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  1. I come on here to see if Franks gone yet, and end up finding out what you are all scoffing and that Eddie has been on a pub crawl!! If you cant beat them, join them... Its kabanos hot dogs in sexy Sweden tonight.
  2. Disagree. The intent ( Boothroyds masterplan Im guessing) was to run everything by Maddison, who was awful, therefore render anyone else in midield a bystander. As bad a performance by any level of England team that I have seen since Iceland defeat. Shocking.
  3. India v Pakistan had 750,000 applicants for match tickets and over a billion global tv audience. Yup, its got some fans.
  4. I was relaxed when The Doc became Derbys manager.
  5. As far as I know, Sarri is still Chelsea boss. Let me know when he isnt.
  6. Twas truly a thing of beauty. Revenge being a dish best served cold. Some of you younger ones dont like them for spygate, taunting chants etc. Us older ones have a pathalogical hatred for them since the 1970s. Too many reasons to mention. There are plenty of books about it. But to see them lying there on the grass, beaten, humbled, crying, cancelling booked hotels and train journeys.... for 50 years Ive seen us play in some remarkable games but nothing, nowt, nada, zip gave me more satisfaction than this win.
  7. The most uninteresting article of the year award goes to Mr Burns who also scooped the scraping the barrell award on the same night.
  8. Ahhhh....fame at last. And how do you/ they know Im not Ashley Cole.
  9. If they are starting with Adomah then no problem. I can play there.
  10. Would that be a blue dustbin?
  11. Not sure I can cope with a penalty shoot out v them....
  12. Toddy still at Derby end of 77 season?
  13. They did play in NASL but not for Cosmos. Think George played for LA.
  14. Yeah, but i never saw him play for any of them. Not cool enough. New York Cosmos remember. Cruyff, Pele, Neeskins, Alberto.
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