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  1. Whitbread was actually signed by Rush after Clough left but before McLaren arrived, so don't think we count him as McLarens. Seem to remember he started in thr 4-4 draw against Ipswich (may have even scored)
  2. Buchanan offered numerous overlaps for him today, which he just refused to take advantage of. It's not difficult to push the ball out wide so the overlapping full back can cross it in, but he seems unable to see this. To be honest, I don't know why after three years of it I'm still getting frustrated - it's clear he'll never learn, not unless a manager makes the mind blowing decision to drop him so he can actually reflect on how he can improve. My mum often says footballers aren't the cleverest of people, and I would say Tom Lawrence is the epitome of this.
  3. It doesn't help when Lawrence is intent on shooting from 30 yards or trying to dribble through five opposition players at every opportunity. Honestly don't know what it takes for him to be dropped.
  4. We've changed management team (or have we?), but not much has changed on the pitch. We're still bottom and desperately need a win. Typical that we'll be up against Neil Warnock, a man famous in my household for wearing white socks and having no eyebrows. He's also, I'm reliably informed, a decent manager whose teams are difficult to play against. Joy. Will Rooney, Rosenior, Given and Walker be able to make these players remember they are allowed to shoot and score goals? Will Tom Lawrence remember how to make a single correct decision on the ball? We'll find out. My
  5. I feel like I say this every season, but I am so f-ing tired of seeing Tom Lawrence run into traffic and make the wrong decisions time and time again. Absolutely kills any kind of momentum or promising attacks we might have.
  6. I've had enough of Lawrence running into dead ends. Could we please drop him and put Waghorn on the right and try someone else upfront?
  7. I just feel sorry for him at this point. He's put up with so much stuff off the pitch that wasn't his fault and dealt with it as best he could. For whatever reason it just hasn't worked out on the pitch - I think the players who have been available have massively let him down since the back end of last season and at the start of this one. As much as I would love for him to stay and turn it around, I simply can't envisage a scenario where that happens - there's too much water under the bridge, especially with the new owners coming in. I have to say, I really dislike that articl
  8. I can understand the disappointment especiallly when you think we've seen had months to replace Martin and could have just kept him in the first place. But I much prefer this signing to Austin or Zohore who are on monster wages and in Austin's case have fitness issues.
  9. Not that it was likely but I don't think Ibe's there today. Posted a picture on his instagram showing at the training ground this morning.
  10. Got a feeling this will be announced tomorrow. Saying that it doesn't seem like he's the type of player who's going to come in to the first team immediately. Might have to wait a while for him to make his mark a la the other under 23s.
  11. I think Buchanan has a decent future ahead of him, but I don't think anyone could say with a straight face that Forsyth would've been worse than him today.
  12. As has often been the case over the last couple of seasons, it's far more enjoyable watching our youth teams than the seniors. Looks like it's going to be the same again this season.
  13. What is so frustrating is that every week on Rams TV Shane Nicholson goes on and criticises the players for not working hard enough (bang on assessment by the way). Given he's now on the coaching staff, why has this not been sorted? It doesn't take a tactical genius to figure that out. Do Cocu and the rest of the staff not see it? Does Nicholson tell the other coaches and they disregard it? Or do the players simply not take it on board? Whatever it is there's something seriously wrong at the moment and you wonder what's seriously going to change it? When you have your experienced pl
  14. Marshall - 7 Couldn't do anything about the goals and kept the score semi-respectable. Byrne - 3 Decent going forward but the amount of time Brereton ghosted in between him and Te Wierik was ridiculous. And never got remotely close to him in the air by virtue of being about 4ft tall. Te Wierik - 2 Awful. Never got to grips physically or mentally with Armstrong or Brererton. Summed it up when he went sliding in for the ball, bottled it and simply pushed it for Armstrong to run onto. Looks poor on the ball too. Why drop Clarke? Wisdom - 3 Rubbish. Dealt with
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