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Sinead O'Connor dead age 56


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Strong woman who was ahead of her time in many, many ways. Great voice and so beautiful. Sadly mirrors Dolores O'Riordan in too many ways.

Society must call out suicide as cause of death - only then will we learn and recognize the factors that lead to it. Very disappointed so many have just air brushed over it as if we still live in a world where we think those who 'commit' (note, commit as in it is a sin) suicide are condemned to eternal damnation. I'm not suggesting it is always in the public interest, and has to be dealt with sensitively - tbf probably more sensitively than the British media could manage - but with Sinead it feels like it has been covered up.

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1 hour ago, Mostyn6 said:

treated like scum by the very people now calling her "Legend", "Brave" and "Icon".

I've read things that point to her taking her own life, which is very distressing to read.


So true, total media coverage here in ROI  while for yeas condemning  her

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