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  1. releif, was absolutely nail biting, we have scrapped staying in the championship, i we all know there has to be changes but lets just enjoy the euphoria of the final whistle and leave the slagging moaning and finger pointing till next week. i wish i could goto a pub to celebrate but we still closed here
  2. LEAGUE DIV 3 Heres for the younger gen z, we have been there before , got the bruises and survived Chandler and Christie goal scored Under 4000 attendance
  3. he is getting behind the team ffs , what do you want him to do, wish them luck.. banter is good , and if it back fires it back fires.
  4. It's down to the starting 11 to battle and win some as that. If one player comes off the pitch with out given 100% then keep on walking. Have to say.... I'm hyped up already for this game, to be in pp on Saturday is what we a wish for right now
  5. Lawrence 🏴󠁧󠁒󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 to score the goals to keep us up.... πŸ‘ 3-0 the rams 🐏
  6. Time for him to move on like many others for himself and Derby. To some he taken the brunt of criticism for the whole of the team. Every manager has picked him no matter what. Which even i find strange. 3 goals since back from injury just 5 behind our super striker ckr on 8. There's all talk how he can change games but he's only ever had one good season at Ipswich.
  7. Yes true, few moaning mancs will mot, but a disruptive protest works.... look back under the 3amigos, RPG I believe it was called got the results
  8. Singing chanting out side would not effect the glaziers, the green and yellow brigade has no effect to date. This today will effect loss of money, fines and cost of damages. This will make the board sit up and think
  9. Game cancelled due to protest... well done to them in my opinion . πŸ‘ πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. to be in PP on Saturday, the pure emotion and the noise would be what every fan should crave for, a roller coaster of the season in 90m the likes of the armchair support will never feel. like it or not this is where we are... roll on Saturday ..... COME ON YOU USELESS RAMS TIME TO DELIVER
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