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Am I the only person who dislikes all other sport?

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On 4.7.2017 at 10:22, Rample said:

Not looking to bash anyone for their passions, but intrigued if there are many more out there to whom football is the only sport.

As a child it was the only one I was interested in playing (hated when my friends switched to cricket over summer) and as an adult it's the only one I watch.

I have tried most other sports at one time or another but nothing else interests me at all, This post is kind of sparked off by the fact I pretty much need to hibernate for 2 weeks every year to avoid Wimbledon, which follows on from not being interested in last year's olympics to the point where it got annoying.

i like a lot of of other sport, and id like it even more, if we as a nation could actually get interested in other sports beyond football. Part of the problem is how long the football season lasts, 10.5 months out of 12, and even more if you count the euros or world cups. Every other sport has a proper off season allowing athletes and fans to recover. I like those summer months with no football when other sports get a look in, just which it was longer!!!!

It always seems to me in USA people like sports or they dont.... but to start saying they only like one and not the others always seems unusual.

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