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  1. Read on another site we would match his MLS Wage of 85k a year with is a bit different to 100k PER WEEK!
  2. There's no way we pay him 100,000k a week no chance in hell. Someone tell me this isnt true.
  3. Rooney to play CB and be captain Calamity keogh finally is no more!
  4. used to have a jagermeister one, lost it now thou
  5. Dead ringer! Much better than the lazy 'hitler' comparrison. I read a similar comment on the BBC website. Wheresome one said "i liked him in big train and green wing"
  6. As a teen growing up, i used to enjoy watching ladies tennis more than mens for probably the same reason. The coverage has been so much better this year than ever before making it so much easier to get in to. On a side note while reading various articles. I just realised the one season the womens FA Cup final was held at PPS and a poor second division sunderland side got totally dominated by Arsenal, the player of the match was a certain Lucy Bronze aged 17, in her first full season.
  7. Mels eluded several times in interviews and in fans forums thats he has learnt his lesson with that. We will never go for a Nigel person type figure, at least not for a long long time, same goes for Rowett when mel saw the fans were not happy. its not even up for negotiation to change the playing style completely, and have to replace and bring in an entire new squad for a manager which might not be here 12 months anyway.
  8. If Abamowich starts ringing up our frank before asking DCFC for permission to speak to him. cant We do him for tapping up. (BTW Im well aware chelsea have done this for pretty much every manager they had in the last 10 years, doesnt make it right though)
  9. would be really duckin good, if fans just bought their own, and werent so lazy as to rely on the club to reproduce tin pot ones on mass... would be even better if wembkey / FA didnt have such stupid rules on what isnt and what is allowed in. - A FLAG IS A FLAG.... if Cologne or borussia dortmund or whoever turned up from any other european nation, wembley would be confisgating more than 50% of their flags just because they are security nazis
  10. Whilst i dont agree its very ethical what we did. The sueing does suprise me in that other clubs have been doing this sort of thing for years, ie creating parent or child companies to take some weight of the operations away from the main club itself.
  11. Will get this for when I go watch FC Köln... or if I ever to to Karnival
  12. So C'mmon c'mmon do the no promotion with me! 😨
  13. Returns... for this game!!! jesus wept. Probably all those people panic buying their full allocation and then finding out grandma cant do a full day out on her feet anymore 😞
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