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Go for it derby go for glory


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With have great chance to get wins from wba and boro most of all against chelsea and be in the last 8 of capital one cup. Go send another message to football league and premership teams we are team to fear. I say we go attack them you know saying bold favours the brave. We shall have over 4k derby fans lets have a sea of black and white lets have super rams flag top teir and 12th ram flag bottom tier. Lets have flag scarfs and ballions. Lets chelsea think what the hell they have come back derby who is with me lets have all of london hear mighty derby fans roar.

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Just now, G STAR RAM said:

Always been one of my favourite sayings that.

Just wish it was brave favours the bald.

I wish it was margot robbie favours the bald.

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59 minutes ago, Steve How Hard? said:

My guess is that it replaces the generic silhouette of those without an avatar. Could be wrong though.


20 minutes ago, Rampant said:

Is it to do with google accounts?

Incorrect. It's simply the first letter of your username and the colours are randomly generated. 

You can upload your own photo on your profile page, just click on the photo icon

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 22.08.52.png

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Once more unto the beach, dear friends, once more;

Stiffen the wotsit, and upon this charge

Cry 'Good for Harry Wilson, and Saint George!'

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