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  1. He also said Shilton had a blinder- Derby destroyed Arsenal that day. Shilton was hardly troubled.
  2. https://www.dcfc.co.uk/news/2020/06/everything-you-need-to-know-ahead-of-derbys-fixture-at-preston
  3. Sorry. Misunderstood. Hopefully they will respond quickly. There must be thousands in this situation. Maybe it will be linked to your response (but knowing Derby probably not that simple). Up the Rams
  4. Once you have completed and submitted the form- there is a link to submit another form and you can enter a different ID and choose any option. I did this for myself and my Dad.
  5. Can live games be viewed via a Smart TV? I don’t have one at the moment but will buy one If it is possible to do so. I have a laptop / hdmi cable but would prefer to watch directly via tv. The info on the Rams TV website states it is not possible but fans on Twitter saying it is through internet search.
  6. Yes saw this yesterday. I was at this game too 😀
  7. I would then add the signings of England internationals Shilton and Wright, Derby signing Saunders from Maxwell’s other club, finishing 5th in top flight. The Ivo Knoflicek and Lubas Kubrick saga.
  8. Mark Pembridge scored a few. I’ll go with a direct one in a 4-2 away win at Swindon.
  9. Yep- never forgiven the club for not agreeing to give him a testimonial
  10. Squad rotation in the 14th century....
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