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  1. Derby has vast potential but little in way of visonaries. City Council leaders, again and again are in the class of admin, not innovators. Its a flat steady line scenario and until innovators/ creatives are put right at the very top, nothing will change sadly. The Assembley rooms, via the market place, through to market hall are crying out to be made into a modest Covant Garden type area to compliment Cathedral Quarter. Plus a concerted attempt to bring the business eco system into line on new business , start up community. The support network is currently poor. I do this for a living, for Swedens government.
  2. I was at this game. Went along to see if I could buy a ticket or pay turnstile and found a ticket on the floor. Was sitting parrallel to Saunders wonder goal. He turned Tony Adams inside out that game.
  3. Any/ every game where we beat Forest and Leeds.
  4. I will be having something to say if this one turns up and its not a Canadian blue vinyl copy!! Ive had my collection on discogs for a while but this is the first time i have decided to purchase from the site. I really miss going record shopping and being able to be out and about digging in the crates and shelves.
  5. Thanks for info. We sent a small parcel to Derby from Sweden which took almost a month during the pandemic. Im sure it will arrive shortly. Trying to be patient. I brought the record on Discogs, a well known music site and the seller is highly scored. Payment was paypal too so we are safe.
  6. No mate. Its coming from USA so I guess there are going to be delays on parcels and the like.
  7. Ive brought a Canadian copy of The Clash first album. Blue sleeve and blue vinyl. Bleedin thing hasnt arrived yet though. Im sitting by the window at 11.00am every morning pining for the postman.
  8. I was in London and bumped into some German fans who said they might have a spare ticket for the semi final. One of their mates might not show up. I was to meet then at Wembley stadium the day of the match and take my chance. So i turned up, met them again and the ticket was mine. I had to sit with the Germans. Incredible night. Shearer scored our end, Gaza missed our end and the penalty shoot out was our end. German fans were ok with me cheering for England. They were a good bunch and consoled me at the end of the game. Great memories even given the result.
  9. Agree. Predictable but still quite enjoyable.
  10. Billions ive quite enjoyed on HBO. The writer or director of series 4 is so obviously a fan of The Clash too.
  11. On the contrary Mackworth. Money is king mate. Health isnt important at all. Dynamo Dresden have ten players with the virus, the club is going into two weeks quarantine but still German football plans to come back next weekend!!! This selfishness is really really turning me off football and its evil kerching kerching, gotta gotta gottaa get the money at any cost backdrop. Urghhhhhh.
  12. Ive always enjoyed Villa Park B4. Lovely building especially the walk up to the Holte End which is a listed building. They need to sort that train station out close by though ( name anyone?) lts tiny and takes ages to get a train back to New Street.
  13. Jackie Stamps too " modern" for my restart plans.
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