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  1. On a slightly less important issue, does anyone get annoyed when people pronounce Sheikh Khaled like 'Kaleeeed' and not 'Car-lid' 😂
  2. Someone ask the Newcastle fans for Midhats Whatsapp.
  3. Forest, Leeds, Sheff Wed, Juventus and Celtic
  4. Understand what you're saying, but last time Midhat was quite vocal with the Newcastle fans during their talks. Perhaps they've learned their lesson and are remaining quiet until it's completely done.
  5. Some interesting bits about him in 'Pride'.
  6. Someone said he's got an account on here. What's his username? 😂
  7. 22nd in the league, we have an ownership issue that's costing us time to bring in players. I think fans have a right to ducking moan!
  8. Aslong as you live only a couple of miles away.
  9. Looks like Percy is even getting fed up with it all. I watched the game today, but did anyone notice Mel there? Are executive staff allowed to go to away games?
  10. Steve Nicholson on Twitter says it's still on he understands. Starting to get annoyed about it now, I know some call for patience but it needs sorting, we need to see where we are for our transfer plan. When does the transfer window shut?
  11. Probably not the best time to post this.
  12. I think if they had still not been paid, we'd have heard about it now.
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