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  1. McLaren has 2/3 of those and the other 1/3 we still had the Americans owning us so no money to spend. 🤷‍♂️
  2. He’s not a legend. An example of a legend is Brian Clough and Lampard is no where near that. Maybe in the future? Who knows but he’s no where near legend status yet. If we lose the final and Lampard ducks off to a Prem team before the season starts, would he still be a legend then?
  3. Yes, yes I do. Nothing matters in the championship unless its promotion or surviving relegation.
  4. And that qualifies him as a Derby legend?
  5. Losing the final is the same as losing the semis. The Championship.
  6. He’s currently achieved the same as Rowett & McLaren. Are they legends too?
  7. Not a legend until he gets the job done
  8. Time for our annual after Christmas bottle jobbing.
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