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  1. Radio Derby Sportscene

    Was a fan in the early years, because he, like Colin Gibson was the voice of bringing rams news to the fans that couldnt go to games, or indeed when i was too young to go away. But as others have said, he and Ian Hall made an aging miserable pair. He was hard to replace at first, but when Ross Fletcher settled in, i remember thinking what a good young commentator who does his research should sound like.
  2. Keogh - Player of the Month?

    Has he signed for Wolves?
  3. Billy Davies wants the Rangers job

    Can you speak German? Even Ancelotti gave it a go.
  4. Martin Interview

    Fans of most other teams would argue he is difficult to like. What with his falling on the floor routine the minute he is touched. Not to mention his antics at Fulham with refusing to play etc. Was about as popular there at times, as Butterfield is to us now.
  5. U23’s v Wolfsburg

    I was playing football tonight with a load of Wolfsburg supporters. None of them knew this game was going on. haha. I should have taken photos, maybe next week i will.
  6. GR good manager or lucky manager

    Good manager. Not lucky. have the team been a tad lucky in the last few weeks without certain things going for them, and things not going for the team we have played against. - of course. But then... does a manager have control of every single thing which happens on a football field... absolutely not!
  7. Leeds Vlog

    Good, but why oh why would you concentrate on filming the game all night rather than just watching it!
  8. Do I dare to dream

    There is a long way to go, and worse teams than norwich and leeds will beat us. Lets hope these defeats dont happen to often. At 1-0 last night, their forward ghosted in between Keogh and Wisdom and missed a sitter. That goes to 2-0, then we wouldnt have won last night. Just saying. Fine margins.
  9. Owen Bradley leaving Radio Derby/Joining Rams TV

    Have we won every game since OB joined ramstv. Me thinks so, keep him in position until we start losing, then maybe we can sell him on or let him go on a free.
  10. Leeds United V Derby County

    The goals ...
  11. Tom Huddlestone

    think its the british mentality. maybe they need someone to slate as you say, or maybe they are always looking for ways to improve our team, and so single out what they perceive to be the weak link, whom apparently isnt doing their bit. Im sure football fans in certain other countries support the team as a team no matter what.
  12. Thorne to Start against Leeds?

    I think Wolfsburg II will beat Derby U23 comfortably... but hey, what do i know.
  13. View from the outside

    and held on to him, and dragged him back, before the tackle went in. The NCFC official interviewer suggesting their forward should have gone down, when he was held, to make the Ref give the pen.
  14. v Leeds (A) - Predictions

    Leeds 2 Derby 2 FRGS Brad Johnson
  15. October Manager of the Month

    That one win in 4 for Leeds looks good. I'll stick take a point at Helland road though, given the win at norwich.

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