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  1. StockholmRam

    What You Heard in the Stand?

    Sometime in a far away time, a bad bad time where we kept losing in the last minute of games, this particular game we were 3-1 up v Barnsley at the Baseball Ground I heard a lone fan in the Ossie End in the last five mins shout out... " Come ON Derby...we can STILL win this..."!!!
  2. StockholmRam

    Stoke fans

    Wish i was you, in Utch this week,after that game!!! Or, then again...Swedens good...
  3. StockholmRam

    Snake City watch

    Think the booing was for McLean.
  4. StockholmRam

    Jack Marriott

    Anyone still missing the wardrobe? This kid looks fantastic. Early days still but I'm very impressed so far.
  5. StockholmRam


    Ay..dont be coming on here John trying to be all chippy expert and that. Weve got Utch on this forum you know!! 😃
  6. StockholmRam

    Harry Wilson is at it again!

    Saw Big Reg score these every week in summer league....
  7. StockholmRam

    If you liked The Jam this will make you laugh

    Should be put on the funeral pyre that...
  8. StockholmRam

    Will Cardiff take our record from us?

    Brilliant Angry... but...Whats wrong with you lad. Lol.
  9. StockholmRam


    Ive a confession to make and PLEASE dont the correct person be on this site all these years later. Generally Im as honest as most. If I found a tenner id likely keep it but wouldnt fiddle expenses or the like. But...remember the win at Highbury all those years ago? Yup..the Dean Saunders goal immortalised in the Nick Hornby book. Well I found myself on weekend leave in London, went up to Highbury ticketless hoping to get one from a fan or tout. Id got a lass with me from Brighton too that day. As we walked up to the stadium I found two hospitality match day tickets for the game. This was pre computers and digital admin. No names on ticket. No idea if it was sold to Arsenal or Rams fan. So we thought " lets try it, worst can happen is we arnt allowed in as the ticket number matches a name" Well...it sure did match a name. Mr Walker..and they didnt ask for ID. So in we went to this swanky marble staircase area and up to a lovely restaurant area sharing a table with other VIP guests including Frank Mclintock. I decided to keep quiet in case " Mr Walker" was known to others... chatting away as you do but none of them asked or were interested in our names. We had a fantastic meal, Derby won with a Deano wonder goal...got away with it scott free. Fab day. Honest old Stockholm Ram huh. Mr Walker who lost his tickets...you on here??
  10. StockholmRam

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

    Simon John Ritchie - Sid Vicious
  11. StockholmRam

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

    Cassius Clay probably the most famous one. Eva Maria Duarte - Evita Edson Arantes dos Nascimento - Pele Caligula - Gaius Julius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
  12. StockholmRam

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

    Adam Ant
  13. StockholmRam

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

    Wiki says..... Engelbert Humperdinck BornArnold George Dorsey 2 May 1936 (age 82) Madras, British India
  14. StockholmRam

    Celebrities Who Changed their name?

    Farrohk Bulsara = Freddie Mercury Arnold Dorsey - Engelburt Humperdinck Margeret Hyra - Meg Ryan
  15. StockholmRam

    Carabao Cup 4th Round Draw - Chelsea (A)

    Some bloke in charge going " right...not many TV viewers for this cup. What can we do about that...I know, we will put Frankie Lampard up against his old mentor and boss Mourinho and label it as romantic "... Next day, his secretary goes " bloody hell boss, brilliant idea, no one spotted or questioned it... Do you reckon we can get away with Chelsea v Frank next round"?? Boss goes.." I'm going to give it a good try...and if we get away with that one and Frankie wins well go with West Ham next" Only slightly tongue in cheek. If it's not a fix then I'm a China man.. final will be Derby v England at Wembley with Stevie G in charge of England.

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