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  1. Linekers salary

    Let's say Huw Edwards gets paid £600,000 a year, as has been published in the papers. He presents the BBC News at 10 for five days a week, 52 weeks a year. By my estimate that would mean he earns £2307 a day or £288 an hour (for an eight hour day). However, this does not take into account the fact that he also hosted (until very recently) the Wales Report on BBC Wales. He also did a a series of programs for the BBC covering the Aberfan disaster. The reason he got paid more than nearly everyone else is because he's the flagship presenter for the BBC's flagship news program five days a week and that he does other programs. This is before you even get into how much work actually goes into making those programs. He doesn't simply read off the autocue, he helps to write the script. He deals with any breaking news/late changes to the script that happen while he's on air and he does it while giving nothing away to the audience. He actually hosts two hour long programs on the day - one at 5pm on the News Channel and the usual 10pm one on BBC One.
  2. Linekers salary

    Without knowing the wages that commercial broadcasters pay their presenters/journalists I think it's pointless really. Comparing the two would be a better way of gauging if the BBC gets value for money.
  3. Pre Season Woosah's

    Yes it does. An awful lot of money spent (I'd wager over £6 million), and all of it failed to buy a better winger than a striker playing out of position who was bought for £750,000
  4. Pre Season Woosah's

    Ah, I see we're back onto the Johnny Russell debate. You can bring up his lack of goals all you want (I'll admit he was disappointing in that regard last season), but no player has forced him out of the side yet, and that's on them. His defensive work is far superior to the rest of our wingers. Until the likes of Weimann, Anya and Blackman show that their attacking ability makes up for their lax defensive work, then Russell will always have a place in the team.
  5. Dr Who

    I'm guessing my comment earlier was a bit too close to the knuckle?
  6. Bryson, Butters, Bradders

    Keep Bryson, bring Elsnik into the fold, Sell Johnson and Buttefield.
  7. Keogh, Pearce, Shackell

    Keep Keogh, bench Pearce, sell Shackell/pay him off if we don't get any offers for him.
  8. Tour De France

    What a fantastic stage today was. Non-stop action from start to finish. Not entirely sure why Froome was chasing down Landa - he should have just let the other GC contenders do the work to reel him in. Maybe he was trying to prove a point?
  9. Tom Lawrence

    Particularly in politics, people on Twitter tend to be quite engaged, whereas on Facebook I don't think they are to quite the same extent. If you can stomach dissenting views, Twitter is great, but a lot of people don't. Besides, Facebook's humungus user base gives a much better representation of public opinion I think.
  10. Tom Lawrence

    Just to add to your point a bit - Facebook is a lot better than Twitter when looking at what the public is thinking. Twitter can be a truly incredible echo chamber.
  11. Signed: Tom Huddlestone 2 year deal

    That would be the slowest midfield in the Championship and I think we would get slaughtered on the break because of it.
  12. John Eustace

    That and if Bucko hadn't got injured. And if Martin hadn't got injured. And if Grant hadn't got injured. Jesus that was a s**t show.
  13. Tour De France

    I wasn't riding with anyone unfortunately. Serves me right. I'd be up for it, if anyone else is?
  14. Tour De France

    I am, but I always forget to use it.. Case in point - I did the Velothon in South Wales yesterday and forgot to turn it on!
  15. Tom Lawrence

    That's interesting. Here he shipped out our only half-decent one.

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