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  1. Everything you have just said Utch. Perfect man for the job really in terms of man management, player culture, dealing with FA. I hope we keep learning too. Id have rather lost in extra time throwing the kitchen sink at it and employing the whole attack line than go out on penalties.
  2. The mighty Mariners of Cleethorpes. My mums hometown. Im related to at least a third of Grimsby. Due to a continued fascination with one Johan Cruyff I follow Ajax but not too closely. Love their famous strip.
  3. Wait till you get a look at my second team young man.
  4. Thats a tough one. Im knocking on in years so id love to see us win something, but I appreciate thats a selfish answer. If we can say that England builds and builds and develops in the next ten years and then wins everything there is to win... I go with that option. Similar is Derby. Me personally if you said you can have one FA Cup final win in the next year or two but the caviat is that you wont see the premier league in my life time... Im all for a day out at Wembley and bringing THE cup home.
  5. Its only as I got older that I fully appreciate what an experience that was for us young uns. I did see an MSL game at Yankee Stadium a few years ago as a guest of former Derby County CEO Tom Glick. That day was way way too hot to be sitting out anywhere watching sport though. Frank Lampard and Kaka played in that game. Mrs Stockholm came along and was not impressed with The Bronx!,
  6. On a side note... I see you have Tampa Bay Rowdies as your photo. I went over to play ” soccer” in New Jersey late 1970s with Ashbourne Junior Rams for a few weeks. We were taken by our hosts to Giants Stadium to watch New York Cosmos play v Minnesota Kicks. Such a fantastic never to be forgotten experience. Cosmos had Kaiser Franz, Carlos Alberto, Neeskins, Dennis Tuart, Steve Hunt, Chinaglia, Werner Roth playing for them. Pele was injured but at the game. For Minnesota was one Frederick Charles George. We also got to meet Eusabio. I remember years later someone saying ” look...theres Paul Green or Ted McMinn or Paul Blades and me thinking...yeah right”.
  7. Happy enough in Stockholm. The night we lost to mighty football nation Iceland was up there as one of the ones that hurt the most. My social media exploded with people guffawing for hours and days at the laughing stock that had become England national football team. I hurt really badly about that... I remember thinking that I just would like for England to compete at least to a decent level given the players at our disposal. Not too much to ask surely. And remember this happened not so long ago. Since then under Gareth Southgate we have come on leaps and bounds. We have indeed competed to a good level in all competitions and brought in some fantastic players to watch. Our junior International football going great too so I hope there are more youngsters like Mount, Saka, Foden to come through. Also, the whole atmosphere and culture around the England camp is enjoyable and its a pleasure to watch these young lads on interviews etc. Sure we can debate the plan, style, systems and penalty takers for months... but if you had told me the day after the Iceland debacle that I was about to watch a world cup semi final and european championship final with England in them, well, I would have snapped your hand off. I suspect and hope there is a competetive national team for the next decade.
  8. And my Swedish mates try to tell me that cricket is a minority sport.
  9. Summer arrived in Sweden... we skipped spring. So sun is out...Euros ( and my completely irrational thought that England can win something) just around the corner. Cricket is on...Lions Tour and Olympics. Sports wise whats not to love. Sad I cant come back to England yet. Was really hoping Sweden might be on the green list but that seems some way off. Miss my family and cant wait to see them.
  10. No predictions from me regarding how far England can go. Its a rough looking passage if we actually win our group. Another of those daft tournament set ups where its most likely better to come 2nd... I made the mistake of watching Croatia last night. 1-1 draw and they were bleedin awful... i knew i shouldnt watch. Now im all ” surely they cant be that bad” suckered in. Id love to beat Scotland 300 - 0. You watch Marshall turn into Gordon McBanks for this one v England. Southgate looks to have picked a very fast and attacking squad. I hope therefore he has the courage to exploit his players obvious talents... Italy... dark horse.
  11. We would have agreed, eventually, after a 500 page thread discussion...
  12. If it is Andy Appleby again then it will be with a totally different support cast. His crew that were employed by GSE to run DCFC have all moved on. Tom Glick is CEO at Carolina Panthers Mal Brannigan is CEO at Wigan Athletic John Vicars retired but still around Derby area Tim Hinchy heads USA Olympic swimming team
  13. I was thinking far worse than that Utch. More like, we all have to go and live in Burslem for 2 years.
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