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Callum Guy (Port Vale)


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1 minute ago, RamsPolls said:

Jesus, Chris Eagles. 

Forgot he even existed. What a wasted talent he was. 

He was at Accrington Stanley haha. 

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I remember Chris Eagles tearing us to shreds on more than one occasion several years ago. Really talented player who has struggled since he was released by Burnley.

Good move for Guy. We're stacked in the midfield department as it is and he really needs game time in a competitve environment (no the under-21's don't count). Will be interesting to see how he gets to grips wwith the physicality of it all as I don't think he's the biggest of people.

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Good move for him

I'm still a bit confused about the whole point of having an academy, though. There doesn't seem to be any obvious route from academy success to first team inclusion

We haven't had anyone new come through to become a first team regular in the last 3 or 4 years (both Will and Jeff made their debuts in 2011 I think). Jamie H seems to be a bit part player nowadays and would Lowe have been given a chance without injuries to our first choice LBs ?

And its interesting that it was Nigel, working under very difficulty circumstances at the club, who gave Will and Jeff  their debuts when both were raw ad very young.

Now that we aren't in such difficult financial circumstances, you wonder how many are slipping through the net.

Managers seem to prefer to bring in proven ability rather than take the time and risk to develop a home grown player (and maybe who can blame them, given the short term pressure on them to get results ? ). Is that  acceptable for the level of investment that must go into the academy ?  It will also no doubt be a huge factor in young players and their parents deciding where to continue their football education. There is no point their developing under a club who will not ultimately give them a chance in the first team.

Loaning out to a lower league club would seem to be a very sensible option - hopefully this is the template for many more. 

But if we aren't prepared to actually give them a chance at first team level after that, then isn't the whole effort futile ?

I'm not knocking the club at all. I would just love to know the philosophy and strategy behind our academy. What is the pathway from academy success to first team involvement ?

And what is the criteria for success of the academy ? How many young players should we expect to be given their chance each season ?

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Will be interesting to see how it works out, good test for him and hopefully he proves himself and comes back to Derby fighting for a first team place.

if they're good enough they're old enough and will get a chance. Lowe was selected ahead of Olsson in matches earlier this season because he looks the real deal. Hanson hasn't had the opportunity recently because when he has previously he hasnt delivered. 

We all want the next Hughes or Hendrick, but in looking for that we overhype some of our youngsters, Hanson is a prime example of this. 

Lowe will be the next one to make it in the first team, hopefully Guy will follow.

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From what I heard expect Vernam to follow, Coventry most likely now we have Nugent. At least these lads are getting games, port vale are a decent side and its a good level :) just hope they do well, I don't remember many of our kids going out doing well on loan.

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