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  1. No need to make assumptions when you were born Dec 2010
  2. Luckily your 18 so that explains your immaturity on this forum
  3. Your thread title and comments don’t warrant anything constructive
  4. Were going in the Notts County bar.Think it’s called the Broken wheelbarrow bar now. Think the rowing club been mentioned previously but not been there, no real dedicated away fan pub either near ground or train station.Big big game so sing out loud and lets win the battle of the fans which hopefully will inspire the Rams players to a nice victory.Looking forward to it no matter how we play and what team we put out.Keep the faith
  5. Happy with the point,the following weeks and results will tell us if this is a point we’ll earned when we see what Ipswich manage to get points in the bag from there up coming home games until end of season
  6. 86 I’ll say it for you Fraser_23 talks rollocks
  7. I hope all Rams get behind Tom wherever he plays and the rest of the players now window is shut.We have the remainder of this season to get in to top six and play offs and still the possibility of top 2.Its time to accept the players we have are very capable of success in this league and cup and the fans need to be the 12th man no mighty how we play or individuals play on the pitch.
  8. Findern your a 100% moaner.Ive followed the Rams since Arthur Coxs day and seen the highs and lows and I’m very happy with our current style of football, manager and club.With age some get better wisdom than others !!
  9. Did you miss Wilson hitting the woodwork twice ?
  10. @loweman2 what value is the Patrick shirt estimated to fetch? Presume it’s got a reserve figure
  11. You missed his 6 goals this season then.If he doesn’t get his decisions right he wouldn’t have the 75% successful pass rate he has.
  12. He did to tell us Derby fans that Carson has a slight knee issue.Its nice we have 2 very good keepers to call on when needed
  13. Let’s leave player selection to Mr Lampard
  14. Most are missing my point Angie,I have no problem about separate posts being critical of tactics,players and score line.Certain posters say nothing postitive what so ever about DCFC.There either Florist fans,doom and gloom merchants,keyboard warriors or just like to wined up our decent fan base.Another theory is how many posters are actually posting with multiple user names and liking there own posts which wouldn’t surprise me in this sad world of social media.Generally the forum is great but it has too many wined ups on here which is a shame for the positive Derby fan base...... this will be like lighting a fuse to some on here....incoming...
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