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  1. Steve McClaren Coaching at Maccabi Tel Aviv

    He's only on the coaching staff isn't he?
  2. NFL Fantasy Leagues 2017-18

    I unfortunately will have to give this a miss this time. I'll be working (it'll be 3pm my time) when the draft starts.
  3. NFL Fantasy Leagues 16/17

    I'm up for it again this year. Not sure if I'll manage to draft though - I live in the States now. If we could get a date/time confirmed I'll see if I can join in.
  4. Forsyth & Martin certainly did....
  5. Rams TV who/where has signed

    I've already requested my £5 refund.
  6. Rams TV who/where has signed

    If they needed to sort out the kinks then they shouldn't have charged for the first month.
  7. Rams TV who/where has signed

    Loads of empty seats....
  8. Rams TV who/where has signed

    He never helps himself does he?
  9. Rams TV who/where has signed

    Open a private browsing window if you don't know how to clear your cache. It'll have the same effect.
  10. Rams TV who/where has signed

    Already edited my post pal. Cleared my cache etc.
  11. Rams TV who/where has signed

    Now it works after clearing my cache and Wovles at 1-0 up. f*** this stream. I want my fiver back.
  12. Rams TV who/where has signed

    At least you are getting something. I'm still getting adverts.
  13. Rams TV who/where has signed

  14. Rams TV who/where has signed

    This is s****! I paid for the game but all I get is shitty Umbro or SkyBet adverts. Won't be coming back that's for sure.
  15. Neo-liberalism

    You could argue it both ways I guess. Yes there is a lot more homeless about etc and the safety nets aren't there like we do. However, the USA is the land of opportunity after all. Unlike the UK where you're effectively born into your 'class', if you work hard in the USA you will get rewarded for it. In a lot of instances it's completely up to you. Americans are also very religious and because of this they have a family orientated mindset so I think that helps a lot in being responsible. Food prices are slightly higher and utilities ain't too bad, I wouldn't know how it really is until I've been here a year.

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