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  1. The army trying to resist the Nazi attack on the Low Countries and France - total disaster due to lack of preparation, training, doctrine, etc, certainly not the blokes' fault. Read about the Coldstream Guards fighting the rearguard - opened a big can of F Off on the Germans. The rescue of our army from the beaches - disaster for the Germans as essentially the TA and a big chunk of the Regulars got away (probably the Royal Navy's finest hour), total disaster for the French as we did not throw it in. I think the rage most fans show here is that our squad have the tanks to do t
  2. Norwich and Watford should be top of the list for obvious reasons. BTW, congratulations for attracting God's attention with the title of this thread before Saturday ...
  3. I can see two scenarios - A. Nail biting 60 minutes, still 0 - 0. Then we let in a really stupid goal. They win, we go down. B. 15 minutes in, we score a spoony goal from out of nowhere, maybe an own goal. They flail about, we nick another (Lawrence?). Both teams end the game with 10 men but we stay up.
  4. what he said, and then we stagger about like stunned penguins all next week wondering how the hell it happened.
  5. If only we had signed a couple of disposable nappies and a few wet wipes.
  6. I would really like to see our gung ho assault, it would be nice. I would rather be relegated losing 3-4 rather than 0-1
  7. Hang on to your pants if we end up in League One.
  8. I think the manager - being a good one and supported by the board/owners - is the be all and end all. I watched the Jack Charlton Ireland documentary the other day - sheer force of will ( and clever use of the Grandma rule) from him made their international success happen. Howe at Bournmouth, Dyche at Burnley etc etc etc The manager sets the tone, the mood, the standards, picks the right players for the right job, spots players to sign, provides the right motivation - arm around the shoulder/spectacular benching/half time hair dryer treatment, judges the right time for a sub ...
  9. That film is literally Dirty Harry parachuted into World War Two. Good though. I like that Badger (Michael Hordern) is the head of British Intelligence.
  10. You now need to spend the week touching every piece of wood you pass, chucking salt over your shoulder, avoid black cats and ladders
  11. All comes down to the manager situation - continuation and stability. Thinking back over the last few years, we never seem to have had a settled manager for a good long time .. 21st Century info below from wiki ... if you look at the duration of our managers it's like ONE CALENDAR YEAR mostly, okay you could break it down to seasons and transfer windows etc ... but flat numbers show about one year .. Exceptions - Bald Eagle, Burley, Nige, Mac 1, and in my opinion we were more solid for sure under those guys. I would certainly feel better about next Saturday with one of them at
  12. I think he will try and do this, and it's bad plan. The plucky Wendies will have a pop, and we all know what the rest of the story will be. I actually think he has to try and score a bunch - try and win 3-2.
  13. I suspect there will be only two stats that matter .. who scores ONE GOAL next Saturday and can then protect that lead.
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