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  1. My truck I bought about a month ago
  2. If Mel gets this over the line I’m going to print off a photo of him, tear it up into little bits and snort it.
  3. His decisions from Rowett onwards have been fine.
  4. I never once question his intentions but his decisions were bloody awful from day 1. He's certainly improved since getting Rowett in and here's hoping it continues.
  5. Yes he is. This has been the weakest government for the past 30 years and he still can’t beat them. The bloke is a buffoon.
  6. The weather out here is no joke and is nothing on what you’d expect back home. Fork lightning is a lot more common and When it rains; it rains! None of that drizzle we get daily in the UK
  7. I thought the eye was only put in recently? Back when the Derby County circular logo was introduced?
  8. You know what? The Chelsea fans screaming about the bounce pisses me off more than Lampard going. I now know how the Wendies feel when we stole it off them in the first place.
  9. I’ve been on here longer than The Breakfast Club buddy 😉
  10. Also hearing the same, along with Jimmy Shan.
  11. All I’m going to say is.... Darren Moore and Jimmy Shan.
  12. He’s not taking the piss. He’s either negotiating or it’s done and just hasn’t been announced. Calm down dear. All will be right in the end.
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