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  1. Our players aren't very good. Sorry guys but, that is the be all and end all.
  2. I got wind of some of the people fronting the takeover bid a day or so before it was revealed. It was suggested it was probably the usual football agent BS chatter but clearly it seems it wasn't. Changes to the footballing structural set up were also mentioned. Time will tell I suppose.
  3. Probably should have said "in his entire spell" it was probably similar games wise to many of our academy lads. But he is easily forgotten is my point I suppose. Toyed with using Gary Teale as a comparison but thought that far too mean 😆😆
  4. I used to think so. However myself and my footy WhatsApp group to a man have all just conceded we actually have really really abject players. I'd argue Thomas Cwykwa in his first season showed more than the majority of these young guns, yet we hold out hope they will blossom at some point. Its the hope that kills you.
  5. Just watch Roger Waters and the wall on Netflix, all be forgotten. Ledge.
  6. Is Rooney looking at it from "what games can we we realistically compete in and what can't we? Then picking accordingly??? We've absolutely zero creativity through the lines so it's a case of can Colin smash the defence about? As it's a Mick Mccarthy side probably not, therefore Waz has seen that and rested Colin" It's all I'm clutching at currently
  7. Maybe £200m over 6 years(without Parachute) is the cost of the dream? Seem to think several clubs, had they not got promoted the season they did, would he been in serious trouble. Villa, Leeds, QPR, Bournemouth.
  8. Mel Morris: Major health problems made me sell Derby at a £200m loss https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-9257771/A-year-hell-Mel-Morris-reveals-major-health-problems-sell-Derby-200m-loss.html?ito=native_share_article-masthead
  9. Bang On. Rooney is the Child/Teenager in me (probably most of us). Giving no fooks and full of gay abandon/swagger. Cocu was the sensible sanitised adult we all have to pretend to be. Yeah It pays the bills, but we all wanna be a children again.
  10. Owen Bradley: "Can Derby grab something right at the end here, in a half where they've not been at their best" That "best" that you speaketh is only good enough to hit the heights of 3rd bottom as it is! Says a lot about that half.
  11. OK, So to reword it a little (in bold) "breakdowns" is a little strong or perhaps the wrong vernacular (maybe I should have used "issues"?) but my personal experience is of comprehensive PTSD episodes, hence "breakdown". Mental health has gone from zero to number 1 topic in a very short space of time which is being abused/manipulated in more quarters than is acceptable ( in my opinion) **reference provided. Hence the modern day whiplash comparison. If my point has been badly misconstrued, blame my English teacher.
  12. Yet again, failing to see the point. Let's call it "stolen valour". Manipulation of situations to make it look like a severe mental health episode when in fact it is nowhere near that. Everyone is so scared to call it so run with it. To the detriment and dilution of say your circumstances. See my post regarding PTSD and hiding behind faux symptoms for nefarious gains.
  13. Key phrase "dressing up"
  14. Not quite what I was implying. I have however seen it first hand from both ends of the spectrum. As a former servicemen, the most tragic cases of PTSD seemingly and deliberately left to manifest and play out without the support it deserved. And as a civilian manager, utter piss takers using it for nefarious means.
  15. And stop dressing up emotional wellbeing cases as bona fide mental health breakdowns. Big difference. Modern day whiplash.
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