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  1. I fail to see what bearing his political affiliation should have when he's talking about such a personal issue. Unless only Conservatives with sick children should be able to talk to the Prime Minister during his press tour of a hospital? A press tour he then has the temerity to say isn't a press tour. People piling are the definition of arguing in bad faith. Instead of challenging what he's said, they're attacking him for who he is. Didn't Margaret Thatcher say you know you've won when they started attacking you instead of your argument?
  2. I'm doing a four day trek and I'm hoping we'll get to Machu Pichu nice and early so we miss the day trippers. Saqsaywaman looks incredible, will definitely see if I can give it a visit while I'm there. I'm booked through a company that does these treks so I should at least have a guide so I don't get lost! Need to get my vaccinations in order before I go.
  3. Seems like I'll have to do a bit of training in that case as I'll be walking it, although thankfully I've got two days in Cuzco to acclimatise before setting off on the trek. I think I've luckily managed to nab a permit for Machu Piccu. Really looking forward to it and incredibly I've managed to do it when I won't miss any Derby matches.
  4. Planning on booking a late trip to Peru to walk the Inca Trail. Anyone been before? Any advice?
  5. I'm just bored of Brexit now. I think we should move on to our next incredible scheme - putting the UK on wheels so we can travel round the world trading with whoever we want.
  6. I did feel a bit sorry for him yesterday as Lawrence was giving him no options at all and then when he did, he'd lose the ball meaning Malone would have to track back. However, that mistake for the second goal is terrible. There's a time and a place for that kind of play it certainly wasn't then. Then to make things worse he lost his head and tried to take on the entire Bristol midfield seconds later to make up for it, only to lose the ball and help them launch a counter attack. He needs to be smarter. I reckon he'll lose his place when Bogle is back. If Forsyth was fit, I reckon he'd have lost it already.
  7. To be honest, I don't really see what he brings to the team. Is he meant to be a creative outlet higher up the pitch? Is so, he's too one footed and his passing isn't good enough to make it work. Is he meant to be a deep lying playmaker? His passing range isn't good enough and his carelessness on the ball creates problems (think it was last night when he deliberately and definitely turned back into the crowd of players instead of the space, gifting Bristol a counter attack). Is he meant to be a terrier? He doesn't have the work rate, stamina and tenacity to do that. At the moment, he's just a body filling space, not doing much. And we can't really afford that.
  8. Despite Marriott's goal, which was very good, Bennett was actually our most productive player. Nearly scored after being put through by Huddlestone, but denied by a god tackle and delivered a wicked cross that Lawrence forced a wonderful save from the goalie from. Think it was harsh for him to be substituted in favour of Lawrence.
  9. I hear we let him go for free in return for a stonking sell-on clause when he eventually moves elsewhere.
  10. PodgeyRam

    Ex Rams

    Sense there's a bit of bad blood there despite his very magnanimous answer. Unless there's a bit later on that I've not got to, I think it's a shame they didn't ask him a bit more about that. Although I guess they only had a finite time with him.
  11. Can't wait to see Keogh leading out Wayne fudging Rooney of all players when he makes his debut. Can't think of a more beautiful sight in football.
  12. The difference being Philip Cocu won multiple titles in the Netherlands, while Nigel Pearson's crowning achievement was only playing Mahrez after it became apparent his Leicester side were about to be relegated. Plus I don't think Cocu's ever done anything as bat s crazy as spunking £4 million on Ikechi Anya and replacing Chris Martin with Chris Weale.
  13. This is revisionism of the highest order. He may well have been made up to sign for us and he did start off very well. But after those two goals against Hull he was completely anonymous. He barely attempted anything. I was a huge critic of Johnson as well but at least he tried to pull things off, Butterfield didn't. Wassell decided to go back to Bryson not just because he worked a hell of a lot harder, but because his runs would stretch the play, something Butterfield was physically incapable of doing. And I take issue with your description of Bryson as talentless. He wasn't the most technically gifted player, but he was intelligent and certainly wasn't talentless. Not fit to tie Butterfield's laces? More like the other way around. Lampard gave him a fair crack of the whip like everyone else last season, but decided like several managers before him that there was no room for a slow midfielder with average passing ability and no inclination to try anything imaginative while on the ball. I wish him well and he certainly did get some undeserved stick from the fans, but don't make out like he's some massive loss, because quite frankly he isn't.
  14. Chris Weale was a shocker I'll tell you. Thought we were getting a replacement for Chris Martin, ended up with a half retired goalkeeper only brought in so Pearson had a friend in the dressing room.
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