the less I give a poo. I'm throwing a psychic sharpened 50p at him right now.
  9. Its a real issue this kind of thuggery, I've had to have chobham armour fitted to me sedan chair and doubled my number of escorting footmen when going to the shops.
  10. I haven't been on here much lately as have been touring with Chippendales; and not had much to say since we were stopped from brawling in 'The Pub' and I am largely delirious about Super Frank. I shall try not to start to sound like Boyzone lyrics and keep it short. When you meet someone you love that you don't see that often make the most of it. Every meeting is a gold coin. Imagine your Dad's problem is a toothy little c**t wearing a Forest scarf and encourage everyone to help him fight it. Good luck mate.
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