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  1. I think he's set us back a number of years with his sack happy, chuck money at it attitude. We were so close to get promoted with a team that needed to tweaked instead of Clement spunking it on overpriced garbage. Now I think the bloke has good intentions, don't get me wrong. But he has been incredibly naive in owning the club so far.
  2. Going to be a **** fight and a Mayweather win. Thank **** I now live in the States and don't have to wait up until stupid o clock.
  3. I often go for a slash right next to whoever is there. It's funny as **** when they get uncomfortable because I should have gone as far as way as possible.
  4. I'm sorry but no. If there is a hole, it WILL be found and it WILL be exploited. There is no such thing as a secure backdoor. It's a constant game of cat and mouse and we all know how the government likes to use technology from 10 years ago as seen on the NHS...
  5. I'm very big on privacy, it's one of the reasons why I cannot stand Theresa May. IT is my field of expertise so hopefully my opinion counts for something. First of all, it's not the government I am bothered about, it's the hackers. The moment you add a backdoor or allow access into the encryption, this WILL be broken. It's not a question of IF but WHEN someone gets in and sees everything about you which could ruin your life. Cheating on the Mrs? Ordering that little bit of weed off someone? Got some weird sex fetish? It would all get out and could cost you everything. Everyone has something they don't want everyone else to know. At the moment all ISPs and phone companies need to keep a 12 month history on you. This is kept on their servers, not government ones. Here's a recent TalkTalk hack - If this law was in effect when this happened, people could have had their history gone too and leaked onto the internet or held to ransom. Another thing is internet banking.... If a law gets bought in to force a backdoor then I wouldn't be using any banking on the internet at all to protect myself. Again it would be a matter of time before something gets hacked. As evidenced by the NHS computer problems recently I wouldn't trust the government or any ISP to keep the data safe from unauthorised access. This is a dangerous road the UK is going down and shouldn't be done. EDIT: I've realised I went off on a tangent here.... But it's the same sort of area so I'll leave it up.
  6. She is exactly the same as she was when Home Sec. Authortarian and ignorant. Still.... I emigrate from the country next week, so I can watch this sinking ship from afar.
  7. I'm usually a Tory voter with a bit of Lib Dem. The Cameron/Clegg coalition was my perfect government to be fair. However I can't vote for May, she's a vile vile woman. Due to the voting system, that only leaves Corbyn to be the only alternative. The only trouble, is that I don't believe he can run a country. So I also can't vote for him either.
  8. It's the first time I won't be voting this time around. The choices this time are seriously lacking.
  9. There is no viable alternative.
  10. You could say she was strong and stable. I never grew up during the Thatcher years but I'd have voted for her if she was about today.
  11. This is the first time I'm not voting. Traditionally I'm a Tory and lean towards Lib Dem on a few issues and the Cameron/Clegg coalition was essentially my perfect government. This time round though - May is a vile horrible woman who I hope one day gets hit by a bus. She isn't a good speaker, she's extremely authoritarian and I can't in good conscience vote for her. People keep comparing her to Maggie but I just don't see it. Corbyn is a buffoon. Farron.... Who the bloody hell is he? I don't trust either of them to run the country, so this time. I'm out.
  12. I remember Clough singing his praises and the whole backroom staff being high on him. Real big shame it didn't work out for the lad.
  13. I made a couple of thousand in bitcoin a few years ago. I bought at around £12/13 and sold them at £150-200 before the crash. I don't fancy getting into it again. I've had my fun
  14. Judging by Mel's previous decisions, I'm assuming not.