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  1. jagerbob

    Can we have some agreement?

    The Rowett likers dont ever call it hoofball, they call it counter attacking football, utilizing space. What good is possession football when you play it sideways, if you allow the opposition to get 11 behind it. I feel we have been here before. IM not a Lampard hater per-say. I think he's being naieve about how he's going about it, and it will take a lot longer to get any sort of success with the speed of which he has changed things. (Unnecesserily IMO). Uncle Harry Redknapp on 5 live yesterday admitted Lampard has a good amount of senior Pros at this club who have ability that Frank simply doesnt want.
  2. jagerbob

    Johnny Russell top man

    pretty sure without even clicking the link it was reported in the Johnny Russell thread in the other football forum yesterday
  3. jagerbob

    RB Leipzig

    So theres a team in Germany, who played Champions league football last season, and UEFA Cup football this season. Liverpool signed Naby Keita from there, Abel Lookman turned Derby down to go thereon loan last season. Now I know most German fans hate these guys, to the point other teams fans sometimes attack their team bus. Perhaps its down to money and investment provided by Red Bull which has seen this club climb the German football Pyramid, to being one of the best sides in the Bundersliga without much in the way of History. So they are universally hated, much in the same way MK Dons were here. Anyway I digress, I read online that prior to tonights game away at Universitatea Craiova in Romania, they had sold only 7 tickets. (This despite averaging 41,000 and 39,000 the last 2 seasons for home games) Apparently there were as many as 25 away fans tonight. Kinda reminds me of cold tuesdays nights when Carlisle or Grimsby would come to town. Its still crazy when you consider FC Köln took 40,000 to London last season for their game against Arsenal.
  4. jagerbob

    We were hammmered because Leeds were Derby

    Also... Marcello, despite his experience and success abroad the guy cant even speak english properly. His amazing management is being well over publicised if you ask me. I hope you employ lots of translators
  5. jagerbob

    We were hammmered because Leeds were Derby

    still started very well, and by end of september which is a good chunk Leeds looked really good and many people fancied them.
  6. Spot on with just about everything you say. I just think its a shame we have to start a new journey which will take 3 years, when we werent far off last season at all. That team needed 2 players, energy in midfield and proper wide men, thats about it. IF Frankie gets time and we are patient he might just turn us into what the fans want, but question is, will we the fans, and will Mel be that patient. Personally I liked football in the old days without the money. No real expectations, no pressure to 'be where we thing we ought to be'. Without the money we would be going largely with last years squad, with a couple of loans, meaning I would be able to relate to the squad, and only next year when many of the contracts run out, will we have license to release a few and get a few in. With modern day Money.. and this greed we now see in the top 2 divisions, we are able to bring in 9 new players, dismantle a good squad, all because Frankie has the money and license to do so 😞 Stevie Mac once said, one of his biggest lessons in football managerment was his failure and very short tenure at Forest, where he changed too much too quickly, and was left with an uncompetitive side that struggled to grasp his ideas, and had never played together as a team. Thats the feeling I get with Frank. Its gonna be a longer winter Rams fans!
  7. jagerbob

    We were hammmered because Leeds were Derby

    Dont fall into the trap of some fans by calling Leeds the next Wolves. Dont forget they started like a train last season and put 5 past Bristol city when bristol had just put 4 past us and were sat in the top 2 or 3 themselves. Leeds will be top 6 contenders this season - YES. BUT...... it didnt need a Leeds to beat us yesterday. I think a good half of the division would have beat Derby on saturday given that showing. Lets nto forget we were outplayed for 50 or 60 mins aginst Reading, who IMO will be in the bottom 6 all season. Derby will have a long long season ahead with an inexperienced managerment team at this level, and with so many academy players in the team.
  8. jagerbob

    Furious Frank

    Any rams fan with any nouce what so ever, could tell you that Championship football is more competive and more physical than academy football where Morris comes from, and is less technical and has players with less quality than the premiership or international level (which is where Frank comes from. Neither of these guys are experienced at championship level. So the chances of them getting found out against a street wise team with serious championship experience was always likely to be high.
  9. jagerbob

    Peace advice frank lampard

    I think not dismantling a squad which got to 2nd in the league last year and finished in the playoff positions, and bringing in academy players by a management team who havent ever coached or managed at thias level before was not a wise idea. Thats what i think!
  10. jagerbob

    Random stuff that people do that annoy me

    Sorry you feel that way about me dude.
  11. jagerbob

    To Park Or Not To Park

    Any normal city would have a tram line to the football ground. But this aint a normal city and when it comes to City public transport this aint even a normal country!
  12. jagerbob


    The Nottm road estate near the footbridge that comes out opposite toys r u2 is free.
  13. jagerbob

    Tubes Meets Frank Lampard

    Only at the end of the game (for those who actually stay until the end) when he comes over to the fans... "Frankie big nuts.. der der der derrr" <repeat>
  14. jagerbob

    Planning for an embargo?

    i dispise the word... interesting that following ticky tacker football, any Derby fan who uses the term hoofball has short memories if you ask me. Every Drby team i saw in the 80s, 90s, and probably every team (before Nigel Cloughs brief stint using a so called attractive style when Bueno was here and we had Kuqi onloan) has been considerbly more Hoofball as you put it than Rowett. Rowett saw how we played when at Birmingham and the so called attractive football you speak of, dominated possion and territory but was often slow and allowed well organised teams to defend it easily whilst hitting us on the counter attack and as a result looked more dangerous than ourselves with little of the ball. I lose count how many games in the latter mcClaren years where we had 0 shots on target over 45 mins of football. Frankly it bored me. Huddlestone and others ability to switch the play and play a longer pass into space was not hoofball. We may not have had as larger possesion stats as you like, but we won a lot more games 3-0 than any other manager has manged for years.
  15. we'll never know cos he never played. .. one thing is for sure he's in the Vyrda leagues when it comes to ability to strike a ball. Aside from those two only Kris Commons came close.

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