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  1. Nyatanga was terrible in my opinion. Was given false hope because he was a local lad. Was awful at Derby, I know he was young, but like Keogh made so many individual errors, noticed he never did very well at Bristol city either, not even when they were league one. I honestly dont know where hsi level is, Non league perhaps?
  2. Thought he lived in the Midlands due to Birmingham WBA and Leceister being his last clubs before Derby and his son being in the Derby academy
  3. Frankfurt is the Heathrow of Germany thats why, budget airlines dont go there, long haul and expensive airlines do. Unless you go the little frankfurt airport which coincidently is as close to the swiss border as it is to Frankfurt.
  4. The picture above is after the top tier left in protest though right? This wasnt how it was for the whole game.
  5. thought he was suggesting Koeman seeing Hughes as a Barkley replacement. I dont see it myself. Barkley scores and assists goals at a higher level for a start.
  6. nope. While your comparing, perhaps if we do sell Martin we can replace him with Suarez from barcelona.
  7. I agree with the last part. If it was up to me, and i had authority in all things football, i would have the 2legged playoff between 18th in prem and 3rd in championship (possibly 4th or 5th if it was an extended playoff similar to todays format) and... Id have a league cup which featured 0 premiership teams. So basically your only day out at wembley is if you reach the final. Then when you win, there is meaning behind the trophy. Having a trophy for winning a playoff, when promotion is the real prize is totally stupid. especially when the 2nd automatic promotion team doesnt win a trophy.
  8. and form going into it means nothing. they are never like normal league games, they are a competition all of their own, tense as f*ck and more like games in the euros last year. In that each team is making sure they dont loose and basically not being very adventerous. change that to top 2 go up auto, 3, 4, 5 and 18th in the premier. It changes the leagues too much season on season having 4 teams swap places each season. In germany its top 2 and bottom 2 go up and down, with 3rd team in the playoff against 3rd bottom from the league above
  9. i thought that too, although he did play at the BBG in the reserves when i used to go and watch
  10. UNless the year is 1940 I predict we wont be signing a Wolfgang. Its like saying we are going to sign a british lad called Alfred.
  11. Courtesy of my Mum, here is what a former player is up to these days.
  12. And I hope Vydra reads this. Wouldnt have got Vydra without Martin going out. Also dont forget if it was purely just a get rid of Martin ploy by Pearson, then he would have been sold to Wolves. Wolves put a decent bid in, but it was rejected.
  13. Ilived in darley abbey allestree all my life and never seen a player other than Micklewhite when he lived on my housing estate back in the day. I am sure I saw Cyrus Christie when driving through duffield a couple of months back though.
  14. I apologize in advance for the Picture Quality .....
  15. If anyone is going from Amsterdam or North Germany in any way, can I grab a lift