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  1. Id beg to differ about Eddie Jones doing ” great” for England. There have been some big claims about wanting to be number 1 and winning RWC. Well... we arnt and we havnt. And we should have been given the players at our disposal. Sir Clives lot are the benchmark. No big claims there... no celebrating semi final wins. Nowt was won until trophies were in hand. Still along way to go for Eddies England. I reckon though, in mitigation, the RWC final loss has stung like crazy and this kick, kick, kick game we do now is him trying to win without the ball. A deliberate game plan. Fran
  2. David Nish.... oooooooooooooozed class and should have had about 250 England caps. Buchannan today although I dont think it will be long before premier league money comes calling... The lad will win umpteen England caps.... you read it here first. Im also a flirter.... ive made eyes at Charlie George, Robbie Van Der Laan, Igor Stimac, Frank Lampard, and Rooney...
  3. How long after the live match is finished can you watch the whole 90 mins again on Rams TV Im in a bit of a quandry tomorrow with the rugby and Rams overlapping.
  4. Quite a few in the band through the early years, Martin, Kev, Dougi, Stan, Stu... they were the ones I knew from back then. Kevs daughter Faye works for the Rams in quite a senior position, Lovely lass.
  5. Martin has quite a few boozers, or he used to. Exeter Arms is one he has in Derby.
  6. Not many for Derbys own Anti Pasti. Quite a decent second gen punk band back in the day. Still have a listen to ” No Government” every now and then.
  7. Stinky Turner and Cockney Rejects live at The Ajanta club in Derby. Now there was a gig.
  8. Thought with your name ” Angry” Fire Starter would be right up your street mate. I could have gone on for hours with this thread, its so great.
  9. It features alot late at night and in sombre times for myself.
  10. Prince The Clash Massive Attack David Bowie Prodigy Primal Scream Ludovico Einaudi Prefab Sprout Roxy Music The Undertones Talk Talk Leftfield Echo & The Bunnymen XTC Dexys Midnight Runners Talking Heads Groove Armarda Great thread but I should stop now...
  11. 1. Leeds 2. Leeds U23 3. Leeds U 18 4. Leeds Supporters FC 5. Forest, but id say pity more than hate.
  12. My holidays are usually set around cities with great record shops so I can add to the collection. My lad likes to tag along too. He especially loves London and has been badgering me to take him to New York. Highly doubt we can get back to any of this, this year but we remain hopeful.
  13. Rosamund Pike Gina McKee Tom Hardy Christopher Eccleston
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