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  1. I think Gatland will try and win anyway, which but how.... Im not sure he cares too much about performance right now.
  2. How is everyone feeling heading towards Cardiff this weekend? My two penorth. Our success so far this 6 Nations has had alot to do with disjointed ( Ireland) and quite franky woeful ( France) 11-14-15. Wales have great players in those positions. I expect us to go huge at Parkes in the centre and blast a way through there. Im predicting our most difficult game yet. If it was at Twickenham id be confidant to predict a ten point win for England but Cardiff is a great leveller. Farrell loves the heat of battle but lets see how some of the new lads stand up in the cauldren.
  3. StockholmRam

    upcoming gigs

    Planning on a long haul trip to LA for Coachella with Aphex Twin being the main pull for me.
  4. Im not sure how good Wales are. Great run for them and take nothing away from them. Sneaked past Aussies and a fantastic win v Springboks. i think England having played All Blacks and the test series in South Africa helped sharpen us. Good having Billy, Manu and Mako back for sure. Hopefully Watson and Underhill to return by September.
  5. If we can turn over Wales in Cardiff in two weeks time I will really start believing again. I just want us to focus and not get carried away. Our squad is very strong and with the right game plan and execution can beat anyone on the planet. I think the last twelve months has shown how complacency and believing your own hype instead of fully nailed on improvement can have the banana skins under yer studs in seconds flat.
  6. My thoughts exactly mate. Surely he can help our defenders with positioning and reading and have an influence on game management for the rest of the squad.
  7. Not followed him since he went to Bournemouth but was such a good player at our level.
  8. He sent Terry Yorath out in Paris 75 to kick the cr@p out of Bayern Munich. Yorath broke the leg of Bayern full back Bjorn Anderson and ended his career. Bjorn never played again. And Leeds fans want us to feel sorry for them about that night.
  9. 5 million points deuction and relegated to West Yorkshire Sunday league div 7...
  10. Bruce Rioch and Charlie George. Its ok to have a cr@p defence with those two in this team.
  11. Points deduction or financial penalties?? Id take his blue bucket away. Thats gotta hurt. Its his lucky blue bucket.
  12. Id bring young Nige back for every game Spanish...in fact id appoint him head of Leeds games forever...
  13. Given what happened in the match and how we played Revel, we may as well have lined up like that mate.
  14. Id be useless. My inability to stop calling Don Revie a judas and Johnny Giles a thug would be a bit of a dead give away...
  15. He is a cult hero at Elland Road. He is an unknown person in Sweden.
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