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  1. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    Oooooooh thats rather nice mate. Year?
  2. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    I actually wanted to be a guitar player to start out with...but it turned out I had rhythm.
  3. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    I feel a DCFC Fans band coming on...I'm just dreading the auditions for lead singer!!
  4. Do we have any Guitar Players here?

    Drummer.... I frown on guitar threads and think they should be banned.
  5. GR - stick or twist

    I think it might be a good idea to give him a couple more games.
  6. England Rugby 2017

    Is Nel going to be back playing that front row by Feb ?
  7. Clough and Burton

    I hear you Sage, and of course it's almost a miracle that Burton are in the Championship given size of club etc... But it's the constant whining from Cloughie about it. I have been surprised that it's after or before every game now and don't think it does him any favors. Id ask as well would say a Tony Pullis be bottom with them?? My point is, and we saw this at Nigel's time at Derby too, it's almost never his fault.
  8. RamsTV

    In the first few games I could only watch on my Mac book and not iPad. I wrote to them about this as I'm out and about quite a bit and prefer to to take my iPad along with me. Received a message back saying that only laptops and computers were to be the platform for the time being and now from I think the Sheff United game it's been fixed for iPads too. I'm not totally sure those in charge of it all know exactly what's going on. Tech stuff huh!!
  9. One Gary Rowett!

    I'm very happy with what I have seen so far. Of course he will need time to get the team he wants and playing close 90% of the time to how he wants. But what I really like is that there is a plan, and that plan doesn't get chopped and changed by a defeat ( I.e after Reading or Ipswich). He believes in what he is doing and that translates well. I also find it very refreshing listening to his honesty in post match interviews.
  10. McGovern flogging off Derby medals

    Actually they don't have a huge amount from 69-75 in the cabinet at DCFC.
  11. McGovern flogging off Derby medals

    i hope you mean Mel or the club Boycie. I find this so sad.
  12. England cricket 2017

    He is well off colour at the moment. But...he has turned poor form around previous mid series, extremely experienced so fingers crossed he puts in a ton next up. Come on England.
  13. Stockholm Ram Pride Park parking ticket...

    Up The Rams indeed...cracking result today. Championship take notice.... Cheers everyone for help and advice on this thread. Im flying to London tomorrow for a few days work and debating a quick train up to Derby on Tuesday night.
  14. Stockholm Ram Pride Park parking ticket...

    Agree Boycie and that's basically what the club said. However, hassling 90 year olds who are totally innocent ain't good in da hood. These collection muppets are bang out of order.
  15. England cricket 2017

    Cook out hooking again. De ja vu... I hope this is not a sign of his series to come.

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