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  1. dcfc4ever

    Kelle Roos

    He did to tell us Derby fans that Carson has a slight knee issue.Its nice we have 2 very good keepers to call on when needed
  2. dcfc4ever

    Kelle Roos

    Let’s leave player selection to Mr Lampard
  3. dcfc4ever

    Negative posters

    Most are missing my point Angie,I have no problem about separate posts being critical of tactics,players and score line.Certain posters say nothing postitive what so ever about DCFC.There either Florist fans,doom and gloom merchants,keyboard warriors or just like to wined up our decent fan base.Another theory is how many posters are actually posting with multiple user names and liking there own posts which wouldn’t surprise me in this sad world of social media.Generally the forum is great but it has too many wined ups on here which is a shame for the positive Derby fan base...... this will be like lighting a fuse to some on here....incoming...
  4. dcfc4ever

    Negative posters

    Your obviously a Florist fan on the wined up
  5. dcfc4ever

    Negative posters

    Same old lot who stand out.Firstly there on goal prediction and put Derby down to lose,then there on match day post saying what team selection should be always making changes to Franks team whether we’ve previously won or lost,then if we lose there on posting about this and that player no good,wrong team and all that bull.These posters have hundreds and some thousands of votes.I don’t get it...... we have so much to be postitive about 1) attacking football 2) quality goals 3) young talent 4) sound financially 5) great local chairman 6) ex England international as manager 7) plenty of media attention 8)Ramstv 9) quality training facility 10) success at all team levels 11) January window to come 12) top 6 Franks first season in charge.Lets ALL be positive for 2019 and have faith in Frank and Mel.COYR 🐏
  6. dcfc4ever

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    Them 16 posts had 29 likes so nowt personal just my opinion.Perhaps you would get a few more likes if you weren’t critical of how Mel runs our club and ticket pricing, you could highlight all the positive stuff they do to increase attendances with offers,£30 season tickets for youngsters,family deals,etc,etc.Forest is biggest game of season and prices are about right at the end of the day there a business to make money when and where they can.As for your recent posts about dropping Carson and Lawrence if we carried on like that we’d have no team and no team spirit.All players have off games and Stoke no one played well,add in a poor defence,heavy rain pouring down making conditions really bad for Carson and add in his personal circumstances day before to call for him to be dropped is ridiculous.This is an ex international keeper who was player of the season and only last season Derby fans were singing to him England’s number 1.Lawrence you make similar comments marking him down as a 3 in rating.Perhaps be a little more postitive and your likes will go up 😁
  7. dcfc4ever

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    You talk total garbage-greedy mgt fleecing fans,is this the same greedy mgt that set the prices for Southampton that you posted were good prices.Stop being a hypocrite.There won’t be gaps in seats and our attendance will be over 30k so stop talking bull.You sound like Bris reincarnated
  8. dcfc4ever

    Snakes at the Bet365 Stadium?

    The Inflatable snakes has made the Guardian.From forum idea to national press.Hope we have a few now
  9. dcfc4ever

    Sheff Wed (A) Tickets

    Agree in general ticket prices are too high.Dont agree with your argument about Derby fans we’ve sold close to 3000 tickets and will probably sell out.Also i disagree Derby set the going championship prices and indeed do good regular deals like Villa for example which gave us our largest attendance of season,kids for £30 a season with adult season ticket holders,etc.Derby are no different to any other championship team who have a high regular fan base
  10. dcfc4ever

    Forest at home moved to the Monday

    arch ram I’m guessing your travelling quite a distance to games.Knowing what a great bunch us Rams are it’s worth posting a separate thread about the area you are in UK and if any other Rams are travelling from your area so you could perhaps travel together car share or train/bus.Yes evening games and dark nights aren’t the best for some but if your a Ram I’m sure a lot would welcome your company.
  11. dcfc4ever

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    For any travelling Rams we’ve been told The Vine pub ,152 Roebuck street,West Bromwich B70 6RD is good for food and beers.Its opposite side of motorway but you can walk under motorway via tramline which accesses Halfords street and ground.Street parking on road around pub.Looking forward to a great game of footy from 2 attack minded teams and expecting a few goals.Come on you Rams
  12. dcfc4ever

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    Any suggestions for good away friendly pubs and parking around the Hawthorns would be appreciated
  13. dcfc4ever

    Some Random Thoughts

    My quip about reading posts was a dig at certain posters on here not professional players reading this.Lets hope Lawrence can work his magic and be a fans favourite.Most great players are a little selfish with the ball and as others have pointed out he has a lot of possession so will lose the ball every now and then.Judge him at end of season
  14. dcfc4ever

    Some Random Thoughts

    Your comment was we’re becoming very predictable which implies it’s over several games yet we have only just beat Man U with lots of ability and creativity yet now you don’t want to take that game into account.No one is flying in the championship this year it’s a wide open close league with many ups and downs to come.Derby are not predictable there attack minded with a defence that’s getting better each week and our % of possession improving too
  15. dcfc4ever

    Some Random Thoughts

    You wouldn’t have said were becoming very predictable against Man U would you.We beat Man U only days ago with loads of creativity and you come up with that comment.You need some happy pills G Star.Get a grip

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