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  1. I was thinking far worse than that Utch. More like, we all have to go and live in Burslem for 2 years.
  2. The irony of Derby supporters in 20/21 season being disappointed at a tv series ending... my oh my. It was utter pants though.
  3. Kelly Reilly... how can anyone not enjoy looking at her.
  4. I think Bob and Mrs Badger should go and wash their mouths out with soap regarding Kelly Macdonalds acting ability... Agree on the rest though.
  5. Cant see Rotherham winning two. They maybe could get a point or all 3 v Luton. So, our saving grace could be that both us and Wednesday are so hopeless we might get a point. A horror of a season. Utter tripe. Cracks have been papered over too long.
  6. Very sad to say that The Sex Pistols in Barcelona a few years ago would be up there for myself. Johnny Not so anarchy Rotten, very overweight Steve Jones, a sulking Glen Matlock... its two hours im never getting back. Manics too, in Stockholm , with Nicky Wire just spouting off from the stage all night. Self indulgent piffle.
  7. See, this is why I learned to point at stuff and say ” I will have one of those miduck”. Works a treat.
  8. 2 quid in the bank... does this mean we will be buying Conor Sammon again ?
  9. Choosing a guitar player is generally about which style you really like... theres so much to dig into. I love what Dominic Miller does... Huge respect for Dave Gilmore... as a Bowie fan then Mick Ronson would be right up there.
  10. Same quandry this weekend... going with Rugby again. Sorry David.
  11. Id beg to differ about Eddie Jones doing ” great” for England. There have been some big claims about wanting to be number 1 and winning RWC. Well... we arnt and we havnt. And we should have been given the players at our disposal. Sir Clives lot are the benchmark. No big claims there... no celebrating semi final wins. Nowt was won until trophies were in hand. Still along way to go for Eddies England. I reckon though, in mitigation, the RWC final loss has stung like crazy and this kick, kick, kick game we do now is him trying to win without the ball. A deliberate game plan. Fran
  12. David Nish.... oooooooooooooozed class and should have had about 250 England caps. Buchannan today although I dont think it will be long before premier league money comes calling... The lad will win umpteen England caps.... you read it here first. Im also a flirter.... ive made eyes at Charlie George, Robbie Van Der Laan, Igor Stimac, Frank Lampard, and Rooney...
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