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If we signed Messi some fans would moan on here


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​I can't speak for this forum as I wasn't on here in the Clough days, but judging by every other forum I've seen, the DET, Radio Derby, speaking to individual fans, that is rubbish. McClaren hasn't taken half the stick dished out to Clough.

Nigel had 5 years


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Expectations have risen as you would expect, we haven't been out the top 6 since September and when you win 1 in 8 regardless of where you are in the table fans will be unhappy.

I don't think McClaren has taken half the stick Clough did, yesterday when the lineup was announced is probably the worst I've seen it. I had concerns myself when I saw the defence, held my hands up at full time and admitted I was wrong. Would have been nice to see a few other more vocal ones do the same.

At half time it was season over, amazes me how some forget matches are 90 minutes long.

Anyhow I would moan if we signed Messi, if we're going to spend that kind of money it would have been far better spent improving the defence (he says after a clean sheet) or it would have been better spent on Ronaldo instead.

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but Chris Martin is better than Messi

Chris Martin scored yesterday and Messi didn't, plus Messi has world class teammates.

Chris Martin has about 20 goals in the championship, Messi has never scored in the championship

Chris Martin has been called up to the Scotland team, Messi didn't even feature in their under 21s

Shall I go on???

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Every set of fans of football clubs moan.

Southampton are having an amazing season for instance, but next season expectations are going to rise and the moment they hit the rocks (which they will) fans will moan.

It's all linked in with expectations. We rightfully thought we'd have a real crack at the top two this season. I actually feel being five or six points behind, especially given we were five ahead of third, is that we've underachieved.


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