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  1. jagerbob

    Atmosphere at PPS

    Villa Park and Elland road, according to most you ask... so dont know where they get that from. but pretty much always its better in old grounds, so we do well to come out anywhere near top
  2. jagerbob

    EFL Highlights on Quest from next Season

    you mean the woman who is also on 5 live quite a bit
  3. jagerbob

    Help please!

    make that 1988 to include the season when Saunders Wright and Shilton arrived. To be honest in 1984 i had never sen the rams play, let alone bought a book on them This looks like the fella . https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Derby-County-A-Complete-Record-1884-1988-by-Gerald-Mortimer-Hardback-1988/88489304?iid=202029189911&chn=ps&adgroupid=50725159343&rlsatarget=pla-412701967651&abcId=1133926&adtype=pla&merchantid=7274974&poi=&googleloc=9046638&device=c&campaignid=1058609949&crdt=0
  4. jagerbob

    Help please!

    is there a constantly updated edition of that book, or even an online one? I seem to think i had it upto 1984
  5. jagerbob

    Rams Managers' Championship Race

    Rowett will come out on top, not only does he have the most cash to play with, bur hes the best manager of the lot.
  6. jagerbob

    One Chopey fights a fan

    the only comment that enticed me to actually play the clip.
  7. jagerbob

    Opening fixture, day, fgs and result?

    will be brentford, blackburn or millwall, mark my words
  8. jagerbob

    Maybe we can get Hendrick back on the cheap?

    why go back? i never understand the shortsightedness of fans. let get hughes back while we are at it, so we can fail with the same players all over again
  9. jagerbob

    I am itching to see signings

    given the amount of high profile ins and outs in recent years when they have been between managers, and have recently saked one coach, then chelsea more than any club is most definately a club where the transfer policy has nothing to do with the head coach. the coach coaches the players which someone else decides on the transfer policy
  10. jagerbob

    I am itching to see signings

    Since when has the head coach at chelsea ever had anything to do with players coming in or going out?
  11. jagerbob

    Franks chances of success according to BBC

    Gary Rowett has a better chance of success, all be it at a differen club 🙉
  12. jagerbob

    Preseason Friendlies - Wolves, Cov, Notts County

    Evidence please!
  13. jagerbob

    Confess your unpopular Rams opinions

    personally never agreed with all the bashing. yes he had a bad season in terms of form and giving ball away. But i always thought both fozzy and jerome with a good pre season would be good for us next season, Jerome as it turned out showed some form before the season ended!
  14. jagerbob

    Lampard and Bryson

    is lampard our new first team manager? or has he just come in to mentor the one single player on our books who most closely resembles his own position and traits?
  15. jagerbob

    Mel interview on why he wanted 'inspiring' Lampard

    didnt interview him unless a short 3 min telephone conversation constitutes an interview. Lamps never set foot in portman road

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