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  1. Joe Ledley Signed - Until January

    I'm sure everything I'm gonna say has already been said on here, but I'll say it anyway. Not a fan of this move. How have we managed to get ourselves into a position where we need to sign an ageing midfielder looking for his last payday? At the start of the summer we had Gary Rowett saying that youth was the way forward and that you could expect a lot of energy from his side in the middle of the park. Now we have the slowest midfield in the league with Rowett having let go of all the youth, pace and energy we had in there and failed to replace it. Thorne, Johnson, Huddlestone and Ledley. I've seen faster glaciers than that lot. I don't think Ledley offers anything for us. Can he tackle? We've got Thorne and Johnson for that. Can he pass? We've got Huddlestone and Thorne for that. Can he work hard and press that opposition? We don't have anyone for that, but he can't do that either. He's always played best when surrounded by people who do the running for him. Someone mentioned that Rowett is clearly in charge of transfers. Absolutely correct. No Director of Football in his right mind would sanction signing a 30+ year old free agent on what will probably be a multi year contract. A director of football might wonder why after all this talk of youth and energy our midfield is now significantly older and less energetic than it was at the start of the season. And they might also wonder why after talking about youth and energy half of our signings this season (including this one) are over the age of 30. They might wonder why we now have to sign Joe Ledley on premier league wages (like two other players this season), when we had quite a few perfectly serviceable midfielders at the club already such as Bryson, Elsnik and Butterfield (depending on your disposition towards him). In the words of Shania Twain, that don't impress me much.
  2. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    There's only one man for the job. Martin Albrechtsen.
  3. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    This forum doesn't deserve you or your consistently well thought out and articulate posts Angie.
  4. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    With defensive players, I look at how many points they win us over the course of a season as opposed to how many they lose us because let's be honest, there isn't a defender in the Championship who doesn't have a clanger in them. I seem to remember our very own Curtis Davies playing like a blind man with a walking stick in three games for Hull the season they were promoted. Keogh has won us more points than he's lost us this season, so as far as I'm concerned, he's alright.
  5. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Then quite simply it's the managers fault for continuing to pick him in that case. He's not exactly gonna say "boss, I think Shackell and Davies would be a better pairing, so why don't you drop me". Maybe Keogh is the ultimate litmus test? If you don't drop him, you're a rubbish manager. If you do, you're the chosen one.
  6. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Surely you can't say that Nigel Pearson and Gary Rowett are obsessed with playing it out? They are pragmatic managers who put results over aesthetics (or so we are led to believe). Why did they not get rid of Keogh or drop him if he is as bad as you say?
  7. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Didn't Pearce play right side centre back at Reading, as did Albentosa in Spain? They were bought in as competition for Keogh and failed to improve on him.
  8. Richard Keogh - always got a mistake in him

    Bucko was pretty decent and was better for about a season. Other than that, no one has been better IMO.
  9. Marcus Olsson

    He's 29 years old. Not sure you can be called a work in progress at that age.
  10. Confess your unpopular opinions

    This won't go down well with my usual crowd. Some of the disparity between the percentage of inmates in prisons who are from Black and Ethnic Minorities and their percentage of the overall populatioon is down to the fact that they simply commit more crimes than others. We should be looking at the reasons why they are more likely to commit those crimes if we want to combat that disproportionate figure.. Single parent households (lack of father figures), social upbringing etc.
  11. Kieftenbeld..... has he really signed?

    Damn, he really was perfect.
  12. Is Rowett up to the job

    Even if we were bottom of the league by 5 points?
  13. Derby County v Hull City

    Looking forward to seeing Winnall for the first time and Thorne make the bench. It'll be interesting to see how we do against Hull. Lose and it'll be a season of midtable mediocrity, win and a play-off push I think.
  14. Maikel Kieftenbeld - Never signed.

    I've not seen anything on here about Butterfield that is unlike what you have posted about Russell in the past (although admittedly I don't spend enough time on here to read absolutely everything). It was a good read that and it did cheer me up. Some Wednesday fans are in for a rude awakening if that's what they're expecting!
  15. Game of Thrones - Season 7

    I'm pretty sure the point of the whole show is that honour only takes most people so far and that as soon as the opportunity arises, they'll stick the knife into people they feel have wronged them. Makes complete sense as far as human nature and what the show has told us. Be kind to people while you're on your way up, else they'll stick the foot in while you're on your way down (if you're lucky).

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