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  1. Kept the ( soon to be) great Bobby Smith at bay that day. Cool grandad to have.
  2. This by a country mile. I pity the poor fools who didnt get to see it. Close the thread.
  3. Cheats deserve to Be more than heckled and derided. He would be gone gone if it was up to me.
  4. Thats just stats. You can pass a ball five yards sideways to a full back or better passing centre half all day long and get decent stats. Our football requires far more than that. You need to be almost as good as a midfielder.
  5. Ok Camero....well for the benefit of you or any other thread barristers, what I should have said is, " since ive watched Curtis over many years its never struck me that his ability to pass well or select a correct pass regularly is one of his strengths. Therefore, if his current club which is our beloved Derby insist that we play a style requiring accurate and correct passing from both centre halfs then it might be better to have players that can do that well"! Everyone happy?
  6. Ive just seen a beast of a lad in an Arsenal shirt at Uncle Toms cabin.
  7. Like many others Ive watched him for years at Birmingham or Hull and a good season at Derby. He is a tough battling centre half with a huge heart but passing isnt his strength. Its not just accuracy either, its selection of pass. Id rather get players in who can " play" if the style is going to be play out from the back, fast, get it forward quick.
  8. I think since we started playing out from the back he has been awful. Its not his strength. Admit he has not played much recently but for example in his pre season friendly showings his pass rate had been quite poor.
  9. The style of Davies!!! This lad can pass a ball. Have you seen Curtis passing?
  10. Was your dad a scout or in football then mate?
  11. I could hear that story Carl.
  12. Putting Don Revie in charge of England.
  13. Thanks Rynny. So there have been quite a few then.
  14. Id be interested to know in ODI how many games have actually had to use the Super Over to decide the winner. Anyone know??
  15. Loved reading this today from about page 11. He doesnt need to eat the cricket bat for me, we are all the same worried, anxious, nervous, rollar coaster fans in one way or another. I was relieved Eddie was watching genteel stuff out at Chesterfield. Anyone over 55 could have been in trouble watching that. Bleedin heck England, when we actually win stuff we dont like easy street do we. 66 extra time, 03 Johnny,s last minute wonder goal... and then this. Im actually lost for words. Such drama. And boy have we had a season, year of sporting drama. Its been amazing since Jan. Liverpool and Spurs games, then THAT last match v Leeds. But this was the most crazy I have ever seen. Well done England, thanks. Its been emotional.
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