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Ipswich, us (twice) and Blackburn


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Wolves and West Brom.  Oh and Burnley won one. 

There are 14 teams with more title wins than Derby and 2 with the same title wins but more runner up spots than our 3, putting Derby 16th overall.

Up till 2005 and 2013 respectively, we were ahead of the so called European superpowers of Chelsea and Man City and have won as many as 'the big club' Spurs.

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There are 24 clubs who have won the English title, including 7 who have won the Premier League (1992–present). The most recent to join the list were Leicester City (2015–16 champions) and before that, Nottingham Forest (1977–78) and Derby County (1971–72).

Shows how rare it is and that Mr Clough was indeed the best manager of the last 50 years certainly

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11 hours ago, richinspain said:

I think that the OP is saying clubs that have won the league whilst their home town was indeed a town and not a city. Leicester for example was, and obviously still is, a city when they won the league. Derby was still a town when we won both of our titles.

That's right.

I've often mused whether we should be focussing all our shitz on the late great Queen Elizabeth, rather than Tommy Doc, for our fall from grace.

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