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  1. GeneralRam

    F1 2021

    That's why I always go to the Indy 500 instead. Always a great day out.
  2. Yeah because swapping managers has helped us recently. The problem are the players. Not Rooney.
  3. Absolutely agree we should stick with Rooney. If he was good enough on day 1, he’s good enough now. He just needs some resources to use.
  4. Not Rooney’s fault. Bloke hasn’t had a chance. He’s had no money etc. If he was the guy from day 1 he’s the guy now. give him some money to spend.
  5. Just as excited as I’d be if we went up. Nothing else matters right now.
  6. let’s do what we always do and sack the manager! Not Wayne’s fault. Not Cocu’s fault. All Mel’s fault.
  7. Nigel certainly knew how to pick a player. His tactics were bank, but I'd love him as head of recruitment.
  8. I agree, it used to be brilliant in the Nigel / Billy days!
  9. ...... That’s not true is it? At least I really hope not.
  10. Everyone else is in the same boat and are able to pay players wages.
  11. Why is it a big ask of MM? He's the one who's got the club into this mess and its all entirely his own doing.
  12. I'm for it. I loaned him in my first FM2020 game and he got Derby promoted.
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