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  1. I suppose I could drag myself down south for this
  2. Got through to the ticket office by phone who said there didn't appear to be any reason why I should be getting that message, so lord knows what's happened there. Also found out on the phone that only tickets in the upper tier were available and ore expensive ones weren't being released until general sale, which seems ridiculous to be honest. You'd have thought as season ticket holders we'd be given the chance to buy the better seats before people wanting to go on general sale but clearly not. Oh well, at least they're quite low down in the upper tier and I was able to get us all sat together. I'm sure I'll forget about it on the day, but can't help being a little disappointed.
  3. I keep getting some rubbish message about "exceeding limitations", even after I've assigned the tickets to separate Season Ticket Holders. Anyone got any idea how to fix this? Been on hold with the ticket office for ages now.
  4. Does anyone know where would be a good place to park in Leeds for the match? Never been to Elland Road before, so not entirely sure where's best to park. I think I saw White Rose Shopping Centre wasn't too far away, but I'm not sure the car park stays open that late.
  5. Well I've really enjoyed this season so far - although it seems I'm the only one! From what I can tell all the characters have stuck pretty true to themselves. Danaerys has gone from threatening to burn down Mereen to actually burning down Kings Landing without any of her trusted advisors to counsel her and the discovery Jon has a better claim to the throne. Better to rule by fear than love, as she says herself earlier in the episode, and she's pretty damn feared now. Jamie goes back and dies with the only woman he's ever loved and attempting to protect his unborn child - and as the series has constantly shown, he'll do anything to protect his children. Only Euron slowing him down stopped them from escaping. Euron, as he always has been, is more obsessed with reputation than doing the clever thing (ie. running away). Remember what the first thing he did was when he got back? Killed his father and bragged about it. Tyrion, for all his biting remarks, has always been an optimist, which is why he keeps believing Cersei will give up the throne to protect her children and keeps giving rubbish advice on that count. Plus, like Jamie, he loves his nephews and nieces. remember his interactions with Marcella and Tommen in season one? Not so hard to believe he would try at all costs to save his unborn cousin. The Hound died killing his undead brother. No explanation needed. There are others I can talk about, but I don't think I've seen anything this season that I would describe as character assassination. BTW, kudos to the cast. They've played their roles so well this season and last episode in particular. Cersei crying her eyes out when the end comes, Varys taking being burnt to a crisp stoicly and Jon, Tyrion and Arya's looks of incredulity at what Danaerys is doing. Emilia Clarke was also very good.
  6. Hoping it'll make it general season ticket holders as I only made it 9 away games this season 😥
  7. To be fair it was always a two horse race between the pair of them. I would've gone for Keogh myself, but I can't begrudge Tomori winning it. Still, nice to see that the players know how important Keogh is to this team.
  8. Let's be honest, if we have designs of getting out of this league, Marcus Olsson is not the player for it. Good honest pro, will always be remembered for scoring against Forest, but not good enough defensively. When all our left backs are fully fit he's probably right at the back of the queue along with Lowe.
  9. Keogh because it'll make certain members of this forum explode with rage to see him actually get the credit he deserves.
  10. Anyone know who the previous supporters club player's of the year have been?
  11. Hi guys, does anyone have a spare ticket for this one that I might be able to take off their hands?
  12. Forsyth is criminally underrated by most of our fanbase and has been since the moment Clough signed him.
  13. Big fan of Clough calling Michael Jacobs a league two banker haha.
  14. I'm getting the following message on the website when I try and buy a video subscription: Unable to extract customer from JWT. UniqueId 3881 of claim does not match with regisered Unique Id 793. Does anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?
  15. I actually only moved down south in the last year. Before the. I was living back up in Derby so it was a bit more of a trip. It definitely makes some trips easier than others now.
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