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Nottingham Forest v Derby County


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Forest 3-1 Rams



Reid (p)


Concede from an early corner

Russell equalises before the break

Buxton/Keogh suicide charge in and Lansbury hits the deck

Reid scores the pen

A late corner again nodded in by Hobbs.

The forum goes nuts

I'll be gone for a few weeks until people calm down and I'll be back in December when we win nearly all our games that month

Kenny Burns masturbates

John McGovern watches

Billy Davies thanks Billy Davies

Natalie Jackson gets a speeding ticket as she runs over to interview King Billy

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Forest are a grind out result kind of side, and play poor quality football despite their squad list.


A poor quality team will score the majority of it's goals from outside the box, or from crosses and that's what these do.


Unfortunately their playing style seems to be our biggest weakness at the minute, all we can hope is that they play similar to last season - put henderson on and play long ball, Buxton will clean up all day long.


Guarantee at least one red card.


I think we will still end up winning this, but, also in the pit of my stomach can see me going off the rails on saturday. This is no ordinary game for me, every loss to Forest especially at their place have been my worst days in football.


No stupidity from us, and we will win this - calm heads, and everyone putting 100% effort in. 


1-2 Derby. 


Martin double, and a fat **** wonder strike for them.

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