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  1. nfb

    Tom Lawrence - Fan criticism

    My biggest gripe is he is sooooo petulant, talented, but damn, stop the silly fouls and the petulant attitude and i forgive your selfish mistakes...
  2. nfb

    Is this season a write-off already?

    For me i was truly excited when Frank and Jody came, i knew it was going to be a rebuild.. almost anyway, and i dont want to get carried away, as we have seen we have had some awful games and yet shown some real sparks of quality, i think that Frank and Jody know what they want, and will bring it if they can, i personally hope we buy youth and build, A. its cheaper (i know its trickier but so are players with high price tags, look at Pogba... )B. it allows us to let our management team develop their own style, as they will buy/coach players into their mould. So to answer your initial Question Bris (and ive always respected your pov) No, its not, anything but, its a chance to let a manager and coach develop a team able to play and survive should we get to the Prem, cos as we've seen sitting back and trying to stiffle teams doesn't work, (Wolves have the right idea) and here's a valid point to finish, MM may be wealthy by our standards but his Millionaire status is in the hundreds, which in truth wont fund the huge fees of the moment we see in the prem, so as i said train/buy youth, and let Frank and Jody do their Jobs... and the future i believe is bright if we can keep them !? P.S. I think Frank has in his heart 3 teams, West Ham( his 1st love), Chelsea(his 2nd and maybe deeper love) and now Derby(if MM and we play it right,his 1st 'football baby') and by the way Frank if you read this Congratulations to you and Christine on the birth of Patricia Charlotte Lampard,i wish you nothing but health and happiness . 🙂
  3. nfb

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    years ago MM said his dream was he wanted to see us in the prem with 2 or 3 home grown players in the side, and i was on board.... fully. Bring it on! i'll even settle for 'home gown' as being English youth which has been developed by us, e.g. buy these guys from their parent club and let Frank and Jody develop them, yes i know a couple of them are already ours, but buy youth... we have the best two young (kids buy more into people nearer their age than lets say Hodgson) individuals at the top to inspire and develop them..
  4. nfb

    v Brentford (H) Match Thread

    and at stoke... *titters all round* not at the end i might add, they thought they might nick a point, but with 10mins to go at 0-3........ not happy potters p.s. Tom Ince scored
  5. Has to be said, that was an improvement on Sat. Also has to be said, anyone expecting us to be top of this league while Frank learns his craft, and he tries to find a blend of youth and experience is deluded. For me I'm happy to watch this, it's proper football to me, not the pay per view of 100 million pound players. It's intriguing and I think Frank and Jody will get it right in time, as glimpses here and there show 😊 C'mon Frank, onwards and upwards
  6. I'm glad he's out for 3 games, petulant, selfish but talented in bits. . . Let's see what others can do, it's about a cohesive team not cogs
  7. I wish I hadn't mentioned QPR at Wembley now 😲
  8. Wonder what Southgate thinks lol
  9. Sounds like Wembley against QPR, all looking rosy then. . . I'm hoping not as this is what we and I reckon Frank have been hoping to see 🤗
  10. nfb

    It might take time

    Totally agree, the commentator on the match made a very valid statement, saying that this 'looked like a side that had been well drilled over the last couple of seasons versus a side which has had 5/6 managers and as many playing styles in the last couple of seasons....' When Frank came, we (well 80ish%) were very excited and optimistic, its natural when u lose therefore to feel deflated, but its no reason to suggest as some have that Frank must go, if they honestly think that so early they really dont understand what we need as a club,we have to evolve, some older players must move out and 'kids' move in, and build for the future, and it will take time... Onwards and upwards
  11. nfb

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    Now your calling him a 'job arm' ?😉
  12. nfb

    v Millwall (A) Match Thread

    do u need an account ?
  13. Agreed, Reading do look like they are relegation certs 😜
  14. I tried to warn u... Here's a spade, keep digging..
  15. You cant criticize Keogh, i found that out last week...

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