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  1. I hear we let him go for free in return for a stonking sell-on clause when he eventually moves elsewhere.
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    Sense there's a bit of bad blood there despite his very magnanimous answer. Unless there's a bit later on that I've not got to, I think it's a shame they didn't ask him a bit more about that. Although I guess they only had a finite time with him.
  3. Can't wait to see Keogh leading out Wayne fudging Rooney of all players when he makes his debut. Can't think of a more beautiful sight in football.
  4. The difference being Philip Cocu won multiple titles in the Netherlands, while Nigel Pearson's crowning achievement was only playing Mahrez after it became apparent his Leicester side were about to be relegated. Plus I don't think Cocu's ever done anything as bat s crazy as spunking £4 million on Ikechi Anya and replacing Chris Martin with Chris Weale.
  5. This is revisionism of the highest order. He may well have been made up to sign for us and he did start off very well. But after those two goals against Hull he was completely anonymous. He barely attempted anything. I was a huge critic of Johnson as well but at least he tried to pull things off, Butterfield didn't. Wassell decided to go back to Bryson not just because he worked a hell of a lot harder, but because his runs would stretch the play, something Butterfield was physically incapable of doing. And I take issue with your description of Bryson as talentless. He wasn't the most technically gifted player, but he was intelligent and certainly wasn't talentless. Not fit to tie Butterfield's laces? More like the other way around. Lampard gave him a fair crack of the whip like everyone else last season, but decided like several managers before him that there was no room for a slow midfielder with average passing ability and no inclination to try anything imaginative while on the ball. I wish him well and he certainly did get some undeserved stick from the fans, but don't make out like he's some massive loss, because quite frankly he isn't.
  6. Chris Weale was a shocker I'll tell you. Thought we were getting a replacement for Chris Martin, ended up with a half retired goalkeeper only brought in so Pearson had a friend in the dressing room.
  7. You're telling me that my 66 year old mum isn't allowed to bring a flask of coffee with her even when it's a night game or winter? They take their policy and shove it up their arses.
  8. Think Keogh's missed only about four games in seven seasons here. The man's built like the terminator.
  9. A wonderful cover of the Beatles song, I think this outdoes the original, although I'm sure those old enough to remember the Beatles while they were together will disagree.
  10. Can probably make it to this one actually. Not too far from Lincoln to Scunthorpe, just the right distance for a weeknight match.
  11. So our next prime minster is going to be chosen by a group of 200,000, overwhelmingly white, middle/upper class, over 55 year olds who will be the people least affected by Brexit. And the choice these people will make is between two privately educated, upper class over 50s. One of whom has a history of racist comments, conspired to have a journalist beaten up for printing something one of his friends didn't like, wasted ore than £56 million on a non-existant bridge while he was mayor of London, and has recently been recorded in a domestic ditrubance so loud and prolonged that neighbours had the chance to call the police and record it all from the safety of their own home. A man whose words were seized upon by Iran to justify the continued imprisonment of a British mother. The other failed to declare his part-ownership in a housing company, spent more than a year battling with Junior Doctors over their contracts, broke his NHS funding promises and wants to lower the abortion period to 12 weeks (when a lot of fatal conditions can not be spotted yet). One is clearly a lot worse than the other, but I despair at the thought that these two are the best the Conservative Party has to offer.
  12. Imagine if after all this, he says no...
  13. Seen plenty of photos of Waghorn with his family at Disneyland in Florida, think Bennett's gone out there too his kid.
  14. Gloucester Live have written that article so many times it'd come as more of a shock if they wrote he was gonna stay at Derby.
  15. Bogle dammit. Lord knows why I said Lowe.
  16. There's a difference between hoofing it, playing out at the back and just being stupid in possession. There's nothing wrong with playing it out from the back, but you've got to know when to do it and you have to do it with purpose. Too many England players were caught dawdling on the ball and playing lazy passes tonight. I'd like to think Lampard wouldn't stand for that. There has to be a purpose to it and an understanding that sometimes it's okay to lump it clear in order to get your bearings. Keogh is very good at this (most of the time). Most of the time he'll know exactly when he can get away with running forward with the ball, passing it forward or across the backline. Tomori wasn't so good but he definitely got better with it over time last season, as did Bogle.
  17. Meh, what happens happens. Sarri leaves and Frank replaces him - fair enough. I guess Chelsea really are that desperate. Sarri leaves and Frank turns Chelsea down - nice one Frank, cheers for sticking with us until we go through a sticky patch next season and then we'll sack you. Or you go and get us promoted, good lad. Sarri leaves and Frank isn't offered the Chelsea job - see, everyone knows he's not good enough yet, why all the fuss? What does the press know. Sarri doesn't leave and Frank stays - WHAT DOES THE PRESS KNOW? Key linking factor, Sarri has to go, which as far as I can tell has not happened yet. What happens happens. I'm just sat here enjoying the ride because with or without Frank, I'm pretty excited for next season.
  18. Have to say I'm pleased to say Johnson get a new contract. I thought he was superb both before he was dropped by Frank and when he was brought back into the team. Sure there were times when his ball control let him down, but he did a damn sight better than Huddlestone last season playing that holding role. However, I thought with Shinnie coming in Johnson would be going. At the very least one of Huddlestone or Johnson will be leaving this summer I'd imagine. Or maybe both will go. We'll see.
  19. I'd be more concerned if he was Mother Theresa. Mel seems to be many things but I'd hope he's not as cruel as her.
  20. 0Trying to be realistic here about who stays and who goes, I'd like to see this (backup/alternatives in brackets) New GK (Ravas) Bogle (New) Keogh (Davies) New/Tomori (Davies) Forsyth (Lowe) Shinnie (Johnson) Holmes (Bird) New (Sibley) Lawrence (New) Marriott (Whittaker) Waghorn (Bennett)
  21. First of all I'd like to say I'm so sorry for your loss. I can't imagine what you're going through right now, so won't attempt to spout empty platitudes. I would echo what Sage has said and try and spread the message around on both Derby and Villa forums, as well as Twitter if you have it. It probably won't be of any consolation, but hopefully Derby can mark the day in the way your brother would've wanted by returning to the Premier League. I'm sure he'd be watching that with a smile.
  22. No surprises to see that among the old guard it was Keogh who reacted best to being told we needed to step our intensity up.
  23. I suppose I could drag myself down south for this
  24. Got through to the ticket office by phone who said there didn't appear to be any reason why I should be getting that message, so lord knows what's happened there. Also found out on the phone that only tickets in the upper tier were available and ore expensive ones weren't being released until general sale, which seems ridiculous to be honest. You'd have thought as season ticket holders we'd be given the chance to buy the better seats before people wanting to go on general sale but clearly not. Oh well, at least they're quite low down in the upper tier and I was able to get us all sat together. I'm sure I'll forget about it on the day, but can't help being a little disappointed.
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