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  1. Glad to see, especially as he is going through a tough time. Hope to see him develop into what I believe he can be, the best Midfielder at Derby
  2. He was the main reason United got De Gea I believe. Fergie wanted Neuer but Steele forced his hand. In hindsight both goalkeepers have had incredible careers.
  3. Steven Davies header on his return from breaking his skull. I know if that was me I wouldnt be that brave. Im sure he said afterwards that he had no feeling hence the rocket header
  4. Carson is only a year older than Keogh and Huddlestone so I doubt he'd be retiring for another 3/4 years. Palmer and Tomori would be absolutely incredible signings if we stay down
  5. Work with her Uncle. Hope she gets to the target
  6. I have said it before and I will say it again but Max Bird is one of the best players I have seen in our academy. I have not seen him much but every time he is outstanding and could be our new Hughes. Plus with players looking lethargic and maybe succumbing under pressure why not give 2 young hungry lads a go to see if they can bring us out of this slump?
  7. Reece Oxford on loan would be good. Think he is seriously considering leaving West Ham so possible loan with a view to a permanent?
  8. As good as the lad is I cant see him playing over Keogh or Huddlestone...
  9. Personally I would rather have Max Bird coming into the first team than Thorne
  10. Mbappe and Dembele Adam Smith for Bournemouth? Technically a starting premier league player, wasnt exactly a star when he was here so doubt anyone would have seen it coming.
  11. Jadon Sancho was an exceptional move. Dortmund have a huge academy and arguably he couldve been rotting in their youth if he wasnt 100% confident in his ability. I reckon he will be signed by a big premier league team soon enough
  12. Joe Calzaghe Brilliant to watch and seems a great guy. Very underrated imo.
  13. Just like that 5-0 against Hull. Hull hit the post twice, missed a penalty and a few sitters. Rowett wins just felt as though the footballing gods chose the outcome
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