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  1. Hope it clears up for Oct half term mate, keep safe
  2. Just revel in the fact that you live in sunshine most of the year mate, as for the Rams, its normally more pain than pleasure. 👍🏼
  3. I like watching world cups of any sport me.
  4. Boycie

    Forum Issues

    The day I buy an android is the day they take me away for a vacation at the farm of the funnies.
  5. Boycie

    Forum Issues

    I’ve loaded iOS 12 yet.
  6. Are tickets still available? Leeds would have took more.
  7. I remember when we used to have shots on target.
  8. I’m a lucky spark, I’m just not performing at the mo.
  9. But a few teams have gained promotion by disregarding these rules and then making a payment when they’re in the money league. Good if you go up, but not so if you don’t. Bit like Forest under Fawaz.
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