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  1. WhiteHorseRam

    Farts, where do you stand?

    "I must confess, Reverend Barlow, when Lady Mordaunt entered the drawing room I was most disconcerted and was unable to follow your delightful playing on the piano forte." "Why so Miss Clifford?" I fear Lady Morndaunt had dropped her skip and I was near gagging."
  2. WhiteHorseRam

    Farts, where do you stand?

    Nope - I'll think you find that was Jane Austen.
  3. WhiteHorseRam


    I've been worrying all day about whether to start a thread on favourite sandwiches. Don't think I'll bother now, could get too cheesy and then I'd be in a right pickle with the Mods. People will be hamming it up before you know it, while some posts would just be trying to butter them up. I don't want to get into a jam. I'll stop now.
  4. WhiteHorseRam

    Farts, where do you stand?

    If you are only one that gags on that kind of top drawer bum quack, I am afraid you are really wasting your ammo. I went on a business trip to Barcelona with a great work mate of mine once. We are going down in the hotel lift and are going to jump straight in a taxi. Just before the button goes ping he lefts one go so bad I thought something had died. God knows what he had been eating - smelt like a waste food caddie kebab topped with five hard boiled eggs washed down with ten pints of real ale. As we step out smartly - I am still half CS-gassed and stumbling - as about five middle aged Spanish ladies barge in. I turn as the doors slowly close and the looks on their faces - frozen in horror. All day we just kept bursting out laughing.
  5. WhiteHorseRam

    Farts, where do you stand?

    Really? I always had you down as a cultured educated type of bloke.
  6. WhiteHorseRam


    Awesome. Always thought he/Soft Cell massively underrated.
  7. WhiteHorseRam


    At the end of day, I have always viewed the pub as very much @David 's boozer. He can bin topics if he wishes. Many is the time I have looked at the political stuff in the pub and been quite shocked by the vitriol. A couple of times I have been surprised it hasn't gone viral on other platforms, and the whole site be shut down as it was brought into disrepute. I think I would have bricked it a few times if I had been a Mod. Some the best posts I have written in the pub I have never posted as I realized an argument was already down a dead end, and so just deleted them. I think things started to get a bit stupid when people were pasting in links to other sites/material, rather than actually express themselves in text. You wouldn't go for a chat in the pub and take print offs of some bloke's PhD, would you? (maybe you would 😀). Anyway, I hope no one leaves as that would be a real shame. Things will settle down I sure. Perhaps there are things we agree just not talk about.
  8. WhiteHorseRam

    Death - Are you ready?

    Apart from the 2007-2008 season where we died every Saturday.
  9. WhiteHorseRam

    Forum Issues

    How far can we go being rude about Forest fans?
  10. WhiteHorseRam


    I would like to refer you to the updated t & c - 'Content that threatens or advocates for harm on oneself or others.' Your comment is verboten - now post a nice picture of a kitten and say three Hail Marys. I haven't got a problem with cyclists ... but ..... There is a particular type of cyclist - aged about 38-55, who does insist on wearing all the lycra (and ends up looking like an ad for black pudding or a stuffed bin liner), and he does like to chat to his mate alongside as he meanders down a lane. It's the combination of complete inconsideration for others and the ridiculous get-up that annoys. When I leave the house to drive my Roller I don't feel obliged to dress like Lewis Hamilton at Monaco; and when I make Salmon and scrambled egg for the lingerie model indoors I don't feel the need to dress like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets.
  11. WhiteHorseRam

    It might take time

    Why not? You gotta think big .... Burnley are in Europe right now. BURNLEY.
  12. WhiteHorseRam

    It might take time

    Absolutely. We'll look back at ourselves in five years time when we are in the Champions League and wonder what we were fretting about.
  13. WhiteHorseRam

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    No idea what kind of season we will have until 10 games in
  14. WhiteHorseRam

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    This result was always going to happen sometime soon and now we can build a bridge and move on. 2 games down 44 to go. That's a possible 132 points to go with the 3 we all ready have. Wolves went up with 99 pts so Frank can do the same and still drop another 36 if he wants.
  15. WhiteHorseRam

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    Where does that leave people who read tabloid newspapers?

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