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  1. That is Gold. Thankyou very much, this has made me laugh out loud.
  2. I think you'll find that Mel owns the club and we are just supporters who may pay for the right to go to games. That's it.
  3. Not sure how this can be held at the Sydney Cricket Ground as all of New South Wales is in lockdown.
  4. Born and bred in Perth Western Australia (1959), and have lived there all my life apart from a 3 year stint in Sydney during the mid 80's. Started following Derby during the glory years of Brian Clough and was a huge fan of Charlie George and Frannie Lee. Have remained a fan ever since. Only ever attended one game with my wife and that was against QPR away on a wet cold night with Shaun Barker scoring our equalizer. We both still speak very fondly of the total football experience of going to and from the game on the train and chatting with so many people on the way to the ground and then to the same people on the way home. COYR
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