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  1. Peschisolido - thought we were wasting our time with an old journeyman striker but he was quality
  2. Stefano Eranio for me. Was so disappointed when I read about some of his comments post-playing career but it doesn't tarnish how much I enjoyed watching him play.
  3. I need to be more observant, I hadn't even noticed the Wayne Rooney part. I've also only just discovered all the stuff that comes up when you click the 3 dashes in the top right hand corner. Very impressive!
  4. Tasty beer from a very good brewery! I like their harvest pale too, refreshing and a bit weaker so good if you want a light session
  5. If they stay down then I think Mowatt'll be a very good free transfer for somebody but most likely one of the parachute payment clubs that can give him top money and likely be challenging at the top end of the table. Agree Fletcher does have something about it him despite his goal record being less than impressive. Not sure if he is best in a front 2 or as a lone striker?
  6. Everton have a whole host of older u23s that are likely to move on this summer I understand. If Rooney is staying he might know which or them are worth looking at (admittedly it hasn't worked out with Baningime) Callum Connolly looked a solid player for Ipswich on loan a few years ago, if he's continued developing out on loan could be a useful addition. Paris Simms has been mentioned elsewhere in the thread as well I think.
  7. A big beasty leader at CB would be a priority. I was trying to remember what happened to Goode from Northampton who impressed me before and of course he signed for Brentford last year. If they were to go up, I'd ask the question about him. Doesn't seem to have played a huge amount for them this season and they might look to improve on him for the Prem. Its not clear what they paid for him but he's the type of player I'd like to see.
  8. The missed penalty looks even worse now they've gone 2-1 down to Chelsea in 92nd minute. After watching Guaddiola's hissy fits at the officials today, I'm kinda glad they've lost and had to wait another week for the title
  9. Aguero just fluffed his "panenka" penalty. Thank god Waghorn didn't have any such stupid idea today!!
  10. Watching the "super" teams Chelsea and City and it is dull as dishwater
  11. Thanks 👍 I think we'll be back in the position of only paying out the occasional "Barker type fee" and to be honest I'm fine with that. It means spending only on the right players. Roberts as much as I loved that goal today and he has had moments, I don't he's a player to spend big on. There's a lot in Edmundson I like and I think with an experienced partner and good coaching he could be a good addition. I wouldn't want us breaking the bank for him though.
  12. Anyone know the contract situations for Edmundson and Roberts? I'd be happy to see both come back if they were available free or an affordable price. Definitely wouldn't want us to pay over the odds for either
  13. There was absolutely no threat of me relaxing this afternoon that's for sure
  14. To make the most of my nowtv day pass I watched palace vs Sheff utd, certainly not a classic. I actually drifted off for a while 2nd half 😴 Eze is a very good player and a joy to watch when he's in full flow though. Interesting to note that Millwall released him as a teen and he was snapped up by QPR who ended up selling him on for £20m after a couple of good seasons in the champ. Hope some of the youngsters we've picked up for free kick on that way
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