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Bob The Badger

Frank needs to have a word with Wilson

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2 hours ago, Alpha said:

I probably did make my point badly. I think I've made it better in my last post.

I "blame" Lampard just because as an attacking unit we are more a collection of individuals. We haven't been good going forward for a long time. Lots of freedom in the final third which sounds great but it means poor Marriott is left spectating or competing for headers vs 6ft defenders as the only attacker in the box. 

There's no real smarts about the way we open teams up. Are there enough options for Wilson? If not then why not? 

It's down to Lampard to form the attacking unit.

I'm suggesting he's not doing a good job. But I'm not suggesting anything like sacking him. I accept he's had injuries. He's a rookie manager in a tight division. I don't expect anything really. I'm actually quite a patient fan believe it or not. 

I won't mind if we don't go up and I won't panic if we do. I just kind of judge what I see? I think the way we attack is a bit of a free for all with no structure. That's it really. Just an observation. Just an opinion. I really want to see it improve but we are 6th in the league so I'm not crying about it. 

If we had more discipline and better game management then I think we'd be closer to Leeds than Bristol. It's a shame we haven't really got better as the season has gone on but it's been a decent season for Derby and a good season for Lampard. If he can reflect and develop his skills then imagine what we could do in this division next season if we are still here. 


I think you made some valid points for what it’s worth, particularly how at times players are too individualistic. It’s the same with a few of our players like Wilson, Holmes and Lawrence, the main culprits. I think it’s a combination of selfishness as they’ve seen the headlines they’ve gotten when they’ve scored important goals(less so with Holmes) and being encouraged to be like that by the management. I’m not suggesting that Wilson doesn’t want Derby to do wel but Liverpool or other teams are more likely to want him if they see him scoring crackers every week, they may look over his all round him if he’s scoring great goals all the time. 

I can’t remember who said it but someone mentioned how Jody Morris liked to set up his Chelsea sides to get the best out of special individual players rather than the team collectively and to be fair it worked for him at Chelsea. For me, that sort of method could only work if the players were so much more than their opponents like Loftus cheek , Hudson Odoi and Abraham were in the chelsea youth leagues.

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On 15/03/2019 at 10:33, Alpha said:

I don't know if this is aimed at me but yes I will be whinging when he's not here.

I like him

Discussing weakness in his game and suggesting how he could improve isn't quite the same as wanting to have him hung in the town square. 

Not aimed at anyone in particular certainly not you.

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Even during our purple patch I questioned his actual contribution to the team but was shouted down.

If FL is going to have a word with him about his performances, I hope he also addresses his diving because it has become embarrassing now.

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