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  1. We’re going down with a fiver in the bank.
  2. We can't even do that because he hasn't got anything to work with. Mel's fault. Mel is a joke.
  3. I can’t wait to see us get relegated in it.
  4. Hardly any different to last years.
  5. I’ve already accepted we are down. I’m past caring. At least we have a year to sort out this mess.
  6. I’d rather get relegated than start next season with a big points deduction to be fair. Would be a wasted season.
  7. Why get their hopes up like that? It was practically accepted by now.
  8. Not to burst your bubble… EFL can confirm that it has developed an interchangeable fixture list for Derby County and Wycombe Wanderers, while the disciplinary process is finalised.
  9. We've had our chances to go up over the past decade and a bit and we blew both of them. Should look at why we failed rather than cry about money in the game.
  10. During the Nigel Clough days when the team used to go Marbella all the time, Steven Davis got good friends with a friend of mine who was a barman there so I heard all sorts of stories back then. Some of the stuff was mental.
  11. Am I right in thinking this is no where near as bad as was being reported the last couple of days?
  12. GeneralRam

    F1 2021

    That's why I always go to the Indy 500 instead. Always a great day out.
  13. Yeah because swapping managers has helped us recently. The problem are the players. Not Rooney.
  14. Absolutely agree we should stick with Rooney. If he was good enough on day 1, he’s good enough now. He just needs some resources to use.
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