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  1. I just love Queens Park and its setting.
  2. Question for those that go regularly. Do we still play at Queens Park in Chesterfield? And why do we play at Leeks sometimes? Its in Staffs!!
  3. Wasnt just a few as I remember Wolfie. I put a post up highlighting his particular nasty nasty brand of thugishness and was argued with vehmently by a good few. The fella is scum. Top tp bottom. Hideous man.
  4. I quite like it. But ignore me. I like lots of daft stuff.
  5. Putting together a run of 8 wins would be the most Unlike Derby thing I have ever seen.
  6. Im with you Eddie. Pray to be proved wrong. I think we need to not lose again between now and the remainder of the league fixtures, realistically we kinda need to win all our games. Our previous form this season says we wont do it. Plenty of twists and turns yet. Im reckoning that sh/thouse Pulis lot will be 6th with Bristol 7th and Derby 8th. Please pretty please let me be wrong.
  7. Nah Badger. Just back to the doc for stronger happy pills.
  8. Going to have games like this over a season. Its strange and frustrating but we have all watched long enough to know it happens. Plenty of twists and turns yet. Positive, Bogle was superb again. Looking forward to thumping Bolton on Saturday.
  9. You are a star mate. My Swedish colleagues can now question more strange sports im watching.
  10. My old school cricket teacher Eddie. Lovely fella. And thanks for the updates. No chance to watch any cricket up here in Lapland so following you and BBC updates are most appreciated.
  11. Liberating. People like me and stuff now. Even late at night.
  12. Thats the way I would go. Our best periods of the season have been when we are all out attack.
  13. We moved them around Angie with our runners coming from left, right, centre and deep, very hard to defend against in this game. Bit like how Leeds did against us. Fast runners, fast passing and accurate.
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