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  1. Anyone else heard it’s done deal from July 1st due to FFP
  2. In this incredible season of footy we have witnessed,it amazes me the negativity from certain posters throughout the season we have had, who’s gone missing from the forum now we’re flying high?
  3. Best wishes Tom and thoughts with you and your family in this sad time
  4. And the winner for....most laughable post of the year
  5. We hear nowt positive from you are you a Florist fan ??
  6. I don’t think you grasp this is a 2 leg affair so set up and approach is slightly different to a straight one off game. It’s still all to play for for.Yes Frank would have liked a win but also we didn’t want to lose by too many goals once we went a goal down.We will go all out attack from the off Wednesday and have a fantastic win. in Frank we trust,shame you don’t have the faith
  7. Your critical of our fans and stewards yet @Angieram has told you the Leeds fan was throwing punches so he deserves what he gets.Perhaps you shouldn’t comment when your not even sitting in the north stand and not aware of the actual facts before you post.As for your further posts you sound like a spoilt child
  8. @ Riddings I’m old generation by the way....we were all young once and desperate to see the Rams whether it’s buying tickets from mates,standing around ground touting for tickets,going away games and asking for spares or going in home end many a time. the difference is we didn’t have social media
  9. I’ve no problem with this, good on you. If you don’t ask you don’t get.Hope you have some luck and don’t bite if people don’t like your request. Your post is fair and honest
  10. Findern you writing this about yourself ?
  11. Were just leaving 5 on route Brum centre starting at Shakespeare then cruel around few pubs then taxi to ground.Should be good fun and hope for a mini Covent Garden atmosphere in centre.Come on you Rams
  12. No need to make assumptions when you were born Dec 2010
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