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  1. PodgeyRam


    The absolute state of those replies - so many people who can't see the bushes for the trees and are blinded by impatience. If this season is to be a season of transition we should be doing all we can to keep him. People wanting to sell an 18-year-old right back who has rightfully been first choice in that position, in his first full season of professional football and will only get better. There's a reason Dyche, who has a very good eye for a defender is interested and sees him as both the present and the future.
  2. PodgeyRam

    David Nugent

    People going on about missing guilt edge chances but they forget how he can change the game when he comes on from the bench. Againsst Norwich we were out of it and then he plays a massive role in the equaliser at 3-3. Against Southampton we were out of it and then his shrewd movement opens up space for the likes of Marriott, Holmes and Lawrence. If Marriott hadn't missed that sitter he'd have set up the winner against Southampton. He'll be more difficult to replace than a lot of people think. He's still a wily and industrious player who contrinbutes even if his scoring touch has deserted him recently.
  3. PodgeyRam

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    I buckled and went and got a last minute ticket for this. A performance I can enjoy/take the positives from is all I'm wanting to make the 6+ hour round trip worth while.
  4. PodgeyRam

    v Norwich away (Matchday thread).

    In a bid to turn things around if I was Frank I'd consider a change in formation. I'd like to see something like this: Carson Bogle Keogh Tomori Wisdom Huddlestone Evans Wilson Mount Waghorn Marriott I think that would give us some solidity and give Mount and Marriott a better chance of creating something.
  5. PodgeyRam


    Anonymous today and didn't do well enough when tracking back. Waghorn in the for the next game for me please.
  6. PodgeyRam

    Is Lampard just a man in a suit

    No.... He was wearing a tracksuit today.
  7. PodgeyRam

    V Sheffield United (a) match day thread

    Anyone who thinks Keogh had a bad game or is the cause of our defensive problems dimly can't let go of the past and is holding a grudge. The only player willing to make things happen with the ball. Bailed out his fellow defenders on several occasions. He is not responsible for both Tomori and Wisdom giving Sharp a free header and Carson casually folding to the ground. He's not responsible for Tomori completely losing McGoldrick and failing to get back and challenge him. He is not responsible for Bogle losing his man and then deflecting the ball away from Carson. Our wingers did not do enough to combat the threat of Sheffield United's wing backs. Time and time again Bogle and Wisdom were left in two on one situations as Jozefzoon and Wilson didn't help them out well enough. I think Waghorn and Bennett (if fit) would've been a much better fit for this game.
  8. PodgeyRam

    V Notts F*rest (h) match day thread

    I thought Keogh played well. I was a little worried about him coming up against Grabben but thought he marshalled him well. So well that Grabben took to targeting Tomori instead who had a slightly tougher time of it.
  9. I'd like to see Roos given a go, even if it's just in the cups. He's been loaned out time and time again and from all accounts did very well in his last loan spell.
  10. Sounds like I'm a bit of a late starter based on some of the comments on here. My first Derby goal was Arturo Lupoli vs Wrexham in the cup.
  11. PodgeyRam

    Derby County v Aston Villa Match Thread

    The worst part was the ref didn't actually call him on Grealish ran on without waiting and the ref let him get away with it. Should've at least been a booking. Not normally one to criticise the refs but he was horrific yesterday.
  12. PodgeyRam

    Chris Martin

    Really? Jesus, no wonder Hull are struggling with tactics like that. Imagine playing one of the best hold-up strikers in the league on the left wing.
  13. PodgeyRam

    V WBA (A) Match Thread

    I really liked his skill leading up to that chance. Took every touch with his left foot to sucker the defender into thinking he was left footed and giving him more space on his right. Such a shame he slipped at the wrong moment.
  14. Can you just go and swap tickets from the lower tier into the upper tier at the ticket office? Do they give you a choice of which section you can be swapped with, ie. Close to the front of the upper tier?
  15. PodgeyRam

    V QPR (A) Match Thread

    I thought it was a very entertaining game to be honest. Two teams going at it hammer and tongs to get the winner and although the quality wasn't there for a lot of the game (I'm sure the conditions played their part) there was certainly lots of effort. Positives for me: I really liked the look of Marriot. He finally looks like he's nearing full fitness and took his goal really well. He had a proper battle with QPR defence and was a proper thorn in their side. Made several really good tackles to win the ball back and looked to spread the play quickly. Given time he'll do really well for us I think. Wilson looked good when he came on and Huddlestone looked classy. Johnson continues to surprise me with his newfound passing ability. Negatives: Bogle looked very leggy and made the wrong decision time and time again further up the pitch. He's young so of course he's still learning, but he looks to have lost a yard of pace he had earlier in the season. Maybe the international break will do him good to recharge his batteries. Mount also looked leggy. None of his passes were coming off and I think he struggled with the conditions. Maybe like Bogle a but of fatigue is coming into play? Lawrence again looks threatening and again makes the wrong decision every time. Shoots when he should pass. He turns defenders really well and then ruins it by shooting from rubbish angles or when there's too many defenders in the way. Needs to be more unselfish. Tomori did ok for a lot of the game but kept getting caught the wrong side of his man when QPR launched it long. Needs to work on getting goalside. And don't get me started on his horrific misjudgement of a long ball into our box. Nearly gifted a chance for QPR to win it until Fozzy came charging back in to save the day. Davies back in for him after the break please.

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