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  1. Once queued up behind Scott Gemmil in the same establishment. About 1996 though.
  2. Maybe he doesn't feel the need to. Maybe it doesn't resonate to him personally. Thats fine by me. As a former soldier who has lost friends in combat, I advocate massively the notion that people should wear it because they care and want to, not because its been forced. I want a collective unity. Not a cheap points scoring tabloid driven stunt. Even if that means only one person does along with me. I feel sad its being watered down and politised in this way. Choices. Decent game so far. Over and out.
  3. I could and should have googled that case tbf. But I hate this modern google driven smugness. Always being right. I prefer to rely on my mispent 40yr old grey matter to make me look a misinformed idiot. It makes for better internet jousting 🤪.
  4. Name some footballers who has been SACKED for GROSS MISCONDUCT on drink driving charges. Lee Hughes and Luke McCormick are the only ones that come to mind but they were involved in fatalities. Literally hundreds of footballers have carried on. Why? Because drink driving alone probably isn't classed as gross misconduct, because after sobering up you can perform your paid duties. Whereas rendering yourself UNABLE to play via the same sort of midemeanour will be classed as gross misconduct. What were Bennett and Lawrence charged with by Derby in the end? I dont ever recall seeing. Probably professional misconduct or bringing club into disrepute etc etc. Evidently not sackable offences at DCFC. Gross misconduct clearly is.
  5. I'll bet that all 3 were lined up for the chop but by doing so the FFP book value for Lawrence and Bennett, as Keogh probably had very little, would have potentially created a situation whereby thresholds may have been crossed and points deductions/embargoes become a reality. Cant think of any other reason for the difference in approach.
  6. Was gonna say the same about the moment of madness, it did change a lot of lives. We'd be in Leicester's position now if it wasn't for that scuffed clearance at Wembley 😜
  7. Agree. This squad plus 2 England internationals, 3 if Wilson was English, only managed scraped into the playoffs last year. It also had Keogh, Bryson and Johnson who would arguably walk into this side. Thats how lacking this squad now is. Its probably at its lowest qualitywise since the Prem season. Even Clough had Hulse and Commons.
  8. More than held our own in the general ebb and flow of the match, but completely toothless in attack where on paper we look strongest. Not good omens.
  9. Yet again we cum too soon and fun finishes early...
  10. Although Palace have nailed their colours to the mast at the Barrow boy, so not letting Derby in. Apparently Bunch of Grapes is alternative.
  11. A very close friend has done work for the Vardy’s and can testify that while Jamie is really sound chap, she is an absolute male chicken. Jamie agreed to do a small testimonial/review on said friends company web page as an example of his work for other potential customers to view. She basically told him to do one unless he paid for it.
  12. Been under caution from Military Police on a few occassions. Most notably when on ceremonial duties at Uxbridge Barracks a company of RAF Regt. had a crack at the title. Probably as close to actual terrace trouble as you'll get probably (not been THAT silly). Terribly one sided affair. An productive 48 hours were had cementing our reputation. Dragged out of my pit at 0300 for bollockings, interviews and toilet cleaning. Very similar occurred when top brass decided to move our unit to a Naval base at Fasland, Scotland. Couple of hairy nights in the NAAFI, new hierarchy established and the rest was gravy as they say. Halcyon days. Civil Feds. No comment.
  13. Tin hat on here, but am I the only person who doesn't give a rats ass what people I don't know, get up to, and the poo they drop themselves in??? I feel about the same amount if indignation towards those 3 as I do when I open the Derby Telegraph and see Bob from Kilburn or Sheila from Sinfin fined for drink driving. Not much. My interaction is that I watch them play footy on a Saturday. I feel that such a small amount of interraction isn't enough to get all bent out of shape over, and ultimately drive my mood. They are just familiar looking strangers. They have ballsed up and medicine will have to be taken. How strong or weak that medicine is, is again not something I can control. As footballers, Bennett is only here because he was a prodigious 15yr old talent that we are being far too patient with, waiting for it to blossom. It wont. Lawrence is so simliar to Laurent Robert when he was at Newcastle, promises so much but will ultimately fail to deliver. So for footballing reasons they shouldn't play in the first instance. The off field stuff? Meh, bothered. Thats their problem. I liked Keogh, good player. So its a shame he has conspired to end his own career.
  14. Commons wasnt all that 😉
  15. I know I know! If only I had JUST got pished, instead of then adding on all the lunacy that followed. I mean lots of eminent people get pished without recourse. The forum could've been a topic short then eh?
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