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Ian Holloway

Anag Ram

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As a fellow Bristolian I had a little sympathy with Holloway’s bucolic humour and passion for the game.

However, whether it’s his relative fall from grace or the air in Grimsby I don’t know but he is rapidly turning into a cartoon character.

He comes on Sky like a drunk fan, ranting about how the rich clubs should simply give the poor ones some money and how we should let fans back in (world’s gone crazy etc.) 

I hope he gets his mojo back soon.

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Jeez. 10 posts in and Ian Holloway is being compared to Jimmy Savile. 

Poor bloke,  give it 100 posts and someone will compare him to Patrick Bamford...life is so unfair. 

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Holloway is a great guy in my opinion. Sadly though, his alliance with Sky Sports and them exploiting his quirkiness, has ruined his reputation. A couple of Christmases ago, there was 11 with Holloway, which was 11 successive televised EFL games and Holloway was the pundit on all of them. Very foolish move. He has a bit about him. Don't be surprised if he gets a second wind and brings massive success to a little club.

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