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  1. For as long as I've been a member on this forum, @Mackworth ram has been one of the only peoples posts I look out for when it comes to inside info.. And for that reason, I'm gonna put a 50 bet on too 🙌
  2. If we were 3-0 up in the 80th minute.. I would expect even A team of 11 goal keepers to hold on to the result, what happened that day was solely down to the players and not the manager.
  3. Damn it. I grew up there and Sinfin. 😢🤣
  4. Wtf is up with you lot 😂😂 Ffs. Put the phones down.. Speak to your real friends.. In real life.. I come on here for updates on the Frank Lampard situation.. Not updates on what Dave from Littleover is having with his jacket potato 😭😅
  5. Doesn't that come under long term gf or wife tho?
  6. Statements such as: Frank Lampard is Derby manager.. Frank Lampard is wanted by Chelsea.. Frank Lampard doesnt know what to do.. OK maybe not 1-5 pages worth.. More like 1-5 posts 😅
  7. It's crazy to think we are at 250 pages and only about 1-5 pages has anything relevant. That's a good indication that the majority of people in here have long term gfs or wives because getting away from them whilst sitting at home would be the only reason you would post on here so much.
  8. I'd hate to have Gary Monk. He does not fill me with excitement at all. Obviously if he came then I'll support the team to the death, but he wouldn't make my top 10 choices tbh
  9. I had a feeling this was gonna happen. Terry wanted to take an assistant manager role to get to grips with it.. Whereas Lampard jumped right in. If Lampard does well at Chelsea and Terry flops with us, he'll end up going to join FL's backroom staff. I don't think he will be as well received as FL. However, it will definitely open up some great avenues for big loans from Chelsea.
  10. My only worry that he might be going is the fact all transfer speculation has dried up.. Normally we are linked with everyone, but at the moment.. It seems we clearly aren't doing any business, which is contradictory to what FL was saying about wanting to do business earlier rather than later... Not a good look. I'll put money on him leaving tbh.
  11. SK47

    Todd Kane

    Nah, I get them. I just don't care lol No offence but I've been on here for years and seen every pun x100 times, I just like to read actual info, it's nothing personal.
  12. SK47

    Todd Kane

    I didn't say I enjoy the puns either.
  13. SK47

    Todd Kane

    Unless you catch the start of the puns, these infested threads litterally make no sense at all
  14. Couldn't be more gutted. He was the first manager I have seen at Derby in my lifetime that I could listen to all day. The exact type of manager we needed, spoke well, showed passion, showed love to the fans. Played the football In the way I wanna see a team play and as a first season he done terrific, and will most certainly only get better. Not to mention the draw he had for players wanting to come and play for him, especially good loan deals. I feel 5m isn't gonna replace all of the above. Even if we scraped promotion next season with someone else, I would of loved to of gone up with Frank. Gutted. But, it was always on the cards sooner or later, I just hope we pick well again. 🐏🐏🐏 Edit: I think I may have jumped the gun with my post as I saw the news story on another page and read the last posts above and assumed it was all a done deal 🤣
  15. And it was at this moment, the dirty bin dipping Leeds keeper knew he had F'd up..
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