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Who is watching Rotherham today?


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19 minutes ago, Coneheadjohn said:

I can’t believe how poor these teams are, what does that say about  us?

Yeah but look at the subs Brum bought on, including Hogan and Cosgrove...

What it says about us is that you can't expect a wafer thin squad filled out with inexperienced youth to be enough for even mid-table.

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What happened?

We've gone from one of, if not the, best club in this division to one that is whooping with delight when Brimingham score an 87th minute winner at Rotherham. It's not a snipe at other clubs to say it, but we had it all in place and just couldn't convert for three, maybe four seasons on the run. And we've ended up in a place where we not only are in a very real risk of going down but we have a shell of a club, with a team that is woefully bad. It's like we've been eaten from the inside and only the husk remains.

As someone said on another thread - death by a thousand cuts since Zamora scored. I'd say since Rush came it's been on the cards. I know, many will say Mel is the reason and that we're only just seeing how many bad decisions have connected together to leave us where we are. Maybe, but what a farce of events - through deadline day unveiling a £6m player who calls us Derby City, to Ince's Mum charging us £700k to recommend Mbappe, to the Joiners Arms to Gibson's EFL appeal to the truly poor record of managers and on and on.

What a cluster it has been since we came down, almost without relent. Shameful on every single person associated with it.

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