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  1. SK47

    v Stoke City (A) Match Thread

    We couldn't do it on a cold Wednesday night In Stoke. We're not the first, and most certainly won't be the last. Let's go again.
  2. SK47

    v Sheffield Wednesday (A) Match Thread

    Glad to hear Flo had a decent game and came up with an assist! A couple people had written him off on here, but this fella came through the Ajax academy and obviously has bags of talent, but it's hard for him to make an impact when he's 3rd or 4th choice and doesn't get a good run of games. Also glad that Marriott is continuing to come up with the goods, hes quality. just a shame he's poo in my team on FIFA! Overall, Buzzing with the result, It's the first game back after the break, they can be tough games. I can (almost) guarantee we will be 10 times better next game, but an away win is a win either way👌
  3. SK47

    Could we upgrade on Carson ?

    See.. Carson is like a having a misses. After a while you take her (him) for granted... Possibly even get rid in place of a newer fresher model... But then down the line you find out the newer model has more flaws than the good one you ditched, then you have to sit and watch them happy with someone else who values them. And then you're back to square one tryna find a decent keeper in the championship.
  4. SK47

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    Are you for real? We have lost 3 nil to a top side and you want to blame an impact player who has hardly played? We really do love a scapegoat don't we 🤣
  5. SK47

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    I wasn't too confident today against Villa before kick off, so I'm not too disheartened. They have a lot of prem players and they are buzzing off the new manager effect so it is what it is. Just hope Forsyth is alright!
  6. SK47

    Andre Wisdom

    Lampard has reiterated the importance of squad depth, so Wisdom will get his opportunity. Then like the rest of them, it will be down to him to put in a performance. I rate Wisdom, like a few have mentioned, when he first came here on loan he was amazing. Solid, quick and overlapped all the time.. so he does have it in the locker... Unfortunately for him, Bogle is far more agile , quicker and better on the ball.. and that's what you need in Frank's system. Great back up though!
  7. I live in Newquay. It's funny, My commitment to going to games was alot stronger back then than it is now lol we sometimes would stay with our family up there, but we had to be back for youth football on the Sunday so we would usually just head back and get someone to pick us up from Plymouth.
  8. I remember when I was a young rams fan about 14-16, me and my mate who was also a Derby fan and the same age, we would travel up on the train from Cornwall to watch games and then do the journey home after (die hards). Even though we wasn't the best team in the league, we had some players that I just loved for different reasons, some random, some warranted. Grzegorz Rasiak - The lanky bean, tricky goal scoring machine. When we sold him, I remember being absolutey gutted. Morten Bisgaard - I loved his name and the fact he had a trick or 2! Marco Reich - He scored that freekick against Millwall. Junior - He was Brazilian.. Had yellow hair... And again, he had yellow hair. Amazing. Tom Huddlestone - He was about 16 years old and an absolute giant. And not to mention he could play A bit! Idiakez - One of the best freekick takers I've ever seen for Derby, He was Spanish.. and he wore Joma football boots. So, When you were 14-16, who were your Derby idols at the time?
  9. SK47

    Best own goal we’ve ever scored?

    Bogles was still better. Had he done that at the other end everyone would have raved about the finish. 🤣
  10. SK47

    Go for it derby go for glory

    I'm definitely down for the idea of Scavs and ballions. Can we have flers and frierwoks too??
  11. SK47

    If They Were Boxers...

    George "The rick" Thorne Love him really.
  12. SK47

    If They Were Boxers...

    Andre "The Sat Nav" Wisdom
  13. SK47

    If They Were Boxers...

    Richard "The verbal dartboard" Keogh
  14. SK47

    Same old story

    My mums called Angie, and she would also defend me 🤣🤣 but yeah, You've just hit the nail on the head!
  15. SK47

    Same old story

    Not at all. What I'm suggesting is perhaps instead of moaning, look at where that moaning got us in the past... We have done more circles than a greyhound race. We always seem to moan about stuff we don't have and then when we do get those things, when it doesn't work we moan that we need something else. We all agreed that it's a rebuild in progress at the start of the season... But it's like people cant actually deal with losses and mishaps that a rebuild season involves. Mel Morris included. I'm not saying this is EVERYONE either, just the wrist slashers.

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