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  1. Which teams do you dislike and why?

    Hate is a strong word, like the above poster, hated Forest growing up. They were always better than us even when we finished 5th, they took 4 points off us, and finished 3rd. One of my best pals had a forest season ticket from a young age and went every week with his dad, and i he always gave me so much stick. I dont really care so much now that they arent much of a threat to ever finishing above us. Loads of other teams i dislike, Leeds Rangers, Leicester Millwall etc. Also when it comes to European sides I dislike most of them, especially the ones which win their leagues every single season and only have fan boys supporting them. Really... why does anyone like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Ac Milan, Bayern etc???
  2. Which teams do you like (and why)?

    Are you one of the Derby St Pauli massive? Hoping to go to a game this year, living only a couple of hours away from Hamburg now i dont have much excuse.
  3. Jota

    My argument from my original point, was a foreign manager getting here with foreign oweners and not having english staff to influence him. Sure The Fulham, Huddersfield and Watford bosses are the exception because they did to an extent know the english market and did bring in some brittish players or noture the ones which were already at the club.
  4. Jota

    The Neves signing i really dont understand. Has been watched by Europes elite, then goes to Wolves.
  5. Jota

    What would you do with a portuguese manager who didnt know the english leagues or any english players. Some good signings in there, but you need a serious amount of know how in the championship. Cant help but see Wolves fail massively
  6. George Thorne

    Its irrelevant how serious it is to me, because we all know he will pull up during the slightest thing and wont play any serious game time. Thank god we finally replaced him with Huddestone, this should have been done 2 years ago. Im more hopeful that a previously not injury pront playxer in Fozzy, can now play a ful season without injury, because as we know he has had 2 season ending injuries recently, and heres hoping he wont turn into another George.
  7. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Crazy amount of rams fans seem to be there, despite it being a friendly in a foreign country ! IM guessing i live closer to the venue than 99% of them.
  8. Football writers predict promotion

    I fancy us more than in recent seasons, top 6 is a shoe in for me, would have be lucky to get top 2, but you never know. Even when we had a bad season last time we were still comfortably in the top 10
  9. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    Sounded great, apart from the fact no one has said Auf Wiedersehen since about 1970, except in a very formal business sense.
  10. Joined. Will Probably finish bottom.
  11. Benchmark for wingers

    Goals need to come from all over the team, and under GR they will. Replacing Ince and 20+ goals a season from one man are a myth
  12. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    I dont understand it myself all i know is town and city councils actully collect the bins every week without fail, and dont decide over xmas that they wont bother due to cut backs!!!! Anyway back on original topic if the kick off is 4pm local time, then the 3pm quoted on dcfc.co.uk must be UK time for those watching the stream
  13. v Kaiserslautern Match Thread

    All German cities tend to be clean when you compare them to British ones. haha. The city councils tend to have street cleaners going everwhere at night and the people actually use litter bins or take their rubbish home, oh and they dont tend to fly tip!
  14. London clubs draw from a big population and usually outside of London in the direction out of the centre they are. So I dont see how big the city is as being any relevance to this question of support.
  15. Kaiserslautern Team will be massive statement

    My view is that Russell will put a shift in in different types of games. Many of our wide players and non holding central midfield players only perform in certain types of games, which are played out a certain way and either have or dont have space to work in. Russell seems to be more effectiove when other players arent.

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