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  1. Have to say I was feeling a bit low about this season ... but what happened to Forest on Wednesday night .... made me feel proper Christmassy 🙂
  2. When we all know we are Watford and Burnley's feeder club ... and, oh yeah, Burton Albion
  3. I live in Oxford and work with a lot of OUFC fans. To be fair they are a good lot and like us deserve better luck over the last few seasons. Robinson has played a poor hand very well this season. Oxford is slated to get a truly massive amount of new build housing all around it. The challenge for OU is to persuade inhabitants to support them rather than the FIFA box cover clubs at the top of the Prem.
  4. Assuming they are all at their peak and ones I have seen - Peter Shilton and Big Mark Wright - stop the opposition scoring. Wright to be Captain. Leon Osman - possibly the best loanee ever Dean Saunders - You need heaps of goals to get out of the Champ Harry Wilson - some magic Dare I say I would have had Sav (at his Leicester peak) in the team? I would have loved to see him mess with Grealish
  5. Depends how you look at it .... Am I the badge of the evil Hanoverians or a big chalky ancient diagram? Or a lot of pubs? I guess for you - you are either a talking Terry Pratchett dog or the baddie in Beauty and the Beast.
  7. I am not responsible for any Imperial crimes ... I could now disgorge a huge essay on your points but I don't think many others here are that interested. I could go on and on ..... but I shan't. As a final point on this subject (and nothing to do with you) ... I see that as of this morning the Police have felt obliged to put barriers around the Cenotaph. I am disgusted that anyone would try to damage the national monument commemorating the sacrifice of millions.
  8. No, that was @Highgate 🙂 Yes winning helps. Dead men can't write.
  9. For God's sake don't take them to Admiral ....
  10. I acknowledge that Churchill carried out some dark deeds. But on balance as Dr Mengele didn't get to Bengal, Iraq or Kenya I think he gets to stay in the 'good guy' column. No Winston - no Allied win. As much as we talk it up, it also suits post 1945 USA and Russia to play down our contribution. But context is all. Lets view him alongside his contemporaries - Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo, Franco, Petain, Stalin, Chiang kai-shek, Quisling .... even the lovely Swedes sold the Nazis the iron they needed for their shells and tanks. If there had been no British Empire .... The
  11. The thing to remember about Churchill is that he was essentially a late Victorian cavalryman adventurer (see his gun toting Boer war correspondent antics). This was a double -edged sword (a nice shiny 1890s one), it gave him the testicular fortitude to face down Hitler, but yes, he had some distasteful views by reasonable standards. But he saved the world from a Dark Age. He could have accepted a sweeeeeet deal from Hitler (one day we will find out what Hess was doing), and Hitler would have eventually conquered most of the world. The Colosseum is a good case in point concernin
  12. @GboroRam Get a grip of this ... they'll go blind
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