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  1. Oh yeah definitely. Not denying thatat all
  2. Well I did say probably... I’m sure Lowe wouldn’t have seen/heard about it otherwise.
  3. I think Craig Ramage is sound personally. I love how he doesn’t suck up to the club and tells it how it is. I don’t think the blokes racist at all. He’s just not thought properly, a formal warning would be enough, and a sincere apology. can we all just stop demanding the bloke to be sacked please, let’s not forget he has a family and bills to pay. Appreciate it may be sensitive to some people, but it’s not like the bloke has come out with racial hatred.
  4. You’ve just probably cost a man his job writing this.
  5. A child banned from ever attending a game again? Come off it
  6. Don’t be calling for people to be sacked.
  7. And why’s that? Look at you, telling someone should lose their job. Wow.
  8. Bristol City. Mickey Mouse club
  9. Excited for the draw tomorrow. Just imagine what it would be like if the first team ever got into Europe. Id die an happy man if I managed to watch us in Europe.
  10. Didn’t he have his own paint and decorating business?
  11. It’s only Man United so £20. Would love to charge them £45 like they did us last season.
  12. I miss the ‘Investment close’ thread
  13. 71 goals now then. Not bad for a free eh. Would be well closer to 100 now if he wasn’t loaned out.
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