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  1. Ramaway

    v Leeds (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Leeds 2 Lawrence
  2. Ramaway


    Hell's Angels
  3. Ramaway


    Just on balance from my experience, Belize was far the safest country is Central America. No problems at all in Caye Caulker which is a wonderful resort and close to the Blue Hole. I backpacked through Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador two years ago and had no problems at all in Belize- a few of the other countries posed a few issues. I would recommend anyone going. Costa Rica is amazing too
  4. Ramaway


    I've been- wonderful country and would recommend Guatemala too. If you DM me I can message you back with some tips.
  5. Ramaway

    Unusual places where the Rams were recognised

    Just (early June this year) traveled through Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Met a Kazakh guy in a Yurt camp I stayed in who followed Sporting Kansas City and knew Derby County through his new favourite player Johnny Russell Also a few years ago when travelling through Vietnam met a Brazilian guy who was Benny Failhaber's cousin
  6. Ramaway

    18/19 Fixtures

    Think the Home club opt for day of the week. Our Home games seem to be Wednesday whilst most of our away are on a Tuesday
  7. Ramaway

    Derby County F.C. v Fulham FC

    Exceptional defending from the whole team. Loved watching the Davies and Mitrovic battle - Curtis was superb and to be fair to Mitrovic he didn't throw himself to the ground claiming free kicks- both players just have a good old fashioned battle.
  8. Ramaway

    Sir Alex Ferguson in serious condition

    Get well soon SAF
  9. Ramaway

    v Preston (A) - Predictions

    Preston 4 Derby 1
  10. Think he will be here due to our financial position but don't think he deserves to be. At the moment can only see a relegation battle next season (in the Championship)

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