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  1. Maybe if they stop being crap....
  2. Clubs ducked. takeover not happened yet. John Terry favourite for Manager. Mel not got a pot to piss in seemingly. Hiring McLaren as advisor... Get him in as manager ffs. Club is a joke.
  3. No question this is a must win. If we lose this though? Certainly down.
  4. Sorry, lived in the US for years now. New habit 😅
  5. You’d also get your stake back. So you’d get $10 back
  6. Appreciate it mate! But it'll probably be the same amount or there abouts. I sent some stuff over to UK in a small box and it cost me $40 to send it over.
  7. I like it. Shame it costs me £30 to get them to ship it me in the US or I’d get one.
  8. Except giving us the best season since we got relegated from the Prem. Lampard was close, but the first Mac season was fantastic.
  9. I wouldn’t be against it to be quite honest.
  10. Lee Buchanan is bank and shouldn't be anywhere near the 1st team.
  11. Can we start hacking players down so after so many red cards the game gets abandoned? It worked for me on Fifa. Joking aside this is terrible.
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