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Light a candle & healing thoughts


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I know there is already a topic on here about the stabbing in Derby.....& I know nothing can change what has happened....

But I'd like to open up here.... the victim was a truly lovely boy called Tom Webb,  he is the son of my beautiful partner Rachel.....I can not explain or comprehend how much pain she is in,...but I do know how brave she is being...so I'd like to ask my fellow Derby fans, & football fans in general, if you could light a candle for the Tom, to help light the way.... & if you could send some healing thoughts to help Rachel during this dark time.....

Thank you xx




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May I, on behalf of I'm sure, everyone here, give you both and your family our sincere condolences.  

I'll also say that someone else could probably say this better than me, as I'm seriously struggling for words. 

From one mum to another,  all I can do at this point is send tight hugs and very heartfelt thoughts, with a hope they might fill a tiny bit of the massive void which her son has left. 

It's so hard. Please tell Rachel to keep in mind the good times, remember the laughs they had, the love they shared, what made him special. Keep that and hang onto it, let it shine like a light. 

I've lit some candles for Tom, the glow is lovely, no doubt, just like he was. 

Look after yourselves, hang on to each other.  XxxxxX






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I've got to be honest, I've been trying to pretend this hasn't happened. Almost burying my head in the sand.

I don't think I know the victim or his family, but nevertheless, it sickens me to my stomach.

This story, and the one of the toddler walking herself to nursery in Burton cos she couldn't wake mummy up, have totally choked me. Such sadness, and so undeserved and unnecessary.

It's so hard not to be overwhelmed by the injustices in the world, and I truly, hand on heart, wish you and your partner some sort of solace and justice and I don't have words to say that could make you feel better. So sorry, like has been said earlier in the thread.

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Thank you....for your kind responses, such messages have really helped Rachel during the past week. They have meant such a lot to her, & they have offered some comfort during the nightmare....They also show just how many caring people, there still are....Once again thanks.

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