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  1. jagerbob

    Come on lads beat forest

    For the first time in a long time forest actually have a decent team. Im normally really confident of our chances in this fixture when we are at home. And we normally have their number. Im a bit unsure of us this season to be honest.
  2. Theres lot of factors for me, as to why Bundersliga 1 & 2 reminds me more of how it used to be for us. 1) terraces period. 2) unreservered spaces, mean people get in the ground early to get a good spot, and thus help the pre game atmosphere. You can also move throughout the match if you want to be closer to the ultras/hardcore singers , or move away from them. Same goes for if theres a constant moaner that gets on your titz. 3) they dont indulge in ridiculously over loud PA systems blaring out music, and when they do, they generally turn it off 10 mins before kick off to allow the atmosphere to build.
  3. cant be arsed to read the article. but pretty much all the best stadium atmospheres to my mind are old grounds which still exist. for a new stadium PPS is probably one of the better ones. But still not as good as a rocking anfield, goodison, villa park, sellhurst, even friggin vicarage road
  4. jagerbob

    Derby County a complete record book.

    I think it is.. the author rings a bell, as does the 'modern era' sub heading. Cheers.
  5. Its xmas time, time to give DCFC pressies. Ok i digress. I havent had much look with the search function on this forum, But i thought i remember discussion that someone had written a follow up to Gerald Mortimers : DCFC - a complete record 1884 - 1988, detailing the last 20-30 years I also think i heard a piece on radio derby sport, where they interviewed the author. Can anyone help me with the book title/author / or even a link to it?
  6. jagerbob

    The boring Man City discussion

    Collymore and everyone else playing the racist card miss the point. On the issue, Danny Kelly made the odd good point, and I think Chris Sutton on 5 live. 1) its a generational thing. Chelsea like every club will still have an element of fans who go back to their head hunter / hooligan firm phase, when Racism at certain london clubs chelsea included was very much a thing. For all the good work done by society in general to weed this out, you cant change the past. 2) Why is racism and homophobia treated with so much more distain than any other form of discrimination. I they are truly so much worse than other forms of discrimination then why are they? Both of these, have a deep seated real issue that is over the top aggression by some fans, in some situations. Where they totally lose it and cannot keep their emotions in check.
  7. he is off form, but not having a team that bothers to defend from the front contributes to a lack of confidence. There is saves he should have made, I agree, but he is exposed much more than when he went o that great run of clean sheets, and the whole get him on the plane to the world cup campaign.
  8. jagerbob

    Louie Sibley next season's Mason Mount ?

    I couldnt find the video online. But now you mention it, turns out its not just my imagination, Im sure on those old late 80s, early 90s season review goals Videos, that is where it showed it get stuck in the stanchion
  9. jagerbob

    v Stoke (A) - Predictions

    my only prediction is Derby wont keep a clean sheet, and sooner or later we are gonna start losing games due to not being able to keep clean sheets
  10. jagerbob

    Louie Sibley next season's Mason Mount ?

    I seem to remember under Cox we lost 1-0 to west ham thanks to a brady wonder strike into the top corner. think it was 1-0 defeat.
  11. jagerbob

    What You Heard in the Stand?

    the one I remember from very early 90s I think the game where we got tonked 7-1 at home by Liverpool. As Barnes ran right through the middle of our midfield....."Break his Black legs!" im not sure you could get away with that these days. the other thing I remember from that game, is peter shiltons only tactic when he had the ball was to pump it to the half way line, where Alan Hansen won his header over a much shorter dean saunders, every single time!
  12. jagerbob

    Louie Sibley next season's Mason Mount ?

    google him if you're under 35
  13. jagerbob

    Championship clubs breakaway league

    that doesn't solve what they are fighting for though? All promotion does it ensure your own club doesn't have to worry about the gulf in finances until the next time you are relegated. Its not just the whole 5p versus for every pound we get, its also the parachute payments. If the gulf continues to widen, and the parachute payments go up each year, eventually you will have a closed shop EPL. You might aswell fix the 20 clubs in the EPL, as for what its worth the same 3 will yoyo between the divisions as they go down every year go straight back up due to the financial muscle they have.
  14. jagerbob

    Championship clubs breakaway league

    does this surprise you? It doesnt me. If you think about which clubs sky continually pick as many times as they can, and you think about which clubs have rel history and therefore fans up and down thw country and abroad. Then that bottom fixture is the only game without one of the big boys. For all Stokes recent premiership experience, its the Leeds, Villa, Derby, forest, Norwich, Sheffield united and Wednesday and WBA, Boro which lead the way, and you can predict a fixture containing one of these will draw in more viewers than a fixture without them. If you can get a fixture between 2 of them, then you are laughing!

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