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  1. better performance imo but sloppy 2nd goal that was sickener. jozwaik was impressive for me. disappointing
  2. at this time i see a long hard season and top half of the table. but really its to soon to judge until the squad is added to
  3. Be happy with this, make it happen 🙏
  4. any one good at art or design??? im making this season stickers up and looking for a ram with a face mask. can any one help?? add a slogan to them if
  5. saunders and goddard worked well and great memories
  6. if this is a best we can go for as for attacking god help us. i seen him few times for wales and 1 good game. if Cocu is going long ball tactics maybe, but other than that lets aim higher ... in skill not height
  7. all cheap flights into gatwick as well .. lovez it
  8. heart - Lawrence 😬 head - Rooney as soon as he started playing we became a better team and started put us on to a charge for the play offs.
  9. and what about us non season ticket holder 😭 who travel to 10 15 home games season from afar ?? the way the uk is going we be back for start of next season .. thats what im hoping
  10. got a point we didn't deserve but hey ho.... on watching this we definitely not ready to go up. slow lack of idea and error at the back... been here before. we better than early in the season but work in progress.
  11. if we beat the dogs Saturday we will finish up in a play off spot...... then 2 play offs with out watching live will be terrible.... but a final
  12. 1-2 Derby wags and only just realized 5pm kick off 🥵
  13. not impressed at all
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