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  1. Ossieram, that is a genius song/chant. When we score it will be me and the missus singing that in the North Stand later on this afternoon.
  2. Considering the Baggies didn't need to win today, but were obviously up for it (look at the cards they picked up, if there was no intention then there would have been fewer yellow/red cards), I would love to see the Baggies in the final, should we beat dirty, filthy, despicable Leeds.
  3. The closest I've got is that it may be shown in a tent outside KFC, but I don't know which KFC.
  4. Parsnip, I'm with you on that one and I don't think I'm stupid either!
  5. Just rang the Yard to book lunch and they say they haven't got it on.
  6. If you intend using Ashbourne Rd from Matkeaton roundabout into town, suggest you use Kedlestom Rd. taken 20 mins to get from Matkeaton roundabout to Greyhound
  7. I hate to be in anyway disloyal to Waghorn but I thought this fellow (their No 18) was MOM today. Sharp, tough tackler, great positional awareness of his fellow players and won so many one-on-one tackles. He is certainly someone for managers to keep their eye on; didn't know at the time he was a Liverpool loanee. So relieved to beat the Reading hoodoo today, especially after Wednesday's win - we have failed to capitalise on what could be defining wins this season on a few occasions. We could, and maybe should, have been up by 3 after 20 minutes, and I think most people realised that after Wednesday's efforts the second half was always going to be a struggle. Quite surprised that it took so long for Bennett and Nugent to come on. Great result and enhanced by Martin ONeill's inaugural return to the Red Dogs
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