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  1. Should cost almost a TENNER and player adjustment in Marriott
  2. Couldnt careless what formation we use aslong as it's a winning formation
  3. And we thought our Refs are bad 👍
  4. Still not telling you 😆.... because @Ramarena is a copper incognito
  5. Categorically state it isn't ...but are well that's life 😁
  6. You,d think we,d be use to it our age 😂
  7. I get it ..he called Lionel Pickering to me in a conversation... Had recording phones been about I'd have recorded him 💰
  8. I made a comment about meeting Eric Steele back in the late 90s in another post He,s a two faced hypocrite and as done nothing to change my views on him Can only reiterate he had the audacity to call Lionel Pickering Wish recording phones were out then 💰
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