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  1. I reckon John McGinn played just like Jason Knight at his age. Polish a few edges up and hold a more central birth who knows. Getting a massive whiff of McGinn with him.
  2. Id guess you’d be likely to interact with a similar amount of people shopping in Derby Intu for a few hours as a footy match. If you stay in your seat you’d be limited to the hundred or so surrounding you. Couple of hours going through Poundland with a fine tooth comb however. Numbers game.
  3. Have we had to make their goalie do anything?
  4. Story of the 1980's for me! Tiny Phillip's screwdriver buried into the guts of a commodore tape deck, TV volume up full, hunting for that perfect loading tone that indicted you had hit the heads' sweet spot. Amen. Searching for: Harrier Attack Found: Harrier Attack Press space to continue. Great days!
  5. Mine is probably my first game too. Derby 4 v Chelsea 6. Hooked from then on.
  6. If only we had a supply of players that are proven to have performed consistently well in competitive games front of next to no supporters.. ....U23 squad to see us home this season then.
  7. Think John Peel played for Derby in that too.
  8. Gonna focus my energies into getting a Strava KOM for either cycling or running. So a pulled hammy inbound. Will keep you updated.
  9. Unlike Rooney and many other top strikers that relied on pace and power Martin will never have to adapt his game. He will always get away with playing his natural game. Chris Waddle and Teddy Sheringham are the players I most liken him to. Ageless. Glorious exponent of pure technical ability.
  10. Starting to get picked apart now. Could end up shipping 5 here.
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