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    maxjam reacted to BondJovi in VAR   
    I think it is going to ruin the game as it is currently implemented. Some of the offsides are just pedantic, won't be long until a goal is disallowed because someone's hair is offside. Everywhere else on the pitch the whole ball has to be over the line but offside can be any part?
    And the handball rule in the box? Favours defenders and those accidently defensive handballs won't be a penalty?
    It all favours defenders.
    It has gone too far.
  2. Sad
    maxjam reacted to dog in Pets   
    Ours is on the way out. The thin balance between enjoying life and suffering has clearly been crossed.
    The vet had said it would be quick and he wasn't wrong. Heart disease
    She didn't have breakfast this morning, she's not walking. 
    Took her to see my folks for the last time this morning
    Had her as a rescue dog eleven years ago so she's done well
    Taking her to the vet on Wednesday
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    maxjam got a reaction from RoyMac5 in VAR   
    Good article on VAR here;
    A quote from the article, 'VAR the price of chasing perfection' which is probably spot on imo - and my own view is that its ruining the spectacle (especially for the people actually paying to watch matches live)
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    maxjam reacted to Needlesh in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    I didn't call you a name. I criticised your opinion. I also called you out specifically about the player you gave the most hate to, Richard Keogh, and all you had was to state that your dog could play for Ireland. Whatever pal. You're entitled to your opinion. Just know that it's a mardy, foolish and ill-considered one.
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    maxjam reacted to Alpha in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    This season is poor. No argument. 
    It was how hard you went in on Keogh that got a reaction. 
    There's whole list of pathetic performers this season. 
    But previous seasons have not all been failure. Mac elevated us twice. Even Rowett did well in results considering the damage left by Clement and Pearson
    Clement spent big on an already good team and so I can understand calling his time a flop. 
    Pearson added nothing. Showed no promise.
    Rowett did little to help our future. 
    But Lampard was a success in terms of a season of playing better stuff, using young players and kind of rebuilding. But then he shot off and now Cocu must do the same
    I just can't agree that it's success or failure based on promotion. Some managers have improved on previous.
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    maxjam reacted to Mucker1884 in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
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    maxjam reacted to Alpha in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    I really don't get how people think every season we don't get promoted is failure. Who do you think you're supporting? Are Wigan failing every season? They have more top flight football in the last couple of decades than us. What about Hull? What about Leeds, Forest? Fulham have like 13 years in the top flight since I was born. What we had? Half that. 
    I'd like to know if you judge your career or you kids, grandkids so harshly.
    "Dad! I came 4th in the regional finals"
    "Not first is it? Put the failure hat on, lad"
    Like I said;
    6 player of the year awards
    EFL team of the year 14/15
    ROI international
    Over 400 Championship games
    2 play off finals
    4 play off semi finals
    Captain of Derby side with most points in season
    Captain of Derby side with most goals in season
    Captain of Derby side with clean sheet record
    First choice since the day he arrived and better than every CB we've had in that time
    He's no Aiden Flint though with all his promotions and successes 
  8. Angry
    maxjam reacted to Xlor in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    Played and captained a side that failed season in season out. All those managers have failed too. My dog could play for Ireland. I'll sit down and reflect when you do. It's embarrassing you think he's good enough. Put the tele on, watch another centre half. You'll be amazed. 
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    maxjam reacted to Needlesh in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    He's played and captained under how many managers? Made how many appearances? Played how many internationals?
    But you know better. He's an 'awful' footballer? Why don't you sit quietly and reflect?
  10. Clap
    maxjam reacted to richinspain in Just a small tear in my eye for that Chris Martin sub   
    I was wondering the same. How can you hate one of your own players for not being as good as they once were? If you say that you hate someone who has been awful in their entire spell with the club, I couldn't possibly agree but could understand, but for someone as successful as Martin was to warrant hate is strange. I for one am hoping that Chris will have an Indian Summer in his career with the club. He was brilliant for us for 3 or 4 years, and a mixture of poor management, poor form and ill health did nothing for him or the club. His attitude has always seemed spot on. He deserves a change in fortune.
  11. Clap
    maxjam reacted to DazaDunn in Just a small tear in my eye for that Chris Martin sub   
    Serious question... How could you hate him? 60 goals in 3 seasons only to be binned by a manager who got EVERYTHING wrong (NP)?
    Maybe he was binned off because of his illness but the fact he can come back into the team so quickly and play like that gives me great hope for his future here. 
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    maxjam got a reaction from Andicis in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
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    maxjam got a reaction from SKRam in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
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    maxjam got a reaction from 1967Ram in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
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    maxjam got a reaction from kash_a_ram_a_ding_dong in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    duck me he's back, take a bow Chris Martin 🙂
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    maxjam got a reaction from RoyMac5 in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    duck me he's back, take a bow Chris Martin 🙂
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    maxjam got a reaction from TimRam in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
  18. Clap
    maxjam reacted to LittleEatonRam in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    I don't know what people were expecting here. We played Leeds 4 times last season and were comfortably beaten in 3 of them.
    The recruitment has been awful, the manager had a 4 week pre-season and Leeds are a well drilled outfit who will smash a lot of teams this year.
    But, predictably, many of our fans have decided 8 games is enough and it's time for the manager to be sacked. Risible.
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    maxjam reacted to alexxxxx in Leeds United (A) Match Thread   
    Absolute shambles of a preseason and its showing. 
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    maxjam reacted to Paul71 in The Politics Thread 2019   
    You do know there has been referendums in the past on NI becoming part of a United Ireland? You cannot just 'let' a country become part of another because its easier that way, you have to consider the wishes of the population within that country.
    I know its been argued if you include voting from the ROI then the result would be different but ROI should only have a vote if and when the population of NI have voted on a desire to leave the UK. NI leaving the UK should not automatically mean they become part of a united Ireland.
    Actually you say that letting Ireland become one united country is the solution, how about the ROI leaving the EU too? That would be a solution too, however they have not voted to do so, just as the population of NI have not voted to leave the UK.
     You are talking about displacing people based on their ancestry? Would you advocate similar actions in the US or Australia?
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    maxjam reacted to PodgeyRam in The Politics Thread 2019   
    I fail to see what bearing his political affiliation should have when he's talking about such a personal issue. Unless only Conservatives with sick children should be able to talk to the Prime Minister during his press tour of a hospital?  A press tour he then has the temerity to say isn't a press tour. 
    People piling are the definition of arguing in bad faith. Instead of challenging what he's said, they're attacking him for who he is. Didn't Margaret Thatcher say you know you've won when they started attacking you instead of your argument?
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    maxjam got a reaction from bigbadbob in The Politics Thread 2019   
    To clear up a few points that others have posted, I never meant to imply that I had been called racist or stupid, although I have been at times on this forum - but that's water of a ducks back.  What I meant was that the whole Brexit argument has become so entrenched that its pointless carrying on (see post above this😛).  The discussion might move forwards from time to time but it always ends with the same polarised arguments.  The politicians have shown that they are a law unto themselves and we're just along for the ride and I personally can't be bothered with the petty snide comments anymore.
    When the topic drifts away from Brexit and I have something to say I'll chime in, but unless something drastic happens I think I'm all Brexited out!
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    maxjam got a reaction from ariotofmyown in The Politics Thread 2019   
    Interesting read on the 'end of democracy';
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    maxjam reacted to Alpha in Frank Lampard’s Chelsea FC   
    I like Tomori and Mount much more than Lamps. Perfect loans. Really came in and acted as if they were here to stay. Good players, top fellas! 
    Still love watching them now. 😍
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    maxjam got a reaction from bigbadbob in The Politics Thread 2019   
    For what its worth I'm still patiently waiting for Brexit to be delivered - a clean break from Europe, not the crappy tied in indefinitely May deal.  
    There is literally no point in engaging on this forum however as the conversation just goes round in circles and then you get called stupid or racist. 
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