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NFL 2019 Season

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7 minutes ago, Angry Ram said:

Two weeks working in Milan mate. Won’t get any time off either. Fashion shows just around the corner, so full on at the moment. 

Enjoy as much as you can m8 

New England to win I hope. 

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3 hours ago, jimbo jones said:

Joe Flacco has been traded to the Broncos. Which probably leaves Case Keenum looming for a new team.

Slightly surprised by that, although I do like him more than Keenum I don't think there is that much between them. Keenum will have to be cut surely, yet still leave a horrible impression on their wage cap. 

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53 minutes ago, Mr Tibbs said:

Is Case trying to do all 32 teams?

Going on trend he'll end up back with the Vikings. It's like one of those poxy maths equation sequences: Texans, Rams, Texans, Rams, Vikings, Broncos, Vikings(?)..... 

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11 hours ago, David said:

Last week he was willing to wax his chest for a YouTube video in return for retweets, now this. If it continues I’m going to find myself on the move again. 


WTF is that all about 😳

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