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  1. View from the outside

    They'll be happy with a point, stops us getting further ahead. They have the man city game to come which will be a major occsion for them.... and to be honest a semi final, beating 4 prem sides, and possibly even a final, with a season ending in the top 6, will probably be thrilled with that.
  2. We're coming after you Wolves

    which is precisely why we have done amazing to get 2nd, and will be amazing if we stay there. In respect of Wolves, You cant catch a team who doesnt loose games, no matter how well your own team is doing.
  3. Cameron Jerome song.

    Reminds me of Ron Manager! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUwt3VWp1WA&t=36s
  4. Cameron Jerome song.

    I didnt know it, until i heard replays over the years.... but surely it was the saint and greavise tune wasnt it? or you gonna tell me that you never heard of them either.
  5. First 23 v Last 23

    Its damn refreshing to see us comfortable defending set pieces and looking dangerous from them. Only took several managers about 4 years to sort it out!
  6. Jerome's a good player....

    DCFC gallery : Found this. Jerome... and ... well does he remind you of anyone ???
  7. Jerome's a good player....

    I rated him when we both got promoted to the PL in 2006 or whatever it was. but a long time ago that now.
  8. We're coming after you Wolves

    Given we arent gonna win every game, I think they would need to loose about 4 maybe 5 for us (or anyone else) to catch them. I just dont see that happening. Ive been watching football and looking at long tables for quarter of a century, and yes you would need a major collapse from them now for them NOT to win the league.
  9. First 23 v Last 23

    Even with a dip in form, we aint gonna suddenly miss out on the top 6. In 2015/16 we had the form of a bottom 3 side the last 3 months or so. Thats what it would take for us to miss out. Just not gonna happen. We had a collosal run, running up to the reading defeat... and then we just stated another equally good run. I dont see us cathing Wolves whatever Rowett says, but can see us now making a real push for 2nd. Cardiff had an amazing start, and in the last 19 games or so (since Bristol City) we have been way more consistant than Cardiff. I was worried Bristol City would out last us, but their cup runs have definately effected their league form, to our advantage. Villa defeat and the home defeat against Norwich was because they were just too worn out. Still got another leg at Man City to come too. I just think their young team is more naive than our lot, with the mistakes they make (in terms of game management), and Johnson is perhaps less mindful than say Rowett would be on how to manage this. Still getting this close to Wembley, and playing so well against the top 2 in the Premier League must still be satisfying for them.
  10. Who signs players?

    I would accept it yeah. All the signings we made in the off season when Clement arrived were nothing to do with him. Chelsea with all the managerial changers in the last 5 years or so, are always announcing new signings straight after a manager is sacked and before the next one comes in. Of course thee are clubs, where its completely down to the manager who comes in. But likewise there are just as many if not more clubs where the coach seems to have little to do with the process.
  11. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Probably all converted to Stoke fans now. The Premier league, Its the be all and end all of everything dont you know. One other reason to laugh at them and hate them all at the same time is that I read in their forums that some dont want Rowett because they seem him as a long ball merchant? We've just come from a good view years of tippy tappy Barclona football, and they had Tony Pulis, and Rory delaps throw-ins. You couldnt make it up. Delussional sorts.
  12. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Whilst I agree, it really does open your eyes if you read their fans forums. I personally think they have major illusions of grandeau, but they say the same thing about us given how long we have languised in the championship. It really is amazing how big you think your club is, if you have been in the Premiership for 10 years without much of a relegation threat in that time. My own opinion of Stoke goes back to when I went to Uni near there, and frequented there. They had **** attendances, seemed to be a city which didn't care for football much, and half the city had an allegience to Port Vale. Oh how times have changed.
  13. BREAKING NEWS: No bid for player

    Sky Sports invented the transfer window.. to give them something to talk about for a month.
  14. Rules you would change in football

    FFP, it makes sense to run a business to a profit, not just be an expensive owners play thing. But only works when all the clubs see the benefit of it. Apparently in Germany all clubs make a profit, can you imagine that over here? Would take a serious change in attitudes starting with not spending 90% of your turnover on players wages. A player in Bayerns U23 team (youth player) gets a contract which sees them earn no more than the average earnings outside of football.

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