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Eric Bristow


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1 hour ago, Paul71 said:

Think all that beer he drank when playing darts has killed his braincells completely, what a ****

He only had a single 20 to start with, and that bounced out.

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11 hours ago, David said:

Dropped by Sky Sports, apparently darts is a sport and they cover it, thought it was a pub game myself but anyhow, no surprise they won't be using his punditry anymore....


Oh dear, should've called him the nugget not Steve Davis

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12 minutes ago, Mostyn6 said:

my old workmate used to play him for money and paid up every time he lost, the one time he won, Bristow refused to pay up. Hated him since. Probably disliked him before.

He must be skint, explains why he asked for 5k to appear on BBC to explain his comments. 


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On 29/11/2016 at 23:01, uttoxram75 said:

Met Eric once at his Crafty Cockney pub in Stoke.

He was a raite wanka then as well.


7 hours ago, Angry Ram said:

Most of us Cockenys are mate.. 

Thought you were more left leaning wanka's gentleman.

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