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  1. SK47

    Go for it derby go for glory

    I'm definitely down for the idea of Scavs and ballions. Can we have flers and frierwoks too??
  2. SK47

    If They Were Boxers...

    George "The rick" Thorne Love him really.
  3. SK47

    If They Were Boxers...

    Andre "The Sat Nav" Wisdom
  4. SK47

    If They Were Boxers...

    Richard "The verbal dartboard" Keogh
  5. SK47

    Same old story

    My mums called Angie, and she would also defend me 🤣🤣 but yeah, You've just hit the nail on the head!
  6. SK47

    Same old story

    Not at all. What I'm suggesting is perhaps instead of moaning, look at where that moaning got us in the past... We have done more circles than a greyhound race. We always seem to moan about stuff we don't have and then when we do get those things, when it doesn't work we moan that we need something else. We all agreed that it's a rebuild in progress at the start of the season... But it's like people cant actually deal with losses and mishaps that a rebuild season involves. Mel Morris included. I'm not saying this is EVERYONE either, just the wrist slashers.
  7. SK47

    Same old story

    I'm chilled. However, If you came on here after a draw or a loss you wouldn't think it was chilled. People are always quick to find a solution to why we have lost.. rather than we just lose and it wasn't our day..this why we get scapegoats. "Keogh is a liability" "Johnson is awful, we need to get rid" "what does Bryson offer other than running round" Then we win. "Keogh is quality" "Johnson has been our most consistent player" "I LOVE Bryson, so much energy" You can try say that this fair weather support doesn't exist and that "I need to chill out" but in reality, if you don't see it happening, You're probably one the said moaners.
  8. SK47

    Same old story

    This is for the recurring moaning supporters.. we have seen Clough, Mac (twice), Pearson, Clement, Wassall, Rowett and Lampard... We have had the original young team under Mac with the likes of Hendrick, Hughes, Ibe, Lingaard, Martin, Ince etc (Ince came the season after I know)and It was said we were too lightweight/predictable in the end and Mac couldn't stop the rott. Since then we have seen many changes in the team, management, where youth was substituted for experience because according to the moaners that's what was needed.. which unfortunately resulted in A slow boring show of Rowett Ball and not the promotion sure team we were thought it could be. And here we are with Lampard. A highly thought of individual that so happens to be the highest scoring midfielder in Premier league history. A man with many contacts, great staff, and has reduced the age of last year's team by quite some way to give us the energy we lacked last year and ultimately overall has made football enjoyable again. But still yet again, we have the moaners. One minute it's "we don't have a 20+ goal striker" Then it's "we can't just rely on our 20+ goal striker" then we get rid of him and it's "we miss our 20+ goal striker" 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 People go on about Mel being the trigger happy chairman but I'm convinced if half of you lot were in his position you would be worse! But What I want to know moaners, is what do you think we need this time? And Do you not think we have tried enough changing already? Can we not just enjoy the ride instead?
  9. Is anyone else a bit sick of these "new supporters"? I've been a Derby fan for nearly 30 years.. I've seen a lot in that time.. some great memories, some horrible ones, but I've always supported them. When Frank took over I was (and still am) buzzing because I had a feeling he could have the kind of impact he is doing. However, all these Chelsea fans now claiming they support us while giving it "our future manager Frank doing the business" or "Our future Lampard Mason Mount is doing the business" is really doing my head in. We all know Lampard will end up at Chelsea one day... We also all know that Mount will go on to big things... But do we need reminding all the time? Maybe I'm just over protective of our club, but I just feel We as fans deserve to have our moment to ourselves rather than these trend hoppers who are only showing their "support" because of Frank and co being here... Where were you lot when we had Steven Davies as our star man.. or when we was loaning Stern John from Coventry? Maybe I'm being a bit sensitive and seem like I'm moaning for no reason but unless you're here to support the club through the good and the bad, then stick it 😇 We Love You Derby, We Love You Frank COYR 🐑 🐑 🐑
  10. Man U will play a strong team. No way is Jose going to want to lose to Frank, He'll be wanting to set an example. He's gonna sit Microphone head on Mount all game and it will be down to us to try grab something on the break Imo. Everyone will expect us to lose so let's have a go and put pressure on them from the start. The longer it stays 0-0 the more it suits us. COYR
  11. SK47

    v Blackburn Rovers (H) Match Thread

    It's more frustration than disappointment for me. It was very much like a Mac team performance.. the away team coming to park the bus and play long ball/feed off scraps, while we looked really good at times with the ball but just didn't have enough composure in scoring opportunities. Still, a clean sheet.. we didn't lose..and we played well overall. Hopefully Saturday will be more of an open game which is better for us.
  12. SK47

    Frank charged with improper conduct

    I can't help but find Frank being that far out of his technical area hilarious! We know he's not gonna do that every week but come on, you gotta admit that's funny.. It Just makes me love him even more 🤣 He's still got that player passion which is what we as fans can relate to more than a lot of managers these days. He's a winner through and through and If he gets the odd yellow for a passionate out burst rather than psychotic (Pearson) I don't mind one bit. Give us a shout Frank I'll even pay the fine for you! Providing they accept payment plans? 😬
  13. Rotherham away is always a horrid game. Every year the top teams have random games they lose... This is just one of them. We'll be back on Tuesday and I'm sure Frank will do what's needed to improve for then. COYR
  14. SK47

    Chris Martin

    We're all talking about getting rid of him etc, but if he's ill and hasn't had chance to show what he can do in the current squad/style/formation, I'd be inclined (and I'm sure Frank is too) to let him fight for a place and give him some minutes in cup games etc. Martin when he has support and players that Go beyond him, he can be lethal. I'd keep him for another year because no one is gonna pay good money for him atm, but if he can rediscover even half the form he did a few seasons ago then he could be an asset.
  15. SK47

    v Leeds Utd (H) Match Thread

    Leeds are gonna be this year's Wolves. What a team. Can't hate because they have genuinely been the better team.

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