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  1. The one constant about this thread is I get the feeling that not one individual's attitudes/views have changed one bit since 2016. No one gets persuaded. Ground Hog Day. Well, I guess we can say we are at least all consistent.🐧🐠😀
  2. Some Tory MPs don't even have a personal consensus …. vote against Theresa's deal three times … but are then 'furious' when Parliament does the same ….. even when the Boris deal is her's with some chocolate sprinkles .😀
  3. You have to be in Govt to change things and do stuff. Corbyn has turned the Labour Party into a personality cult, a 'movement', not a Govt in waiting. 500,000 are brain-washed while loads of centrist Labour folks have been pushed out. They, with the 'I have voted Labour all my life' muscle memory people just won't be enough. If a right-wing party chanted the leader's name, it would be viewed chilling and horrifying, but Corbyn's Momentum mob do it and its' viewed as kind of groovy. His decision making is always late - if he had announced he wanted a re-negotiated deal and a confirmatory ref a year ago, that would have been significant. Doing it now - no impact. So to with what looks like a clear-out due to the anti-Semitism issue - too late.
  4. Horrific Boxing Day toilet guffs …. sprouts and stuffing weaponised
  5. Don't worry @DcfcJB Corbyn is as much use as a chocolate fire guard. He has brain washed 500,000 people but driven off masses of middle-of the-road Labour folks. I am not sure he could get a majority mathematically even, as he has made no effort north of the border and the SNP continue to flatten Labour, and he needs those seats to counter-act the Tory Home Counties bloc who vote for anything with a blue rosette on it. He will make lots of noise, but come the EXIT poll result on 12 Dec at about 10pm ….. ouch
  6. Good going @Bound 2 tease Knock-off bent autographs is the kind of industry that will see the country right once Boris has 'Got BREXIT Done', and we are in the low tax nirvana as promised.
  7. What the hell? You need to have a word with yourself. Strip off, stand outside in the rain for 30 minutes and sing the national anthem, while giving yourself a scrub down with vintage stilton and a wire brush. Just maybe you could then qualify for a unicorn.
  8. How very dare you … our false and misleading accusations are our best stuff!!
  9. You must have gone right round the bend reading some of the stuff on here then 🙂
  10. People need to do some of the other kind of 'getting hammered' 🙂 Don't worry folks - five years time we will be in the Champion's League
  11. Can you get me Poldark's autograph?
  12. Nah, what with all those aging people who own their homes? Post BREXIT have a 'cost of drugs crisis' … the Donald sweeps to the rescue with a rescue led by the benign US health giants .. but ... the drugs are only cheaper if you join the 'new scheme' - full US system. Best really if we chop the NHS up and sell it as regional franchises. Shares go on sale at £5, some people's mates buy a load, a week later they are worth £20 each. Funny that.
  13. Plus Corbyn We are truly living in a Golden Age
  14. WhiteHorseRam

    Worst roads

    A38 ….. greasy death trap
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