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  1. im confused. are we sticking behind the aberdeen loanee max lowe, or the club legend that is Ramage?
  2. the biggest crowd of the season and the biggest crowd i was a part of at the BBG until we moved to Pride Park. I think liverpool only lost 2 games that season, so was a real coup knicking a point off them.
  3. i thought it was earlier.
  4. Spot on. Ramage used a line i wouldnt have. But if you listen to the rest of the combined 15 minutes he slagged Lowe and Bogle off for, theres no hint of racism. The line he used was him just being ignorant, not genuine passive rascism. A slip up, whilst doing a lot of talking and summing up. If our defenders were sacked every time they made one error in 90s mins, we wouldnt have many defenders left. Lowe on the other hand, having heard Ramage give him a battering for the whole of the sports report, the racial card be called because of one line Ramage said. I dont hardly ever listen to the summary but if Ramage has givem Lowe a hard time before, then Lowe will know about it.
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