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  1. Pritchard is one of those that had massive potential but has never quite seemed to hit the heights expected. Strikes me as a bit Lawrence-esque but could be worth a go as long as the wages weren't huge
  2. Watford have just snagged another high scoring forward from the same team on a free I think, haven't they? Interesting to see how he does. Could be a shrewd bit of business
  3. Following the latest lockdown rules, pubs that were doing take away beer or running as bottle shops are apparently no longer allowed to. If you check social media channels you'll see many are now offering home delivery instead as this is permitted by the rules. Brunswick, Smithfield, Mickleover sports are just a few examples. If you're in a position to support your local pub this might be a good way to do it. Bit pricier than the supermarkets but also the bonus of fresh draught beer in containers 👍
  4. I was listening to a bit of the Burton talk on radio Derby this afternoon, while I worked out what to do with my afternoon in absence of the ram, the situation for Brewers sounds remarkably similar to us a few weeks ago. Struggling to score more than 1 a game. Playing 1 up front, a forward better suited to the wide role than main striker and not able to hold it up. Conceding way too many goals in second half of games. Hopefully Jake can do something Rooney-esque to turn them round. They might just be in need of a tweak of personanel or shape to start recording some points a
  5. Fitness pending I'd love to see us go for something like this. Sibley to come on for either Lawrence or Jozwiak for at least 25 minutes and given some freedom to attack Marshall Byrne Wisdom Clarke Buchanan Bird Bielik Knight Jozwiak Waghorn Lawrence
  6. 0-0 between the west Midland's biggest shitmunchers at their shared home last night. Not a bad result for us,keeps them within our reach if we can start picking up some points of our own ðŸĪž
  7. Tried the collection from DBC's Hole in the Wall pub in Mickleover yesterday. Picked up a few pints of "Muffin Conpares to You" milk stout, quite a sweet tipple so maybe not to everyone's taste but I thought it was lovely! Very easy to drink but still fair strength at 6.5%. The pork pies with stilton that they're selling are incredible too, highly recommended ðŸĪĪ
  8. McKenna and cooper back into the side and they lose. Hope they have the same affect for their clubs ðŸĪž
  9. Me too! Great to see Scotland back at a tournament. I enjoyed cheering them on for the night but when it comes to the Euros next year I'll be hoping Mr Marshall misplaces a pass or two when they play England 😆
  10. Marshall you beauty!!! Always had a slightly irrational dislike of mitrovic so that just adds to it ðŸŧ
  11. Big chance for some David Marshall heroics ðŸĪžðŸī󠁧ó Ēó ģó Ģó īó ŋ
  12. This is where I need an emoji where the stars are replaced with turds. ðŸ’ĐðŸ’Đ I agree after tonight (and more importantly 10 games of the season gone) Cocu's time should be up but dear god please not Big Sam
  13. I'd like to apologise for my previous optimism. I've had radio only but this sounds dreadful. They've pretty much broken Eric's spirit 😔
  14. Good line-up, hope to see sibley and bird given some decent time off the bench. I'm excited for this one! C'MON YOU RAMS ðŸĪŠðŸ˜€
  15. So interesting, thanks for the info 👍 From highlights I've seen of this era Archie Gemmil looks like would be my favourite player of all time. Just seems an incredible mix of technique and tenacity
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