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Sir Alex Ferguson in serious condition


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Legend status gets thrown about way to much these days but Sir Alex Ferguson really is , genuinely felt upset when I read the news . Best manager of my lifetime , probably won't see a better one either. Really hope he gets well soon.

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4 hours ago, Parsnip said:

Amazing to see football clubs all over the world tweeting their support to Sir Alex. Somebody poke Derby's Twitter person ffs!

Obviously sad for him and his family/friends but I don't understand the desire for public grief. and virtue signalling. Plus his family has specifically asked for their privacy to be respected. Of course the media loves the story for their ratings, but I'll be pleased if as a club we don't get whipped up into the herd mentality.

I know you're just wanting us to appear kind, but for me Fergie has zero to do with our club and there's no need for DCFC to add weight, even in a small way, to the media fascination and intrusion. 

It reminds me of the press descending on the the Schumacher family after his accident. They all went and camped out there, not because they were concerned about his wellbeing but because it was a great story. The family told them to piss off.

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