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Boxing Thread


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I like boxing, having watched the sport previously before taking it up - great fintess sport!

But I'm not deluding myself into thinking it has a good set-up. It's rubbish.

World class boxers should be able to fight at least three or four times times a year, not once a year.

There are so many world class welterweights out there (I'm a welterweight - 63kg so take a big interest in this weight class) that it baffles me why a league table isn't set up so that they all fight each other and the best man wins.

Imagine Mayweather, Khan, Pacquiao, Thurman, Brook, Marquez, Alexander, Garcia, Maidana, Guerrero, Matthysse, Timothy Bradley, Brandon Rios etc. all in a group fighting eachother.

The problem with boxing is it's all rankings, belt holders choosing who they want to fight. You miss out on so many good fights. Why can't Brook fight Khan in January, Matthysse in May, Thurman in September and Maidana in the following January in a league system going over three or four years?

Why can't this happen? Instead Brook will wait probably one year, fight a nobody before getting his Mayweather shot in 2016. It's ridiculous and so many good fights out there are not happening.

As for Mayweather, The guys is a world class defensive boxer but better than that he'sa  disliked figure meaning everyone wants to see him lose. He earns just too much money for such a predictable outcome.

Anyone who thinks the outcome of May's 'superfight' is goign to be anythign different than a comfortable Mayweather points win is deluding themselves. He can't be beaten unless by a knockout. The judges will always favour him (it's a business aferall!) and he only needs to win 7 rounds by points.

As for Golovkin - he's an immense fighter. How feckin pointless that he won't be able to knock Carl Froch's head off because Eddie Hearn as already said the fight doesn't make enough money. That's the deciding factor, it's not entertainment, not a sport, It's money. Everyone knows GGG would hammer Froch, but it will never happen because it's there is no incentive for Froch to risk losing because the money isn't there - how wrong is this perspective on sport?

If Football was like Boxing, they'd cancel 80% of the PL's matches - West Brom vs Stoke! - because it's not a money spinner.

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​why is it costing you that much? Hope you get beers and food, and strippers thrown in at that price!?!?!

Lol.My cable company here are charging 99.99 for fight(Splitting that with a friend) plus beer and food comes to about 100 bucks.


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I don't 'hate' Mayweather,I just highly dislike him.The way he carries himself,personality,etc makes it very easy to dislike him.

If people like him,their business,I just personally see no reason to whatsoever.

I mean he came out and said he is better than Ali was? Get a grip.Yes perhaps just playing to media a bit...but I honestly thinks he believes it.

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Mayweather on points in a boring tippy-tappy encounter. Just like every Mayweather fight.

He is TBE in my opinion, because he's unstoppable. Nobody can beat him.

Sure Ali and the likes were far more exciting to watch, but on a results basis, Mayweather is not only undefeated, he wins boxing matches at a canter and his media work is top notch.

Everyone pays PPV to hopefully see Mayweather lose. Not because anybody actually finds his fights great.

His recen wins over canelo, Guerrero, Maidana, Otiz etc. were so tedius. His best fight in recent years was against Cotto, at least he looked slightly vulnerable in that one - if only for a few moments.

I'm team Manny, love watching his fighting style. But he'll unfortunately just get outclassed tonight.

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