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  1. I heard it on RD last night - it was Ed Dawes who said that MM is not in good health . It’s news to me and I can’t find anything on it.
  2. According to the Derby Telegraph, he will command significant compensation because the club developed him . Also saying that the club thinking of £multi million fee. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/Derby-county-manchester-united-liverpool-4891046
  3. Listening to Sportscene on RD tonight, Ed. Dawes twice said that Mel Morris’s “health is not good”. This is news to me, could someone enlighten me on the details please?
  4. So you assume that if A) fails, Mel Morris will no longer support the club and pay the wages. Mel Morris is better than that . Money would be tight and we could forget big spending on transfers until such time as we find another buyer, but he will not abandon the club.
  5. Does he meet eligibility criteria or will it be another Serdar Dursun?
  6. Using Google Translate: “Serdar Dursun: My manager is meeting with Beşiktaş and Trabzon 2 league team played in Darmstadt, Germany 98 29-year-old striker Serdar Dursun has announced that the bids received from Turkey. News Center 06.01.2021 - 11:55 Update: 06.01.2021 - 12:10 Share on WhatsApp Follow on Google News Previously Shanliurfaspor our country, Eskisehirspor, who played for teams like Manchester City and Karagümrük, while Serdar Dursun returning to Germany in 2016, again to Turkey gelebi. The striker, who played in Germany's 2nd league team Darmstadt 98, announced that he had rece
  7. News presenters break news, weather presenters break wind.
  8. Is it now clear, under the FA’s new rules on overseas players from 1st January, that the player would not meet the necessary requirements to be able to join us? (Always assuming that it is still what DCFC and the player want)
  9. Well One Chop’s post today is actually more positive than his post on 13th December, just 8 days ago ”It's gone beyond the point now where we can keep making excuses for the delay. It's not happening, close the thread”
  10. Sort of entertaining but also irritating. More knee jerks than a knee trembler.
  11. Memorable for all the wrong reasons. Opening game of the season and at Pride Park against Stoke City. We lost 0-3 and it sticks in my memory as being possibly the worse performance in all the time I have been watching the Rams. I say possibly because I have been watching them since the end of the 1950s
  12. As soon as you mentioned Igor, the dream became a nightmare
  13. The HITC article is a month old
  14. Sadly, the site is showing Derby County baubles as out of stock.
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