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I think scott carson is our best keeper since poom

To look at him you'd think he had been thrown of the house & been sleeping in the car for a month. Also the big gap in the teeth & how he sometimes comes across you'd think typical simpleton footballer. Just looks so thick

when we first signed him i thought, overrated as a youngster & there is a reason he is at wigan... not good enough put him in the same bracket as roy carroll

but i must admit i think he is a top bloke comes across really down to earth in interviews & really nice and he is a bloody good goalie

i genuinely think he is good enough for a bottom half prem side

if we make the prem id be glad with him in the sticks, very experianced and very underrated in the footballing world

always think that third GK place in the england squad is up for grabs and if we can play prem footy and he is performing then why not

I really rate Scott & think he is top banana i hope he's here for years to come & cant praise him high enough 

a good keeper is more than a good shot stopper he's an organiser and commander & i dont think its a coincidence the back four are better since he has been here

ive probably had a few too many but i think he is a class act     

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