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  1. Imho Austin is content to see his contract out at West Brom get his 70k a week then walk away ... it's possible he's thinking WHY SHOULD I GO AND PLAY IN CHAMPIONSHIP when I can get my wages for doing nothing .. only time will tell
  2. The bid was for his boots alone ..😎
  3. Like the vast majority of us on this forum LOUIE is a Derby fan ... what part of the scinario do you not comprehend WE ALL - - - - - - - HATE LEEDS .... but im sure a fee of £150 million maybe accepted
  4. Should have kept him on for another month ...!!!! I guess Chris Hughton will have them promoted via November
  5. If to be true Congratulations Charlie for sitting on the subs bench or in the treatment room getting your 70k a week for nothing We've had those type of players here 😌... other targets to be found 👍
  6. Cameron Jerome - still without a club .. Not everyones cup of tea ..but some drink coffee 😎
  7. Wouldn't mind Alan Sugar,s net worth being pumped into the club
  8. In Cocu I trust he make an audacious attempt to bring his two mates in on a short term contract BERGKAMP and OVERMARS worth the gamble .... In all scincerity he will get a forward in .!!! Who it maybe is another matter 👍
  9. That MAXWELL had alot to answer for the vile &($& him 👍
  10. Like others on this forum I had to get over Colin Todd and Charlie George both being sold on FAR TO CHEAP .... Getting over there departure made it easy to get over any out going Derby player
  11. It does make my heart bleed that both are poo 😁...long may it reign in Manchester
  12. Better looking than Karen Brady ...👍
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