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  1. Poor ref again no back bone

    B4... Anya was right in front of me and should have had a yellow card for diving.
  2. Pick a Ram, any Ram

    Steve Bloomer... Any era class tells. Eddie told me...
  3. Moan in

    I lived through it and witnessed much from that incredible era Manic and to be totally honest ( he says with deadpan face) I will be amazed if Gary doesnt win the premier league with Derby by 2020, fall out with Mel season after, leave for Man United and last 44 days come back to east mids and have Forest as league champions and double champions league winners by 2025. Hang on to yer hats ladies n gents. Its just getting going.
  4. Russell’s tackle on Maghoma

    We could have gone down to 8 men and still won this..... Smallheath group needs a re name.... Smallmindallience Yellow card and ever so funny.
  5. You've just got to laugh

    One of my least favorite clubs. Visited St Andrews maybe three or four times over the decades and always very lairy and sometimes downright dangerous. Who are they calling vile!! Went once with my Grimsby supporting mate. Mariners only had ( I'm not exaggerating) about 150 fans and they were still gobbed on and attacked. Vile indeed. They are extremely well disliked throughout the rest of West Mids clubs.
  6. Long Distance Relationships

    I played for Junior Rams when we went to play " soccer" in USA ( New Jersey) as kids in 1978... We stayed with famlies of the local teams and the bunch I stayed with were not only huge New York Giants fans but the dad of the household worked at Giants Stadium. I fell for them and their Quarterback of the day Phil Simms. Been a giants fan ever since. Plus we got to go and see New York Cosmos play v Charlie George ( Minnesota Kicks) and he was made up we were chanting his name and waving Rams scarfs in the stadium.
  7. Boring Sports

    Show Jumping... now I can watch just about any sport going and make a good fist out of it... but show jumping!!! OMG...ZZZZZZZZZZZ
  8. Vernam on loan at Grimsby Town

    Always nice at Cleethorpes this time of year.
  9. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    Martin O Neil is one of the favorites it would seem?
  10. Gary Rowett “under consideration” for Stoke job

    He has us generally very well drilled and organised. We are a good unit. He has managed to do this in super quick time and I think most of us are surprised that it could be a serious automatic promotion push this season. We have no clue about his premier league attributes as he has not had opportunity to manage and coach that high up yet but he sure does have the ambition. Im slightly worried. My heart says he is a good loyal lad who will view the current job as half done and would stay and see it through... However, my head says we have a trigger happy owner who has no such loyalty to any manager so far and working for the seemingly calm, time giving Coates family must be most managers dream. Lets see what gives.
  11. Eddie will know that....
  12. Typical Derby...

    Part of Plastic Beach by Gorillaz is recorded at Rolls Royce in Derby.
  13. Typical Derby...

    I'm amazed by that info Columbo. I can't find anything on line about it mate. Where did you get that info from?
  14. FA cup third round USA news

    Viaplay showing it in Sweden plus Man United TV build up prior to.
  15. Patrick Foletti- a defining game

    There is an 11 year old boy inside me somewhere still sobbing on the way out of Hillsboro mate...

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