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  1. You need to update your internet security mate, looks like you have a problem your end.
  2. The books were about since the 60’s I think? Ringo was the first narrator of the tv series. When he jacked in they got another Scouser. It was all model railways at first. But now it’s all CGI. Not the same for a Hornby fan.
  3. The chancellor would make a good PM.
  4. @iRam many thanks for the quiz again, I had to nip off and felt bad for not thanking you before I went. As for the train questions, what colour is James off Thomas the Tank engine? 😂 I don’t think you take my sport seriously?
  5. I was watching to see the primary rocket land, typical internet.
  6. You need to tell @AndyinLiverpool to pipe down and your words final. You can be stern can’t you?
  7. True, i was being flippant when I called it a pad.
  8. Them mushy peas look a bit weird mate?
  9. Schoolboy error, contains dairy.
  10. He sent me some beers up and a glass from his pad on Sandybanks.
  11. Just picked up some Fun Sponge from the Furnace Inn, £3 a pint. Plus some Shiny Lager £3.20 a pint and you can take your own containers or they provide. Both Gluten Free @froggg recognise the pint pot? 👍🏻
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