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Steve McClaren


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I'm not sure the point of this thread. But I used to get all distressed by posters defending the continued employment of the previous manager on the grounds that "nobody else would want to work under these conditions", I think that right now, before a transfer window, the replacement manager is working under the same conditions and proving that theory wrong.

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I'll never fully warm to him but there's no arguing with the start he's made.


There's a real positive feeling around and he's given himself a brilliant platform to build from. If he spends well in January I think we've in for a cracking end to the season


My main concern was how the players would react to the change and so far all noises coming from anywhere are that they're really buzzing, so that's good enough for me.


We're really looking like staying in amongst the challengers and that's a really nice place to be for a change.

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