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  1. I’m not convinced. He’s 29 but has only made 235 career appearances and in only 3 seasons did he make more than 20 league appearances. Added to that he hasn’t played for the QPR first team since January following a knee injury.
  2. Tax evasion is illegal. What our club, and numerous other businesses practice, is tax avoidance which is completely legal.
  3. I have to admit I’m confused. There are two new and contradictory articles from the Derby Telegraph this morning- one says that we have a transfer embargo and cannot sign anyone whilst the other states that we can sign free agents and loan players. Which is it? I am guessing that the central issue concerns the number of players “of professional standing” we already have and whether or not the academy players who played in the Chorley cup tie are counted as players of professional standing. Any clarification gratefully received.
  4. Glad to see this topic unlocked. Potential American takeover of the club is certainly topical.
  5. From the Derby Telegraph tonight: EFL decision and what it means for Derby County's transfer embargo and signing players The Rams are currently operating under a transfer embargo BySteve Nicholson 22:26, 2 JUL 2021UPDATED22:29, 2 JUL 2021 Derby County's transfer embargo remains in place despite the decision by the EFL not to appeal the verdict handed down to the Rams by an independent disciplinary panel last week. The Rams were fined £100,000 and ordered to resubmit three years of accounts for 2016, 2017 and 2018. There was no mention of a points' deduction at the time but that remained a possibility as the EFL had the right to appeal, as did the club. Furthermore, the EFL said it had developed an interchangeable fixture list for next season for Derby and Wycombe Wanderers, while the disciplinary process is finalised. Wycombe were relegated on the final day of last season while Derby survived, finishing one point and one place above Wycombe. But a statement released by the EFL on Friday said they remained "disappointed" with the decision of the independent disciplinary commission that fined Derby, but had "regrettably determined that there are insufficient grounds to appeal the sanction". Derby are under embargo for the non-submission of accounts and resubmitting the three years of accounts cannot happen overnight, but the club and the EFL are looking to work together to resolve the matter and find a way to move forwards, DerbyshireLive understands.
  6. Derby Telegraph reporting that Waghorn is in talks with Coventry
  7. I’ve already rightly applauded your post. Just a couple of questions though- once we submit 3 years revised accounts in accordance with EFL accounting rules, if we then exceed the £39m losses over that 3 year period, should we not expect a further charge with a possible points deduction for the forthcoming season ? Also, if you are right and the EFL don’t pursue an appeal against the current £100k sanction, is the soft transfer embargo lifted once we have paid up? If so, presumably it would be reimposed if the club exceed the £39m 3 year losses in the revised accounts and the EFL pursued the matter.
  8. You can go through Mavis Enderby in Lincolnshire
  9. You can call me a grammar pedant but I don’t care. This “appealing a decision “ drives me mad so I’m glad to see that John Percy correctly says “appeal against this decision “. “Appealing a decision” is almost as bad as saying “of” instead of “have”.
  10. On one of the photos on the Twitter thread, is that Mel Morris with Southall? The bloke with the mobile phone looks dodgy as well.
  11. I think you may be have overlooked checking the table. Sheff Weds have to beat us to finish above us. On the other hand, if we draw and Rotherham win then Rotherham go above us on goal difference and we are down.
  12. I don’t profess to know anything much about zonal marking but it is clearly not working for Derby County. That being the case, why haven’t we changed to man for man marking?- it’s probably too late to change now and, of course, the team maybe just as bad at man to man marking. Is zonal marking still prevalent in the top 2 divisions and what are its perceived advantages? As a layman, I would have thought that giving each player a nominated opposition player to mark would be much simpler , particularly at set pieces.
  13. A no brainer- option 1. We can change manager if we start the season badly. The only downside would be that Rooney will have already recruited a load of players
  14. Just watched the entire video- Ian Evatt is very impressive. I’d like to see him at Derby and he’d snap our hand off.
  15. https://the72.co.uk/232849/Derby-county-takeover-alonso-facing-efl-quiz-with-oktohari-links-now-central-to-investigation/ When you think things can’t get any worse. Not the best weekend
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