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  1. Brexit or Eurin?

    Stupid deal which pleases nobody to be honest.
  2. Brexit or Eurin?

    Frustrated Pro European here.
  3. Brexit or Eurin?

    "We’re paying tens of billions of pounds to leave the world’s largest free trade area while surrendering all of our ability to define its rights & regulations. All so that we can hopefully start negotiating an inferior arrangement with the world’s largest free trade area."
  4. Brexit or Eurin?

    I can see minimum wage jobs being depressed, but for medium earners and up, no they don't effect wages. So with me quoting sources which back up my point, they don't matter? So you think leaving the EU solves this problem? How so? And how will Brexit solve low wages? The drop in Sterling has cut everyone's wages from the get go. It's Greece's own fault for cooking their books and it highlighted one of the problems with the EU (I never said it was perfect). The EU has turned a corner and growth is good. A stark contrast to us at the moment. The UK is going down the shitter.
  5. Brexit or Eurin?

    We were heading the right way IMO and were on the way up, before Brexit we were the fastest growing western economy. Not now though... We're worse than Greece! http://www.businessinsider.com/greek-economy-now-growing-faster-than-the-uk-2017-9 https://www.ft.com/content/79d4c812-a4ee-11e7-9e4f-7f5e6a7c98a2
  6. Brexit or Eurin?

    Losing a significant amount of my purchasing power is not a benefit to me. Also, all the inflation the UK at the minute is due to sterling's drop in value. Small amounts of disposable income is due to low wages, which in turn is due to low productivity - it has nothing to do in Europe. To give you an idea of how low UK wages are. My housemate here in the US is earning $40k per year as a waitress and is only working 30 or so hours per week while also having living costs that are 25% cheaper than in Birmingham (The closest city I could find in expatistan.com). UK wages are a joke and it's hurting the country.
  7. Brexit or Eurin?

    I'm just glad I've now left the country so I can get some popcorn and see the car crash happen from afar. It's going to hasten the demise of the NHS, it's already devalued Sterling and it'll evaporate everyone's already tiny amounts of disposable cash. All of this while blaming the "Remoaners" for it going badly.
  8. Style v Substance

    Results are what we need at the minute, not performances. Performances come when there is confidence in the team, which comes from results. The main problem for us the last few years was that if the game script didn't go to plan, heads dropped and everyone got on the players back. From what I can see, Rowett is trying to change that and add some steel.
  9. Brexit or Eurin?

    I'd do the exact same thing in their position as would 99% of folk.
  10. Brentford V Derby County

    Get ready for the Mac boys.
  11. Derby are so average

    We gave it many years with the Clough/McLaren era. What I was getting at in my post was that the only reason that was allowed to happen was because we had no expectation. The club now has an expectation to be in the very least ion the playoff places, with expectation and no success you are going to end up in a vicious cycle of no results, no confidence and crap football. Expectation needs to be lowered or we need success to match it. Otherwise it's going to be (And is...) a constant moan.
  12. Derby are so average

    The thing that got me was that we were improving every season. It might have been slow, it might have been underwhelming but the bloke took 10 years to get Burton where they are now and it's entirely down to him they got there in the first place. Build the team too quickly and you get a Jenga tower where one block goes it comes crashing down. If the foundations are built slow and the block goes, the tower stays.
  13. Derby are so average

    West Brom? Cardiff before their Prem stint?
  14. Derby are so average

    As with quite a lot of clubs that spend money needlessly, you become s***. After the playoff disappointment we just needed a few players and the squad slightly tweaking. We had a real identity, neutrals loved watching us and we did things the right way. Instead Mel got his feet under the table and chucked money at it when he didn't need to. This caused us to be like QPR, and like QPR when the s*** journeymen didn't give a rat's arse about the club and it began to falter, the owner tightens the purse strings and you get a squad that doesn't give a s*** and doesn't perform. The owner then realises it doesn't work, he's spunking a ton of cash and tries another way. We are now in vicious cycle of expectation, disappointment and frustration. When Clough was here, we had no expectation which resulted in him getting time to sort out the mess.
  15. Bristol City v Derby County

    RamsTV, I live in the US

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