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  1. barmy flags defiantly. had mine done there
  2. Derby county seriously disliked by other clubs 😳 we not Millwall or united ffs, like previously said if you mention you a Derby fan it's more likely response what's going on, not f@#king good on you @##@,@$#@
  3. I remember the white Christmas,
  4. What's are the odds in bookies on staying up,
  5. lets give it a go is all i say, .......... i can here the chant next season already ' -21 we started -21 how sh@t are you all , we didnt go down ' come on you rams BELIEVE
  6. following Derby county can turn you to drugs.... doctor prescribed ones of course 😉
  7. Because DCFC is life, many girlfriends/wives(others) 😉 have come and gone....but Derby COUNTY cannot be replaced
  8. Ram newspaper was start of my love for Derby county , friends of family from Ripley brought it down in early 70s and collected them.. never saved them...Doh
  9. Must be Welsh with a name like Dylan Williams 😉
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