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  1. Really even after his involvement in the Joinersgate 10
  2. MuespachRam still targeting Lawrence....not mad but sad
  3. Tom Lawrence for player of season .....his spectacular goals have made the season for me ( think he’d be players choice as well ) Holmes poor return on goals and assists for an attacking player Bird not played enough games
  4. Looking forward to great day again in Sheffield up on train nice and early for breakfast then few drinks in Howard,Tap,etc then tram up to Hillsborough for a Derby win good following from Derby again over 2500 sold,not bad for a mid table team. team doing okay but our loyal fans are just the best.Love away days watching the 🐏
  5. Need to correct my post- not annual wage his contractual wage which runs to 2023.
  6. Also heard on Talksport his annual wage is the same as the rest of the Fulham team put together
  7. Lawrence has been consistent throughout season.The difference is he’s now stepped up to another level better question is has the penny dropped with all the posters on here that were calling for him to be sold,dropped,sacked and various other pathetic comments he received.....if they got there way life watching Derby would have been very dull and points limited if he keeps playing to this high standard i can see him picking up player of season.From the recent comments from his fellow players,manager and opposition players his talent with the ball are highly regarded
  8. Page 1 of this thread Jan 18th you weren’t defending him....perhaps you owe @curtains an apology back
  9. What brick walls did he run into too? sorry he retained the ball very well yesterday, I don’t recall one misplaced pass and in fact there was several occasions where he had 3 Huddersfield players on him and he still managed to find a white shirt one wild shot well wide when he had a little more time but at least he’s having a shot and gaining the confidence to shoot now crowd is getting off his back missing chunks of game not sure what games your watching but his effort going forwards and defensively is way above some of our other players...goal line clearance comes to mind straight away we have Wayne Rooney and he looked average yesterday so to call out Lawrence on above is just 🤣
  10. Well played today again Tom. Losing Holmes and Rooney looking bang average today we needed your creativity and the goal was worth the admission fee.Would like to see Lawrence taking our corners again as Wayne’s corners have not been the best and this would put Rooney in the box where he’s good in the air Be nice to see him taking some free kicks too if he can get the ball off Captain Rooney
  11. Went down Bristol wednesday so thought I’d read match thread.Wow the amount of negativity on here towards the Derby players ,the team and the performance is just embarrassing.Glad them same fans stayed at home well away from supporting our team with there dross.3 points from last 2 away games and they complain and moan. we will see them same fans at Man U know doubt
  12. Was that near end of game when we were winning 4-2 game over.Honestly if he’d put a tackle in and got booked you’d be moaning about that.Lawrence had another good game and give him credit rather than call him out for one mistake in your eyes
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