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  1. The kiss of the badge was a cracking touch. Mentality is big in football and Sancho moving abroad at such a young age bodes well for his confidence, this lad could go very far.
  2. We should all find out when this valuation will take place. Borrow all of the artefacts from Derby Museum to bump up the price The mummy would probably be more mobile than Huddlestone👀
  3. No apology needed. From previous fans forums I think the player salaries and coach salaries are different entities. Meaning clubs could be failing FFP due to an expensive coaching bill or players bill. I believe Rooney will bring in the revenue to offset £17k, it will be the same "Frank Lampard" media storm as last year
  4. Yes but my original comment was that he is only getting £8.5k a week to PLAY football £17k a week is a small number at this club Its whats been reported, you asked me where I got my figures from and I told you 🤨
  5. IIRC He will be paid a reported £85k a week. 32RED are rumoured to pay 80% of that The £17k remaining is split in half between a Coaching Salary and a Playing Salary of £8.5k a week.
  6. Football is a game of opinions but I suggest you watch the Rooney documentary on Netflix. Outside from what The Sun portray of Wayne he seems to be a very clever footballer and great leader, we are paying him pittance on £9k a week (player wage not coach) which must be applauded. Rooney at the very least will help players such as Knight, Hector-Ingram etc from his experience being the highest goalscorer in Man Utd and England history. As for a 3 hour commute Rooney may get a chauffeur and then its not bad at all. You may be completely right about Rooney but I for one cannot wait for his arrival as I can only see it benefiting our club
  7. Umbro have got a long enough contract to slowly turn the black to blue, season by season, without anyone noticing. Who knows... they may have started already 🧐 In all seriousness though to change the black to blue the logo, stadium, marketing, chants etc will all have to change and would cost a few million - of which would be better used elsewhere
  8. That'd only happen if Keogh presses charges wouldn't it?
  9. That settles it. He deserves to have his throat cut by the Forest Groundsman 🙄 Lets face it, nobody knows what happened and nor will we until the investigation is finished. Lets just not assume what was said or who did what to who until the official report comes out.
  10. Had a picture with Keogh 2 years ago after the first leg of the Playoffs. Fulham fan was giving it all the Zamora stuff and Keogh looked completely unfazed
  11. loan or permanent? must be tough for him to see Buchanan take his chance so well.
  12. I would've put my money on 18 (pun intended) 18 was Rooneys first number and thus I thought itd be his last (also my favourite number and Rooney is a reason for that)
  13. Possibly. Maybe Bennett could do a job at RWB I believe him and Holmes shared the position one game last season
  14. I believe Buchanan is left footed too and also a CB so I would rather have somebody else. Shame we released Kellan Gordon as he couldve had his chance
  15. Correct, the guy is a family man with kids Hopefully the police come down on him hard.
  16. Sometimes players learn quick. Look at McClaren when he took over from Cloughie. The players quickly adopted the attacking style of play. Similarly I cant remember seeing our team struggle to adapt to a solid style of play under Rowett
  17. Well at least he didnt loose £30k in paying his dogknappers ransom
  18. Sold my car to somebody who had the same bolted to the front of his house. Made the sale go much easier! I doubt it is from BBG or Pride Park £120 and a Free Zan Fish
  19. Done! let us know if you catch up 🙂
  20. Archie played LW and scored a hatrick in the final. Seems too clinical to play in defence from what I saw in that game
  21. If Thorne goes I wouldn't mind Trevor Chalobah, he seemed a decent player.
  22. Seemed to have some animosity towards Cocu in that Brentford interview which resurfaced. Wouldnt mind seeing him go
  23. West Ham are offering theirs with or without sponsors. I dont think we are because the youth kits are sponsored by Utilita
  24. To the Camara chant: Oh Philip Cocu Oh Philip Cocu We Found him in Holland At the side of the road With a spl!ff and some clogs on
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