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  1. You can dial back quite a long way and see a lot of other contributing factors. Examples just around WW2 - The Allies bombed the railways of western/central Europe to ash, so they got all brand new post-war, ours were shagged out and have had to be slowly replaced with no USA super handouts. The NE ship building industry was knackered pre 1939, revived as we frantically built ships, died again afterwards. The USA used welding while our riveting techniques were left way behind.
  2. I have nothing but the utmost respect for the real Spitfire drivers. My post was intended to be humorous, picking up on someone's Pepper Pig line and drafting in a politician who lives in his own little patriotic world. I do have a problem with people falling back on Cod patriotism to try and make a point and win some kind of imagined argument. Like what you just did. Oh, *****, there goes me punctuation again. P.S. You don't know anything about me.
  3. Which club does this guy New play at? I doubt if we will be able to afford someone that flexible position-wise. 🙂 We were closer last season than it felt at Wembley. I have to say I think we have had the players to get promoted for a few seasons now, what we lack is solid winning momentum throughout a season. Also leadership.
  4. Your missing Gino Francois flying over in a blue sepia spitfire, with blue birds on his shoulder, keeping us all safe from the evil Foreigns
  5. I bet that kiosk could tell some stories. Also wouldn't like to put that curtain under ultra violet light … #babyglue
  6. Old proverb says … never have anything under your bed you wouldn't be happy your Mom seeing, never have anything on your digital device you wouldn't want the Police to see.
  7. You have to stop it now as I know @86 Schmokes & a Pancake and @Uptherams are getting quite jealous.
  8. That's what this thread is all about! C'mon get with the program. That and the strange sexual tension between @SchtivePesley and @G STAR RAM , which holds it all together.
  9. When I got married I shelled out big time across the piece which included paying for a professional photographer. I have to say I didn't have a problem with any of the spend …. apart from him. He turned out to be a miserable person of the first order and while his pics were good, totally not worth the money. About six months later my mate got spliced and had a much better idea - in some way off me telling him what had been my experience. He had a reliable mate with a pooh hot digital camera do some 'official' style pics around the ceremony, cake cutting etc, the key moments the grannies all love. He then had another mate (arty type) wander about doing the informal stuff - all in black and white, and I have to say those pics looked great. He then asked for everyone to send in their best/funniest phone pics. He got ace pics, everyone was happy, and it cost him nowt.
  10. You need to careful what you say, don't forget Boris is the number one Alpha male in the UK. Grrr ..he might come and duff you up.
  11. I get the feeling a big part of this is that various media bigwigs dislike Cummings on a personal level, have history with him. Also some of this is that we have a PM who has a big ol' majority for the first time in ages, and can do what he wants. But, its all on Bojo now whatever.
  12. Isn't that a new DC comics film coming out next year with Robert Paterson?
  13. To be honest i'd trust him more if he had a crazy beard, was permanently bladdered, staggering around Westminster, and trying to cop off with Royals
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