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  1. Sometimes players learn quick. Look at McClaren when he took over from Cloughie. The players quickly adopted the attacking style of play. Similarly I cant remember seeing our team struggle to adapt to a solid style of play under Rowett
  2. Well at least he didnt loose £30k in paying his dogknappers ransom
  3. Sold my car to somebody who had the same bolted to the front of his house. Made the sale go much easier! I doubt it is from BBG or Pride Park £120 and a Free Zan Fish
  4. Done! let us know if you catch up 🙂
  5. Archie played LW and scored a hatrick in the final. Seems too clinical to play in defence from what I saw in that game
  6. If Thorne goes I wouldn't mind Trevor Chalobah, he seemed a decent player.
  7. Seemed to have some animosity towards Cocu in that Brentford interview which resurfaced. Wouldnt mind seeing him go
  8. West Ham are offering theirs with or without sponsors. I dont think we are because the youth kits are sponsored by Utilita
  9. To the Camara chant: Oh Philip Cocu Oh Philip Cocu We Found him in Holland At the side of the road With a spl!ff and some clogs on
  10. Answers a lot about other clubs too. Gives very open answers too! Wouldnt want Mel to do the same but I appreciate an owner being open on social media
  11. His brother plays for Leicester Riders now.
  12. Rowett was one of us and left for a team in the same division. Lampard will always be a Chelsea legend and will probably leave (has left) at the first opportunity. Chelsea are much bigger than us.
  13. All the players and staff (and fans) to learn italian. Loads of upmarket italian suit tailors to crop up around Pride Park Belissimo
  14. I want to throw in an absolute wildcard. Francesco Totti. Never managed, left his post as sporting director but would look better in a suit than Lampard which is a plus
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