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  1. PodgeyRam

    Man Utd (A) Carabao Cup Tickets

    Anyone know how many tickets are left? Just found out I might be able to go, so hoping tickets won't be sold out by the time I get them tomorrow.
  2. PodgeyRam

    Welsh Wizard.

    Fine margins except he was nowhere near the ball at any point. Didn't get within five yards of it.
  3. PodgeyRam

    Few idiots spoil the day

    They were idiots. I counted at least three seats thrown from the stand. One of them hit a lady who got a massive cut to the back of the head. A man who I think was stood next to her had his shirt covered in blood and a young lad next to her spent the rest of the second half crying his eyes out. One man in front of me looked like he was about to go up there and lynch them himself and to be honest I wouldn't have stopped him. Reckless,stupid, braindead behaviour that should be punished with a permanent ban from all Derby games and prosecuted by the authorities. Fortunately the lady seemed just mainly shocked was able to walk out bleeding, but if it had hit her differently she could have been knocked unconscious or worse.
  4. PodgeyRam

    v Rotherham United (A) Match Thread

    Thought the defence as a whole played well and did well to deal with the aerial barrage of Rotherham. Bogle was my man of the Match, a superb performance by him, especially after Lawrence got sent off. Keogh and Tomori played well and I think Forsyth also played well although I didn't see what happened for the penalty clearly. The midfield balance was wrong and none of attackers got into the game. Marriott was an improvement over Waghorn as was Bennett over Jozefzoon. That Lawrence tackle was absolutely stupid from him. As soon as he did I said that the only reason for him not to be sent off was if the ref bottled it, which he didn't. Lampard knew exactly what he was doing when he got sent off and I applaud him for telling the linesman some home truths. That linesman was appalling all game and if he'd been half as proactive as his counterpart on the other side of the pitch we'd have had a penalty for handball. Also, we have some absolute cretins in our fan base. Some lad threw a chair from the top of the stand and it hit some poor lady on the back of the head. She had a huge gash and had to be escorted out by the stewards. That's not even to mention all the chants about peados coming from a sizable section of our support. Idiots.
  5. Any London match would be great for me, preferably West London though.
  6. PodgeyRam

    Matej Vydra - Signed for Burnley

    Funnily enough I think Vydra not leaving might have saved Martin and Jerome. It's clear to see the money from the Vydra sale was going towards Waghorn who is an absolute brick of a man. Thicker than he is tall. With Waghorn not coming Lampard will be forced to look at strikers who offer something slightly different. He's already got Nugent (experience, knack of knowing where to be), Marriott (finisher) and Vydra (finisher). He might look to Jerome or Martin to be his option if he wants a hold-up striker.
  7. I like Craig Bryson. Football would be a better place if most players had his attitude.
  8. Yeah, the back of Keogh's head sure is beautiful.
  9. We've got a thread about which Derby signings people were wrong about., with some interesting answers. I was wondering which signings people were absolutely spot about? Tell us, who proved you absolutely right. I'll start: That Bueno chap looks good, but he won't deal with the cold. A cold winter's night in Burnley proved that right.
  10. PodgeyRam

    Cameron Jerome - Signed for Göztepe

    Sell sell sell. He's a striker who relies on his strength and pace who's the wrong side of 30. Any money we get for him should be gratefully received for the gift it is.
  11. PodgeyRam

    It must be time for another Chris Martin post?

    Chris Martin is consistently the first player back through the doors at Moor Farm, often coming back in before pre-season starts. Sounds like Lampard would like that attitude.
  12. PodgeyRam

    If it’s Frank

    Have it on good authority it's going to be announced at 9am.
  13. PodgeyRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Earlier in the year we were asked whether Rowett should be sacked, should keep his job or weren't sure. I said I wasn't sure because I didn't think the club could afford to sack him and bring a replacement in. Well, consider my prayers answered. Not only is Rowett gone but we didn't even have to sack him, we got paid handsomely for him. What a deal by Mel. I've not often praised him, but that's a good deal. Now let's just hope his next appointment is better.
  14. PodgeyRam

    Who is feeling positive for DCFCs future?

    Not a bad shout that... Doesn't he have a higher win percentage as Derby manager than Rowett?
  15. In part they are basing it on that. But they will alsoo be basing it on things such as what players have told their agents, what players have told their colleagues etc. There's a whole ecosystem within football that we, as members of the general public, do not get to tap into to form our opinions. Journalists such as John Percy and Alan Nixon (to a lesser extent) do. Hence why we all go them for information.

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