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  1. I make the comparison regards his running here there and everywhere. Maybe it was the wrong word to use.
  2. I think he realises he’s being sold in January. It’s a shame because he seemed excited for the move when it was happening from Poznań. Sometimes moves just don’t work out.
  3. Look, why don’t you tell the truth? I’m your only follower at the moment and you’re bored of me. Go on! Tell em.
  4. I fear bird will drop out. I don’t think Morrison would handle being left out. So it would be one headless chicken runner, Shinnie, one master crafts man, Bielik, and one flair player, Ravel.
  5. I agree, They went down the left a lot and wasted it by running into traffic. Was very noticeable at times, maybe it was a plan to involve Kamil, well, that went well.
  6. Happy Birthday to my favourite Cockney. Hope you have a day of
  7. They look absolutely lack of ideas, routines and effort.
  8. It won’t mate, unless you find double the people who are willing to sing. But they are already in the south stand aren’t they.
  9. As someone said earlier, it’s was tried and failed. Do you think the atmosphere is bad then? I think it’s the best it’s been for a while, and that’s with reduced attendance. Split the south stand in half and put half in the north will only make the atmosphere half as good. Each end would barely hear the other, plus each end would now be on half volume. Get the chips back! That’s a campaign worth fighting! 😂
  10. I like Manu to do well abroad. Maybe it’s the tragedy in Munich. But I also remember watching them win it on the tele in a bar in Sorrento, full of Germans, another tragedy for Munich. That was fun.
  11. Is it still €10 in the top pocket of the passport control persons shirt when you enter Turkey? Whist tapping the side of your nose?
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