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  1. Unless they have a replacement lined up they know can do a better job? it's madness just to jump on that managerial merry go round !
  2. Is it just me or is anyone else worried, we need to win, and they have been much improved ! Heart says 1-2 but head says maybe the other way around 🤤
  3. Saturday 30th March Derby County 15:00 Rotherham United April 2019 Saturday 6th April Brentford 15:00 Derby County Tuesday 9th April Blackburn Rovers 19:45 Derby County Saturday 13th April Derby County 15:00 Bolton Wanderers Friday 19th April Birmingham City 15:00 Derby County Monday 22nd April Derby County 15:00 Queens Park Rangers Saturday 27th April Bristol City 15:00 Derby County May 2019 Wednesday 1st May Swansea City 19:45 Derby County Sunday 5th May Derby County 12:30 West Bromwich Albion Looking at the other teams around us they all have some very tough games, and will all drop points, yes i know there are no 'easy' games, but for us, it could all come down to those last 3 games... which are on paper our toughest of the run in... So it could get exciting, which most of us would have settled for at the start of this season, if we fail we fail, but its been a decent 1st season for a 'rookie' manager, under what most could deem difficult circumstances.
  4. Yet only a week ago wisdom was our MoM ?
  5. Has to be said Nugent has been our most effective striker tonite. That's my only positive comment. It's painful to be schooled by these
  6. It's hard to watch them give us another lesson in pressing and passing. We can't keep the ball, have we put 6 passes together yet? I think not. They press so fast, then break with accuracy. I hate Leeds, always have always will.
  7. The 'Reading mould' , oooh 😉 Sounds ominously like the 'derby way'. . . A statement which the press and fans use when things go t!ts up 😈
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