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  1. Derby Snow - Game called off

    I am saying the notion about areas around the ground being unsafe, didnt exist pre 2005. Im saying we have got games on before, with more snow and ice. 2 weeks previous, when there was a lot more snow nationwide being a case in point. If Wigan can get their game on which was an early kick off., and Leicester can too, which is so not far away, then it leaves a sour taste. Our injury situation has been well quoted recently, and this strange decision seemed conveniant.
  2. Derby Snow - Game called off

    the more us fans go on about this, the more likely the league will punish us!
  3. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Conditions were worse before Fulham game right?
  4. Derby Snow - Game called off

    Was out last night working, when the snow came down in 2 spells. Was on the bike and in a car, wasnt too bad. Fuly expected game to be on. First thought is, provided the pitch can be cleared, which these days it can easily, thern it should be on like the olden days. Hate this modern day thouht of postponing a game, purely because no one seems to be able to get to a game anymore without having a car park outside the ground. The whole cultutre of having a Safety Advisory group at every club in this country frankly makes my blood boil. I have no idea what Warnock has said, the only good thign to come out of it, is we dont know what team wouild have been out there today, and we will probably have a fitter squad for the rematch. But that brings the integrity of our club into question right?
  5. Rowett

    The reality is that gary will say "the reality is" in every single statement.
  6. Fans Forum 13th March

    i thought i read somewhere that they would take questions sent in from online.... maybe the facebook live thing will allow that.
  7. Fans Forum 13th March

    How do you ask a question for tonight? Where do you send them etc etc? Email? twitter? what?
  8. They cheered when Barker went down, with his hand in the air, and everyone on the field knew it was bad, and his leg was broken. Our recation was to boo their reaction, and then what followed was just pockets of supproters going with the Doughty chant, which in term got booed by sections, as many fans thought the Doughty chant was a step too far.
  9. Robbie Savage - Comments in BT Sport

    We sang it plenty of times before the final game. Played were booed off at half time and full time on countless games, probably the majority. Of course when that happens its easier to play away from home. I wouldnt say Savage waas talking rubbish on this particular issue.
  10. As we have disscussed at length sometime back, the doughty chant came about by a select few who didnt take too kindly to Forest fans reaction to Barker doing himself a serious injury. Without this incident, and their reaction, the Doughty chant would never have started.
  11. Just 'silly mistakes' is it Gary?

    Which part of your quote do you have a problem with? Yes I am keen to see Rowett stay on.... as im keen to see almost any manager to stay on. With this manager in particular he is by far and away better than anyone else available out there at the moment. But with reference to your quote... with our team, we should be keeping clean sheets against QPR whose only threat is the knock down hoping Matt Smith can win a few in the first place. So when you are struggling for conficence and bravery because results are going against you, GR is spot on with what he says... as he always is. Your part in bold, GR is refering to the fact we cant get a win at the moment... and so any win will do for now. To get us back to winnign ways and help put a spring in our step going forward. In no way is GR advocating we will be happy with not playing well game in and game out. I thought this was clear... shame you dont see it as such.
  12. Stadium safety

    You have a circus act too then?
  13. Massive week for the football club

    i agree... fans dont reallty have it in their makeup to think about pyschology and positive thinking. The modern day fan engagment will only make everyone more pesimistic. By that i mean, in the oldn day if we lost, we had a moan with our mates or whoever woudl listen to us on the way back from the game, now adays with social media.... that furstruation is shared for the whole workld to hear on twitter, facebook, and the radio and ramstv see fit to report on every illadvised comment. if we win... people largely stay quiet cos theres not so much to moan about. Whilst I largely agree with GR every time he is interviewed, and i think Nicholson speaks a lot of common sense on ramstv... we all know that fans get frustrated with poor results, that suddenty it feels like the end of the world, and every little thing about the team needs to be changed!
  14. We’re Unbalanced

    The second half of 14/15 was not Clement, this was when we were at our worst, and was very much mcclaren in charge. I appreciate Martin was injured for most of it, Wolves away springs to mind especially as a game when our turgid football was slow paced and turdig, and they picked us off easily thanks to goalkeeping errors, while our possession stats created very little. i could name many other games too. 13/14 was outr best chance, before other teams worked us out.. and before we stopped doing all the things that made us gfood int he first place, all in the name of patient (BORING) football.
  15. What are our tactics?

    thats not tactics. thats morale of a team who cant buy a win, whatever they try and do, its lack of confidence, its lack of bravery, its panicing and playing horrible percentage balls, because of all of the above is a lack of being brave to try and play confident possession football. IM PRETTY CERTAIN Gary isnt telling them to do things differently than he did when we when we had won 5 in a row. Welcome to learn how football works.

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