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  1. Any updates? Anyone heard owt? I see Newcastle are close to a takeover from some Arabs for £340 million, according to reports. Come on Mel, get on the phone and convince them. 🤣
  2. Absolute diabolical. Was not worth arguing with the misses to have the football on.
  3. Yeah I get what you’re saying. Yeah League One clubs would be, but not many of them with potential really. Only got Sunderland in that league and maybe Ipswich.
  4. Couldn’t agree more. Championship clubs are a lot cheaper to buy.
  5. You’ve spoken to the club? Are you a journalist?
  6. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/sportsnews/article-7909171/Derby-face-Charity-Commisson-probe-sponsor-32Reds-cash-Community-Trust-programme.html More crap to deal with?
  7. They were good in Lord of the Rings
  8. So Rob Dorsett meant 48 years not 48 hours. All makes sense now.
  9. Why are you writing like that lad?
  10. I think we should have a sweepstake for when the investment will be announced.
  11. Could do with someone like Robin Li. He’s been linked to football clubs recently. Was linked with Wolves before Fosun bought them.
  12. He always comes out with rubbish.
  13. Looking at the accounts, reading other people’s comments who are more clued up to finances. Look through the comments. It’s my opinion, I hope I’m wrong. Hope the guy pumps millions into us.
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