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  1. England wouldnt miss that many tackles I dont think or any of our 10s be so brainless in game management. Well done Japan. Be so SO fun to have a tier 2 team out of the group.
  2. We are not and never will be the new Notts Forest. We have more than 12000 fans for a start.
  3. Im there too mate. First one for me this year.
  4. Not sure whether to laugh or cry. In shock at the sheer stupidity of it all.
  5. Right. Does it involve multi idiots, brainless cretins, range rovers and alcohol.
  6. He has a brother called Cuntacunto. Footballer. Plays for Leeds.
  7. Dont worry for the England game if you think the commentry team have tourettes. They really do have a player called Fukafuko.
  8. Watched every minute so far. Been brilliant even though there is a gulf in class between the tiers. I fancy the winners are coming from All Blacks, England, Springboks.
  9. Can we add the match commentator too. He made it very special, i think he had to change his underpants at least five time during the first 80 mins. He even describes Leeds as like Johan Cruyffs Dutch team of the 70s at one point. I lost count how many times he told us that Derby have not even had a touch of the ball in the Leeds penalty area. Well, we had one that I recall, Then finally there was the comment, cant remember word for word, but along the lines of " if Derby get anything out of this game it would be a complete trsvesty and they should be forced to hand the points over" Hope you are choking in yer cornflakes this morning you complete and utter nob end.
  10. England have a strong squad but we have been inconsistent in the last 2 years. Looking at big back to back group games v Argentina and France then a potential 3 more big games...thats a problem I think.
  11. " Avenge May"Never, cant be done. Whupping us 25 - 0 for the next 100 years wont avenge May. In terms of the long running Leeds/ Derrby rivalry it was Game, Set, Match and Goodnight Sweetheart. Cocu could get us promoted, win the Premier league and five european cups and it STILL wont be better than the best football night of my life.
  12. Counting the hours now to RWC and almost a month vacation. Whoop whhhoooop. Winner coming from England - Springboks - All Blacks Showing up better than expected Australia - France Talking lots and doing diddly squat Gatlands bunch.
  13. See ya Smith you twit. Walky walk time.
  14. Dont care how good a player he was for Derby. He went down in my opinion when he was earning well on the back of flogging Brian Cloughs desperate alcoholic plight. Now he gets busted drink driving, first class toss pot.
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