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  1. Wow you sound bitter everyone deserves to be able to put past mistakes behind them and move on You close to your mum? you forgiven the other players out that night?
  2. What sentence did you want? Why are they horrible ? Have you met them ? Give them a break and draw a line under it now like the rest of our good fan base,they’ve got young families and need support now not name calling
  3. The time and waffle you spend on here astonishes me
  4. So fake news welsh fans love Lawrence
  5. You obviously weren’t at Barnsley last night have a look at the Huddersfield-Derby highlights take your biased blinkers off spare a thought for a young lad who’s lost a close family member non of us have seen his full potential yet,way it’s going it will be scoring against us in the future.if your from the 80s era you’d have seen a lot lot worse players over the years.His potential is great when he gets his life back in order and nurtured and supported by a good fan base and management team
  6. I think we should all still consider Lawrence has lost his mam at a very young age.I personally still have my mam and can’t imagine what it would be like to not have her around and the effect it would have on me and how long it would take to get over that sad time.For all we know this could have been a contributing factor in so many ways whether good or bad at the time.I feel sorry for him,he’s made a terrible mistake and luckily no one was killed but we should consider all the facts prior to being critical of him and righting him off as a bad person He got loads of grief last season from some fans over his lack of quality yet no one knew his personal circumstances were not good.Now knowing what he was going through I can’t believe he played so well for us and in particular Leeds away when he could have asked not to play He will have my support on and off the pitch
  7. suggesting a Derby player was playing for the opposing team.Shame on you. Lawrence who you picked to start in your line up to face Cardiff on this forum LOL I personally thought Lawrence had a good game,yes he needs a goal for his confidence and also to shut the haters up.
  8. Are you real your willing to bet the 3300 will be there only away game.Bulk of tickets went to away members first.There was many faces there who are regular away travellers.Cocu let our travelling fans down with a team selection not strong enough to play are closest rivals.we can all take losing its the manor of the performance that upsets me. For me the 3300 should have final say on whether Cocu was right or wrong with team selection,positions,substitutions,etc not the part timers sitting at home.Some of our away following will be okay with it but bulk there were very unhappy and rightly so.This was the worst performance I’ve seen at Florist for many a year.International break soon so players can have a rest ( LOL they’ve already had one )
  9. Another let’s have a pop at Lawrence thread.
  10. Anyone else heard it’s done deal from July 1st due to FFP
  11. In this incredible season of footy we have witnessed,it amazes me the negativity from certain posters throughout the season we have had, who’s gone missing from the forum now we’re flying high?
  12. Best wishes Tom and thoughts with you and your family in this sad time
  13. And the winner for....most laughable post of the year
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