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  1. I’ve heard he’s got that many piercings that they carry him on the team bus on a curtain pole.
  2. He’s probably rebelling like all 18/19 year olds do. The penny will drop soon, give him time and support.
  3. Tbh, Deano wasn’t great the season he had with RD last time.
  4. He often criticises the players ability to do their job, so ought to be able to take it too. Im sure he’s no snowflake
  5. iPhone 11 Pro has an amazing camera I’m told. Great in hardly any daylight too. Ideal if you can’t afford to have the lights on.
  6. Red Coat fans, boooooooooo!
  7. Hold on? I though Frankie was being given a free hit this season? No pressure because of the transfer embargo etc? Tomori can’t get a game, and Mounts not getting regular starts.
  8. Do you like a bit of food with your pepper mate?
  9. Welcome to the real world. Kids next, Why should you have all the fun?
  10. Can we drop the fishy phallus talk please.
  11. Trust you to pick up on that.
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