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  1. Could have Benson, could have been Hedges
  2. Thing is ... as somebody said, it's pure playground bullying stuff, they saw him and decided to pick on him, thinking he won't put up a physical fight. I am guessing they will have done that before ... road sweepers, waiters etc If anyone here saw that happening to their Grandad they wouldn't like it at all. For some kind of sad Cockney quiffy-haired, suede shoe 'hard man' kudos Unfortunately a lot of people think the bloke they picked on is one of those who has saved the country ... including Boris
  3. Win every game 3-0 .... that will do the trick. And Boro 12 - 0 COYR
  4. Another dark 'idea for show' - 'The Holiday Show with Vladimir Putin' I went to Helsinki .... that was nice I went to Stockholm .... that was nice too But Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn are my faves. "I'd like an airbnb booking for 100,000 please"
  5. That's a great idea, but unfortunately this slot has that well and truly covered ... BBC iPlayer - BBC Parliament
  6. He does seem to be selectively forgetting that Wycombe were pants all season. They got themselves into that position. Lost 25 games and a -30 GD. A retrospective points deduction would be really unhealthy and set a nasty precedent.
  7. Three good teams have come down from the Prem, three good teams have got promoted from League One. We only just, just, just survived, by desperately drawing with a team who had a points deduction, on the last day of the season. If nothing changes can't see any other outcome than relegation.
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