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  1. GeneralRam

    Brexit or Eurin?

    Pretty much spot on
  2. GeneralRam


    Maybe if people read what he blocked it for before going off on one... He agrees with the bill, just putting it through on a Friday afternoon when there is no one in the chamber.
  3. This was McLaren's "home" and look how we treated him.
  4. GeneralRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Everyone's slagging off Rowett but does anyone else think the club just be a bit toxic? This has all come about a bit suddenly...
  5. GeneralRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    Big Sam or Moyes please.
  6. GeneralRam

    Gary Rowett gone to Stoke

    I was really annoyed last time about the Stoke link in January but this time I'm not too bothered, I'm more annoyed with changing managers every season. Rowett's face just didn't fit here at the end of the day and the supporters didn't fully back him.
  7. GeneralRam

    Steve McClaren to QPR

    Pleased for him, hope he does well there.
  8. GeneralRam

    The rebuild starts:

    Every year we say it's a bloody rebuild. Maybe if we stuck by a manager for more than 12 months we might get to start tweaking.
  9. GeneralRam

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Confidence is everything at the moment and for once it's looking good here. Bring it on.
  10. GeneralRam

    Neil Warnock as Derby manager.

    Oh definitely. He's a ******* **** and a half. But I've always thought he'd be one of them people who you love when he's on your side and hate when he isn't.
  11. GeneralRam

    Boring Sports

    I was more laughing at Daveo there because he has been laughing at me for years for loving the sport. I'm a Cowboys fan myself and I currently live near Nashville, TN now. Where abouts are you at? I'm assuming it's not LA as you chose the Rams for the Derby connection.
  12. GeneralRam

    A poll:- Mel Morris

    I gave him a 3. I certainly has good intentions but a fan should never own their own team. We've gone backwards under his tenure.
  13. GeneralRam

    The Alternative

    I was extremely critical of Wassall when he was the manager but I'd say **** it, give him a go. At least we gave it a go.
  14. GeneralRam

    Burton Albion v Derby County

    Just remember it's Clough. It's these sorts of games where he shines. It was almost a guaranteed win against Forest when he was here.
  15. GeneralRam

    Derby County v Bolton Wanderers

    That spanking we got from Sunderland looks to be the best thing to have happened to us in a while.

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