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  1. Poor ref again no back bone

    Yes, it was to bring the signal in line with the rest of the world. the FA and English football were the only officials who signalled across the chest for the penalty.
  2. Poor ref again no back bone

    The Assistant Referees have not used the flag across the chest to signal a penalty for about 3 season now- they flag as you would for a free kick
  3. Our pre-match routine. Embarrassing.

    Agree with the half time scores and I would like to see / hear the Premier League scores read out too. The announcer used to do this up until this season where we have RamsTV
  4. Our pre-match routine. Embarrassing.

    Far to loud. Can't have a conversation with my Dad sitting next to me. Don't really care what song is played but tone it down a bit please Derby
  5. Agree with Jono and I-Ram. This is not a new rule and has been in place around for 7-8 seasons- the club have not felt the need to do this previously. Very poor from Derby to do this on Friday and we will have to accept any punishment but hope that the EFL deem a warning as sufficient
  6. View from the outside

    Peacocks was their traditional nickname but has not been commonly used even by Leeds fans for years
  7. v Reading (H) - Predictions

    Derby 3 Reading 1 FRGS Martin
  8. v Leeds (A) - Predictions

    Leeds 1 Derby 2 frgs Bradley Johnson
  9. v Norwich (A) - Predictions

    Norwich 0 Derby 1 FRGS Vydra (penalty)
  10. Derby City Centre

    Agree, with everything you have said. Derby city centre is truly horrible- The Warwick/ Strand area is no better either.
  11. v Cardiff (A) - Predictions

    Cardiff 3- Derby 1
  12. v Brentford (A) - Predictions

    Brentford 3- us 1

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