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I want Rooney as manager because...

I want Rooney as manager because...  

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2 minutes ago, Nuwtfly said:

Are you trying to drive Curtains mad?!

Sorry to anyone who finds it offensive - either because it's formatted as a poll or because it's another 'question' about Rooney's ability to manage our club.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion on who should be the manager but I am genuinely puzzled in this case, when results and performances have been so very poor.

And I don't like anyone being sacked and I don't want the club to continue on the manager merry go round.

However, I do want a manager that we can all get behind. And who shows us a positive direction for the club.

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2 minutes ago, RadioactiveWaste said:

I want Rooney as manager because I find potatos quite erotic.

It just goes to show that no poll is perfect and even the best constructed ones always leave off one of the more obvious answers.

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19 minutes ago, B4ev6is said:

I think roony needs experance manager next to him or very experance assistant manager to help him.

Well we could ask sir Alex fergerson if he be willing to come in for a little while to help or advice him. Or maybe chris wilder ex Sheffield untied manager.

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6 hours ago, Norman said:

My option isn't there.

I hate polls. 

Where is the 'I'm not sure' option.

Why are you making me do this poll? 

I don't know what to put so I'm going to vote for the opposite of everyone else. 

Can we not just celebrate for one day? 

It's an agenda. 

Saved 5 pages 


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