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Arsene Titman

Razza Camara

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30 minutes ago, Dcfc10 said:

Not in squad at weekend he's bin taking tips from Martin lol or the club didn't want him injured.

But surely ...'the Camara never lies'...


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I like the look of him in the few glimpses I've seen... However Smacca is starting Russell and Ince ahead of him... And seems to mostly bring Wiemann in instead of Russell...

Suggests to me they don't think he's got enough covering ability as the modern winger needs to be able to mark the opposition full back as well... Or at least take them out of the game in some way...

Great option for the last 20-30 mins of a game but no player is going to be happy just being a super-sub

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As a winger he's brilliant. As a Derby winger? not at all. Our wingers seem to play as forwards, while our full backs act as the traditional 'wingers'. Camara's endgame always seems to be get to the byline and cross, but under Mac he's always played with wingers that like to cut in and head for goal. When he did come on he didn't seem to drive for goal, always went to the corner, so he's brilliant to see out games, not so much when we're attacking in early play

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To be honest I wouldn't be too fussed if he stays of goes. I'm of the opinion that he's no better than Russell or Weimann. Not as fast, strong or willing to take on his man and get past them. And defensively he doesn't offer the same kind of cover those two do.

Maybe we just haven't seen enough of him, but personal reasons might suggest a problem for him back in France and that might the reason for the move. If we get our money back for him, that would be a good deal considering he hasn't had much time on the pitch.

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5 minutes ago, Animal is a Ram said:

Sounds Albentosa-esque.

Are we not doing enough to settle foreign players in?

Our foreign youth players, who many would argue are more difficult to keep happy seem to be doing OK.

I think it's more just the Derby/English lifestyle not sitting too well with wives/girlfriends/children who have gotten used to a different one. It is a very big change for those people and if the player isn't exactly setting the world alight on the pitch, or not even getting on it, I think the next step for most families would be to look for a return. 

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