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  1. PSG owners were rumoured to be looking at a championship club. Paris Saint Ger Rams
  2. The club has had a lot of Chinese visitors over the last year or so. Anyone go to the Girona pre season game? There were loads there too.
  3. I saw them. Know what you’re saying. At least they are trying I guess. I prefer the old school chants myself. Not really sure how the ‘woahhhhhh woah’ song can inspire the players. Give me a long rendition of ‘we are Derby’ over that.
  4. So maybe the club are waiting for that until they properly punish the players. You know nothing that’s happening behind the scenes.
  5. Stop talking rubbish. They are at court this month. So we will see what happens. Bet you’ve had more than one drink and drove
  6. You know he’s at court on the 15th don’t you?
  7. Can’t believe what I’m reading and hearing. Self righteous lot. Like any of you lot are squeaky clean.
  8. Josh


    See you later. We don’t need fans like you who abandon the club.
  9. Support the club ffs
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